Top 10 Famous Superstitious People You Never Had Thought Were

10:00 am 14 Jun, 2013

No matter how modern humans become, superstitions still govern some aspects of our lives. They range from being quirky about a lucky pair of pants or a lucky color for a handkerchief to outright silly stuff like a high degree of belief in omens or feline superstitions that are harbored by almost everyone. Some stick to them just for fun and some take them to be thumb rules; some are embarrassed by such idiosyncrasies while others just enjoy it. Here is a look at top 10 famous superstitious people that might make yours seem somewhat less embarrassing.

10. Star Jones:

Jones a former co-host of a famous TV series “View” is very superstitious when it comes around to her purse or a hand-bag. One would never find her setting her purse down. Why? Because her mother once told her that she won’t have any money if you put your purse down. Quirky? Obviously, she doesn’t think so!

Star Jones - Top 10 Famous Superstitious People You Never Had Thought Were

9. Missy Elliot:

Here is a case of one of the oldest superstition known to man. Rapper Missy Elliot is surprisingly adamant about her feline superstitions. According to her, “if I am on my way somewhere or I happen to meet someone and a black cat walks crosses my path, I do not walk a step further but I immediately turn around and go home.”

Missy Elliott

8. Jennifer Aniston:

Jennifer Aniston is a celebrity who takes her superstition very seriously. The TV actress apparently has a flying routine superstition. Whenever she sets a foot into a plane, she ensures that to enter with the right foot step first and that too only after tapping the outside of the plane. According to her, she does it for luck and doesn’t remember how and when it started but it has stuck.

Jennifer AnistonStar Jones - Top 10 Famous Superstitious People You Never Had Thought Were

7. Megan Fox:

It defies logic that this famous lady could be one of the most superstitious people. Megan Fox harbors another flight related quirky superstition. The superstar reveals that she always listens to an album of Britney Spears whenever she flies. Why, you ask? It is because she believes it is not her destiny to die listening to a Britney Spears album. Well, what to say? At least she seems confident on it!

Megan Fox

6. Queen Elizabeth I:

Queen Elizabeth I was a supremely superstitious queen. The extent of her superstitious nature can be gauged from the fact that she even had a magician on her payroll. The magician helped her in making decisions with regards to state affairs, about war plans and almost everything. The magic stone used by John Dee, her magician, to help the Queen is still on display at the British National Museum.

Queen Elizabeth IStar Jones - Top 10 Famous Superstitious People You Never Had Thought Were

5. Napoleon Bonaparte:

Napoleon Bonaparte was a noted general and also one of the most superstitious people of the world, known to have consulted a clairvoyant, Madame Normand, whenever he required advice for his war campaigns. He also believed that his dreams foretold him the future. He was also known to assign great importance to small events like his horse stumbling or a black cat crossing his path. Before the Battle of Waterloo, he had dreamed of a black cat and believed it was a bad omen for him. He eventually lost the battle.

Napoleon Bonaparte

4. Adolf Hitler:

Adolf Hitler was an insanely superstitious dictator. He believed in the potency of the number seven and he was known to seek advice from both astrologers and fortune tellers. The emblem of the Nazi, the swastika, is a known ancient symbol that he believed did possess magical powers. Hitler’s strong beliefs in astrology had the Allies consult with his horoscope so as to anticipate the direction of his battle plans.

Adolf HitlerStar Jones - Top 10 Famous Superstitious People You Never Had Thought Were

3. Michael Jordan:

One would think that being one of the world’s greatest basketball players of all time would instill a little confidence in the sportsman. Other than the great games Jordan played on the court, for much of his sporting career he supported No. 23 on his shirt at a game. A star at North Caroline before leading the Chicago Bulls to greatness in the mid-’90s, Jordan is said to have worn his blue North Carolina shorts as a good luck charm under his NBA uniform for the duration of his career.

Michael Jordan

2. Tiger Woods:

Who doesn’t remember tuning into the TV on a Sunday and finding Tiger Woods in his famous red T-shirt? This is not because he thinks the color suits him; it is because of a superstition that he follows religiously. He started wearing the red color long back in the final rounds because his mother told him so. She believed that a Capricorn Tiger’s “power” is at his best when wearing red.

Tiger WoodsStar Jones - Top 10 Famous Superstitious People You Never Had Thought Were

1. Barack Obama:

You might find this hard to believe but one of the most superstitious people on earth is the most powerful man himself – US President Barack Obama. Among things that Obama carries with him is a tiny idol of Hanuman. The others are a bracelet belonging to a US soldier deployed at Afghanistan, a gambler’s lucky chit and a small locket with Madonna and child. President Obama’s carrying a Hanuman idol is believed to have been influenced by his childhood spent at Indonesia. Like the Hindus in India, Indonesian Hindus consider the monkey god as very powerful and a protector against evil. However, unlike the Indian Hanuman, Obama’s Indonesian idol has four hands.

Barak Obama


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