Top 10 fast bowlers in cricket history

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Updated on 14 May, 2012 at 11:51 am


It’s all about blending the artistic features with bizarre speed and erratic movements. They can ravage any batting line-up even on insensitive pitches and also they can cause serious facial damages for batsmen. Nonetheless, it was a tough job to fetch a list of ten fast bowlers but the names listed below here on Topyaps are enough to terrorize any batsmen.

10. Shoaib Akhtar (Pakistan):

Extremely fearful for batsmen with blistering pace, Shoiab Akhtar is the most destructive substance in bowling arena, who can demolish the stump in pieces and also can send the bells directly in the hands of wicketkeeper, before anyone even realizes that what’s going on. The living legend of Pakistani cricket, Akhtar aka Rawalpindi Express constitutes sheer power in his deliveries which is considered as a deadly signature for batsmen without compromise.

9. Glenn McGrath (Australia):

Fond of crushing top order batting line-up with the ‘in-your-face’ attitude along with great armoury of deliveries, McGrath is an essence of the Australian Cricket Team. An idol of millions of international fans and upcoming fast bowlers, he is one of the most economical fast bowler with outstandingly precise line and length.

8. Kapil Dev (India):

The legendary head in the ring of fine inswinging yorker and powerful outswinger, this Haryana Hurricane captained the team India, which grabbed the Cricket World Cup in 1983. This prolific right arm pace bowler aroused the bar of Indian fast bowlers with dangerously sharp and effectual methodologies.


7. Allan Donald (South Africa):

The vanguard of South African team with notable white line of zinc cream across his nose, Allan Donald will be always remembered for being a deadly predator for batsmen. Master of electric pace, clinical outswinger, thundering run-up and deadly short deliveries, Donald was renowned for giving early breakthroughs and tearing away the tail of any batting line-up.

6. Michael Holding (West Indies):

This frightening and monstrous pace battery was better known by his nicknames “Whispering Death” and “Rolls Royce of fast bowling” for his cooked habit to desolate batting line-ups. In current scenario, this giant frame is regarded as the lifeblood of bowling industry and one of the most thrilling element for crowd.

5. Courtney Walsh (West Indies):

Bowlers of West Indies are better known for terrorizing and troubling batsmen with their fatal speed and phenomenal steep bounce. No doubt, Walsh is the dominating member of deadly bowlers from this country. Considered as one of the most unmanageable bowler to score runs against, this giant of 6 feet 6 inch with match-winning performances, constituted the ability to whack up wickets on any surface.

4. Richard Hadlee (New Zealand):

Knighted in 1990 for his incredible contribution to cricket, Sir Richard Hadlee is the man who nurtured the cricket team of New Zealand. Extremely dangerous and thirsty of wickets, his side-on action as well as classical run-up with subtler skills, marks him as one of the most intelligent bowler in cricket history.

3. Wasim Akram (Pakistan):

With an incredible ability to bowl six different bowls in an over, this master of swing along with deceptive bowling skills (Akram’s hallmark) is one of the most inspirational object for fast bowlers. Famous for his toe-crushing yorkers and coupled with quick arm action and firm shoulders, Akram is still the single bowler in cricket history to change the speed of ball dramatically, without an observable change in action. A lethal bowler in classic sense!!

2. Dennis Lillee (Australia):

The top bloke in the chronicle of Australian cricket team with ferocious actions, Lillee was well known for his ‘never-say-die’ attitude on the field. What made him so famous, was his returning to international cricket after suffering from critical injuries and stress fractures in his back. With foxiness and varieties in his mixed pace, he is considered as an epitome among fast bowlers.


1 . Malcom Marshall (West Indies):

A metaphor in the history of international cricket, this manipulative master player of 5 feet 11 inch was brushed up with the deadly specifications of swing and bounce. With supreme excellence and clear cut brutality in his bowling, Marshall was the centralized figure in the company of contemporary fast bowlers and also the most significant pacer during the dominant period of West Indies cricket team.