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Top 10 Famous People With Bizarre Habits

Updated on 2 August, 2013 at 6:30 am By

Each one of us has some peculiar habit which distinguishes us from the other like-minded people around us. At times these habits can be lovable but sometimes they can be strange or say bizarre for some reason. While you may be dining on the most lavish Italian cuisine there may be another person biting into glass – this is the extremity of our habits. Not all of us have the habits, we have different perspectives and different lifestyles, and this is want makes our habits. When you look from the outside all people who have made famous look the same from the outside, with a vision only to excel in their field of expertise, but when you look closely you see each of them have a distinguished habit which makes them different from the other. Listed below for your knowledge are top 10 famous people with bizarre habits:

10. Barack Obama:

The US President Barack Obama is a busy man for sure, but that isn’t the only reason he sleeps less – he has a habit. Obama is reported to hit the bed at 1 am every night, and believe to be up latest by 7. Understood, he has weight on his shoulders, but please spare him some sleep.

Barack Obama

9. Thomas Wolfe:


Unlike the other great writers, Wolfe preferred to write standing up. Now how on earth does standing make you creative? But the technique did work for Wolfe, or do you thinks otherwise?

Thomas Wolfe

8. Miguel de Cervantes:

The creative Spaniard had one of the most bizarre habits; he would sit in cold water up to the knees to trigger his creativity. You can try something of sort to maximize you intellectual concentration.

Miguel de Cervantes

7. Charles Dickens:

Google maps would surely have been Dickens favorite, if he were born in the Google age. The candid writer has a habit of writing and sleeping facing to the north, he believed that improved his creativity. Dickens would keep a navigation compass with him every day to make sure he never went wrong.

Charles Dickens

6. Albert Einstein:

Einstein as we know him is a person who used the most part of his brain – yes I am sure he did. He often said ‘people use only 10 percent of their brain’, thus if you want to use most part of your brain, like Einstein did, you need to be prepared to think about the same problem for hours a day, for months, until you succeed in overcoming the problem and reaching the plan. This is a habit the Einstein lived with.

Albert Einstein

5. Mariah Carey:

If sleeping less was a bad habit, Mariah Carey has stretched it to the worse on the other side. Mariah has often gone on records to state that she likes sleeping 15 hours a day. Not sure how she keeps her weight and singing going, with the pace it does, in the remaining 9 hours, any guesses?

Mariah Carey

4. Leonardo DaVinci:

If Leonardo DaVinci was rarest of rare act with his creativity, he was a rare nocturnal human too. It’s believed that DaVinci slept only for 2 hours a day. He followed a strict regime, which involved sleeping for 20-30 minutes after every 4 hours.

Leonardo DaVinci

3. Gwyneth Paltrow:


For some celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, snake venom cream is a way to smooth and soft skin. Yes, applying snake venom cream on a regular basis seems a habit bizarre enough. Gwyneth has made such creams a habit because they have the ability to block neurotransmitters and tighten facial muscles to minimize aging effects.

Gwyneth Paltrow

2. Tom Cruise:

Men envy Tom Cruise for his ever young look, and women love him for his amazingly glowing skin. But do you think he was born with it, not really. Tom cruise has an uncanny habit of using a face mask that’s composed of nightingale droppings, brown rice and water. The face pack is Tom’s favorite as it leaves the skin smooth and soft. Now we think it is bizarre enough for a guy wanting to be soft.

Tom Cruise

1. Ernest Hemingway:


We all know the quality of Mr. Hemingway’s writing. The quality goes without telling. But there was a pretty bizarre habit that Hemingway had. He would write 5000 words a day with most of his writing in the mornings to (they say) avoid the heat during the day. The prolific writer explaining his bizarre habit once wrote, “I write one page of masterpiece to ninety-one pages of shit. I try to put the shit in the wastebasket.”

Ernest Hemingway


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