Top 10 fashion designing schools in world

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The fashion industry is one industry that sees a significant amount of growth each year. Trends change with every season and new trends sometimes come up overnight. While most people think that studying fashion designing is easy, it can be stressful at the same time and there is certainly a lot of studying to be done. Not only is it a challenging field but it is also highly competitive and getting into some of the top fashion designing schools in the world can take a lot of effort. Channelling a person’s creativity to get the best design out of a person needs the combined efforts of many different areas of the science of fashion.

10. Art Center College of Design- Pasadena, California:

California is and has been a hub for fashion for many years now, the Art Center College of Design has given many wonderful designers to the world for more than 80 years now. Getting a job is not so difficult when you graduate from one of the top art and fashion designing schools in the world. It specializes in graphic design, illustrations and advertising and has a long list of decorated alumnus.

9. National Institute of Design- New Delhi, India:

One of the premier institutes for fashion in Asia, NID has made a niche for itself. It is a highly exclusive designing school that offers as many as 14 different undergrad programs for some 300+ students. Getting admission into the college is very tough as there is an immense amount of competition. The institute has established itself as one of the top fashion designing schools in the world.

National Institute of Design, New Delhi

8. Australian Academy of Design- Melbourne, Australia:

The wide range of subjects that are offered at the bachelors level in the Australian Academy of Design is well known to design students all over the world. The school offers international seats and has a very strong curriculum that sets it apart from most other design schools. The environment is just right to help nurture the future designer.

Top 10 fashion designing schools in world

7. Parsons School of Design- New York, USA:

The Parson’s School of Design covers a lot of areas of designing ranging from art to fashion to history. It is among the premier institutes of design for many reasons and has also produced some big names. Getting into the school is however a tough process and only people who have a natural flair and a good expression of that flair can really get into this school.

6. International Academy of Design and Technology- Toronto, Canada:

The institute to be if you are looking to hone your skills in most areas of fashion design and marketing. It is an institute that focuses on the practical implementation of the skill and training delivered and has a place for all forms of designing and some extra courses. It is a great school to go to if you want to make designing and marketing a career.

5. Pratt Institute- Brooklyn, New York:

Another very well-known school with perhaps one of the longest list of distinguished alumnus, the Pratt institute has been a leader in fashion design for a long time now. It offers every design course with the inclusion of digital arts and even interior design. Like most fashion designing schools the entry into the school cannot be easily gained.

4. University of Art and Design- Helsinki, Finland:

With a history of more than a hundred years, this institute offers many different programs that are all well recognized because of the intense curriculum that the school offers. Among the better design institutes in Europe, this designing school has established programs that give students the extra edge they need to excel.

3. Florence Design Academy- Florence, Italy:

The Florence Design Academy is not just one of the leading design schools in the world but is also the future of what design schools are going to be like. The school has a strong emphasis on establishing the future of design has a lot of international programs for students who come here from all parts of the world. The modern facilities and the latest of everything is provided for at this highly exclusive institute that attracts many future designers.

Top 10 fashion designing schools in world

2. Créapôle Ecole de Creation Management-Paris, France:

Located at the heart of Paris which is among the leading center for designers from all over the world. The students at this institute are made to focus on the future of their creations and their respective fields of study. The school has most major programs with the addition of some excellent alternative programs too.

Top 10 fashion designing schools in world

1. Central St. Martins College of Art and Design- London, United Kingdom:

Unarguably one of the best art and design schools in the world, this great college has over the years established itself as one of the creative centres of the fashion world. With a long and growing list of distinguished students it has one of the best facilities on campus for fashion designing. The college takes in international students too and has a host of great programs on offer.

Central St. Martins College of Art and Design

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