Top 10 Famous Paintings of Pierre-Auguste Renoir

12:00 pm 20 Feb, 2013


Pierre-Auguste Renoir was a prominent French painter. He was one of the leading artists who lead to the development of the Impressionist style. His works mostly celebrate female sensuality and, of course, beauty. His works are a mix of vibrant and saturated colors. He had a special eye for people in intimate and candid compositions. Renoir’s canvass was not limited to any background in particular and he captured the essence of urban entertainment whether in parks or gardens or at the opera. Read below to know about the top 10 famous paintings of this illustrious artist.

10. Dance in the Country:

It is an oil painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir which was painted in 1883 and was influenced by his trip to Italy. The painting depicts a couple dancing. The man in the painting was his friend Paul Lothe and the woman, his later wife Aline Charigot. Warm colours and cheerful atmosphere all based on the theme of the ball is what Renoir established in this piece.

Dance in the Country - Pierre-Auguste Renoir

9. Acrobats at the Cirque Fernando:

This was another Impressionist work by Pierre-Auguste Renoir in the year 1879. The girls in the paintings are Francisca and Angelina Wartenburg who would juggle and perform gymnastics in their father’s circus. This is a take on the pertinent subject of urban life as well as emotional undercurrent. With this and other, Renoir returned to the Impressionist exhibitions.

Acrobats at the Cirque Fernando

8. Young Girls at the Piano:

One of Renoir’s repeated inspirations, two young girls, but this time at the Piano, is what this painting is about. It was painted in 1892 and demonstrated the subject of entertainment. Cozy interiors with two girls engrossed in making music, a respectable leisurely activity during those times is depicted brilliantly by Renoir here.

Young Girls at the Piano- Pierre-Auguste Renoir

7. The Garden in the rue Cortot, Montmartre:

Pierre-Auguste Renoir had rented a studio in Montmartre for a small duration and it is was around 1874 that he completed this painting. He liked the proximity of the studio to the beer garden of Moulin de la Galette where he could observe and paint. The studio also had a garden which is what is depicted here with vibrant colours especially for the flowering dahlias. The men in the picture are believed to be Claude Monet and Alfred Sisley.

The Garden in the rue Cortot, Montmartre

6. Two Sisters (On the Terrace):

This painting too is set on the upper terrace of the Restaurant Fournaise where he had also painted some of his other pieces. This was done in the spring of 1881 with nature just beginning to bloom.  Young women were often Renoir’s subjects and many of his paintings such as this, drew inspiration from them. The two in this picture were not related but were wonderfully depicted in paint by Renoir as sisters.

Two Sisters on the Terrace- Pierre-Auguste Renoir

5. The Luncheon of the Boating Party:


The first thing that will strike you about this painting is the vibrant and almost pulsating colors. It was painted during 1880 to 1881. Friends gathered in a sunny afternoon adorned with costumes and setting is from what the Luncheon emanates. The exposed arms of the make members or the glowing skin of the women in the painting suggest rising temperatures in summer.  The people in the painting are his friends and also his future wife with the upper terrace of the Restaurant Fournaise as the setting.

The Luncheon of the Boating Party

4. Portrait of Frederic Bazille Painting the Heron with Wings Unfurled:

It was a painting which Pierre Renoir completed in 1867 and was perhaps one of the earliest of his Impressionist works. Frédéric Bazille and Pierre-Auguste Renoir often shared studios with each other. This was one of the contemporary pieces of Renoir as he inculcated realism and naturalism in his work. In this painting apart from Frédéric Bazille Painting the Heron with Wings Unfurled, he had also reproduced a snow scene by Claude Monet.

Portrait of Frederic Bazille Painting the Heron with Wings Unfurled - Pierre-Auguste Renoir

3. The Ball at the Moulin de la Galette:

The Moulin de la Galette was a lively beer garden in Montmartre, which was beautiful with its hilly landscape and windmills. In this painting Pierre-Auguste Renoir depicts the young clientele of the beer garden. It was painted in 1876 and portrays pleasures and joys of dancing, drinking, flirtation and merry making with the setting of a Ball on a warm summer day with the park as the backdrop.

The Ball at the Moulin de la Galette

2. Lise with a Parasol:

Renoir often used friends as the subjects of his paintings. In this, too, the model was Lise Tréhot, who was also his mistress and inspiration for a number of paintings. The background is a public park where Lise appears to be on summer stroll comforted by the shade of the trees and her parasol. Not only is she elegantly dressed, but all that comes across are beautiful as well. It was completed in the year 1867 with the characteristic panache of those times.

Lise with a Parasol - Pierre-Auguste Renoir

1. La loge:

This is one of the masterpieces ever painted by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The painting of a stylish and modern couple at the opera again is a note on his inclination towards everything modern and urban. It is also known as the Theater Box and is an 1874 oil painting. He has an eye for detail for the picture depicts old opera glasses and painted fan as the accessories of the woman while the man is depicted looking through his glasses probably from their balcony seats.

La loge