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Top 10 Famous Underwater Caves In The World

Published on 25 September, 2013 at 9:00 am By

Water is one of the essential elements for any kind of life and exploring the vast expanses on planet earth is one of the most adventurous and beautiful aspects of human history. Despite man being around for thousands of years, yet there are many discovered and undiscovered underwater caves all over the world. Exploring the known ones by way of cave diving is an extreme scuba diving adventure. All critical scuba diving gears are needed by the daring divers who go deep inside the caves, which have a lot of moss and are partially or fully filled with water. Well, the pictures these divers bring back are some of the best photographs taken anywhere. So, if you do love water bodies, scroll down to take a look at 10 most famous underwater caves in the world.

10. Vrelo Cave:

Vrelo Cave, located at the banks of Treska River in the Matka Canyon, is known as the deepest underwater cave in the world. The cave is surrounded by lakes on both sides with a big pine like structure in the middle. The actual depth of this cave is recorded to be around 330 meters. Explored by diver, Mark Vandermeulen, the large underground world harbors a habitat of around 1000 plants species, where vultures, bald eagles and other birds and animals also find shelter.

Vrelo Cave

9. Boesmansgat:


Also known as the Bushman’s Hole, Boesmansgat is a cave located at North Cape in South Africa,with a recorded depth of 270 meters. Explored by amateur driver, Mike Rathbourne, this cave has a history of proving to be a watery gr ave of many divers who attempted to reach there. Eben Layden, Deon Dreyer and Dave Shaw are some of divers who did not come out alive after diving in the waters near this cave. The moss and the plants illuminating lit up in a majestic green light, are a sight to watch.


8. The Great Blue Hole:

The Great Blue Hole is located near the Belize City in central America. It is the center part of the Lighthouse Reef System and looks like a big dark blue colored pupil in the sea. It is around 480 feet deep with walls starting after the first 110 feet. This one is purely for the professional divers and those divers who have a knack for the geographical conditions under the water. The scary part is that sharks are known to infest the region around and the Great Blue Hole cave waters.

The Great Blue Hole

7. Cuzan Nah Loop:

Located in the Sak Aktun cave system, Cuzan Nah Loop in Mexico is considered as the world’s longest cave. Another thing about this cave, is its beauty. Yes, it is indeed one of the most gorgeous looking caves. The cave decorations give the divers a whole new experience. The depth of this cave is fairly constant making it a safe place for the newbie’s to try scuba diving.

Cuzan Nah Loop

6. Bahamas Cave System:

Bahamas Cave System is one of the most dangerous caves to explore in the whole world. The sticks formed out of the mineral deposit are so fragile that even a slight kick can break them. There is a poisonous layer of hydrogen sulphide gas present in the depths of this cave. Bones of animals are still preserved in this sterile environment. A diver did manage to salvage out a 3000 year old crocodile skull from here.

Bahamas Cave System

5. Chinhoyi Caves:

Chinhoyi Caves are located in Zimbabwe. Some people regard these caves as mystical while others believe that they are simply unlucky for over the years many people have drowned in them. The caves are found to be very deep and their exact measurements are not still unknown.

Chinhoyi Caves

4. Submerged caves of Mallorca:

Due to the rise in sea levels, the caves in the eastern coast off the island of Mallorca have submerged. Over the years the mineral deposits here have formed beautiful structures in these caves. These caves are specifically meant for the professional divers as they are too risky for learners and amateurs.

Submerged caves of Mallorca

3. Underwater Caves of El Jacinto Pat:


These caves are in Mexico and harbor some of most rare and beautiful marine life in the world. The caves of El Jacinto are located near the only known Mayan city in the world. It is believed that the Mayan’s held religious beliefs related to these caves. The unique cave system is around 35 miles long.

Underwater Caves of El Jacinto Pat

2. Ordinskaya underwater cave:

Located in Russia, the Ordinskaya underwater caves are the world’s greatest gypsum caves. The entrance of the cave is a mere 5m in height and 2m in width. It is so huge in space that the whole cave has still not seen by the explorers. Ordinskaya was one of the very first caves to be explored by divers.

Ordinskaya underwater cave

1. Maldives Underwater Cave:


Located near the Dusit Thani in Maldives in the Indian Ocean, this underwater cave is one of the most beautiful caves in the world. The major attraction here is the flora and fauna. All kinds of rare fishes, illuminating plants and different of sea animals inhabit this cave. Recently a new kind of glowing fish was discovered here. So, if any of you are lucky and brave enough to go scuba diving in Maldives, you might catch a glimpse of it!

Maldives Underwater Cave


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