Top 10 Famous Scorpios In History

9:51 am 10 Oct, 2013

Scorpios are intelligent, passionate and very creative people. They like to from strong bonds with the ones they love and will do anything for their loved ones although they can be a little manipulative and secretive. Scorpios are also a little eccentric being artistic and creative and don’t easily open up to everyone. They prefer solo pursuits such as writing, painting etc. but they can also work with other people and be good businessmen, musicians and actors. Whatever a Scorpio does, they do it with full conviction and give it their all. They can never do something they don’t believe in or don’t really want to do. Here we bring to you a list of ten most famous scorpios who, true to their zodiac, contributed a lot and got a lot in return.

10. Joni Mitchell:

Joni Mitchell was born on 7 November in Canada and is a singer songwriter and a painter. Her songs have incredibly deep lyrics and her soulful voice adds the rest of the magic. They are more like philosophy lessons in the form of songs. This Scorpio woman is not just very talented but very creative as well.

Joni Mitchell

9. Leonardo DiCaprio:

Leonardo DiCaprio was born on 11 November which makes him a Scorpio. He’s probably one of the best actors of today’s generation and has played a variety of different roles. He brings an intensity to roles that very few other actors can match. He is an example of a Scorpio making it big in a creative field.

Leonardo DiCaprio

8. Bill Gates:

Bill gates continuously remains at the top of the world’s wealthiest persons list. He’s a businessman who created Microsoft and changed the world forever. He’s also a philanthropist and wants to use his wealth to help as many people around the world as he can. He was born on October 28 and shows that Scorpios can do well in business as well.

Bill Gates

7. Martin Scorsese:

Scorsese is considered as one of the greatest film directors of all time. His date of birth is 17 November. He has worked with the best actors in the industry and created some of the greatest movies ever made. He is another artistic Scorpio who has made it in a job that requires dealing with thousands of people and shows that Scorpios can do well in such jobs as well.

Martin Scorsese

6. Marie Curie:

Marie Curie was born on 7 November and to this day is an inspiration to scientists all over the world, especially to female students of science who want to grow up to be scientists. Scorpios are not always interested in scientific pursuits but they do have a very high intelligence level which is proved by Marie Curie.

Marie Curie

5. Pablo Picasso:

Picasso is one of the most recognizable artists of the 20th century for those who don’t know much about art. His name has become synonymous with art. He was born on 25 October. He is known for having created different styles of painting and sculpting. In true Scorpio style he was a very creative individual.

Pablo Picasso

4. Sylvia Plath:

Sylvia Plath, born on 27 October, was a very talented American poet and novelist. She wrote many great poems and short stories and the semiautobiographical novel The Bell Jar. She remained depressed for most of her life and died of prescription drug overdose although it might not have been a suicide. She was a Scorpio to the core.

Sylvia Plath

3. Theodore Roosevelt:

Theodore Roosevelt was born on 27 October and went on to become the President of the United States. He is known for having an exuberant personality. He was also an explorer, author, hunter and soldier and excelled throughout his life. Who said that Scorpios can’t do well in politics?

Theodore Roosevelt

2. Voltaire:

Voltaire was a famous French philosopher, writer and historian of the Enlightenment era. He was born on 21 November. He was a very astute individual with a great wit and intelligence. He is known for advocating freedom of religion and expression. This Scorpio’s philosophy is considered important even today.


1. Neil Gaiman:

Neil Gaiman is one of the most prestigious writers of our time. He’s a Scorpio born on 10 November and true to his zodiac is very talented and creative. He’s worked on comics, novels, graphic novels and worked as a freelance writer. All his works are critically acclaimed. A true talented Scorpio if there ever was one.

Neil Gaiman

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