Top 10 famous movies of Tom Cruise

12:47 pm 30 Aug, 2012


Tom Cruise — for the past 25 years, has accomplished four impossible missions, driven the highway to the danger zone and learned about Wapner time. One of the most talented and dashing looking actors of the Hollywood, Tom Cruise with blue eyes and sexy hair surely takes every girl’s breath away. Culled from his 80s blockbuster to 90s super hit movies along with 2000s great films, here is the top 10 best Tom Cruise movies. Let’s stroll down, shall we?


10. Born on the Fourth of July (1989):

The majority of the people forgets that Tom Cruise has worked with some big time directors. Back in 1989, when he joined Oliver Stone’s Born on the Fourth of July, a lot of the folks questioned his acting skills for portraying disabled war expert Ron Kovic. Well, one Oscar nomination later on, the reviewers were put to silence. Not only did the film get appreciation and earn Oliver, the best director Oscar, it also managed to set Cruise as an actor who had a wide range. This earned him respect from those in the industry and proved that Tom was eager to take risks with his career.

Top 10 famous Tom Cruise movies: Born on the Fourth of July


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9. Risky Business (1983):

It wasn’t his first movie, but the movie Risky Business is definitely the base of Tom Cruise’s super stardom. The movie is famous for many a good reason including Paul Brickman’s strongly stylish direction, Rebecca De Mornay’s adolescent fantasy of a performance, Tangerine Dream’s classic score and of course who can forget the iconic scene in which Cruise’s  character, Joel Goodson celebrates his parents’ trip out of town by dancing around the house in his underwear.

Top 10 popular Tom Cruise movies: Risky Business

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8. Valkyrie (2008):

Set in Germany during World War II, Tom Cruise stars as Col. Claus von Stauffenberg, who tries to assassinate Adolf Hitler and carry out “Operation Valkyrie,” a plot by a set of revolutionary Nazis to wring control of Germany from Hitler. The actor has done a very good job on the whole as the real life German colonel who harbor antipathy with the Nazi system. The message of the movie is about the nobility of self sacrifice, even in defeat. Other cast includes British veterans Kenneth Branagh, Terence Stamp, Tom Wilkinson and Bill Nighy.

Top 10 famous Tom Cruise movies: Valkyrie

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7. The Last Samurai (2003):

Originally a venture for Brad Pitt, Cruise took over the character of Nathan Alfren in Edward Zwick’s famous movie, The Last Samurai. From depression and hate to respect and love, the film soars on the shoulders of Cruise. He is credible in the role, which was initially suspected by the critics. The movie also introduces Ken Watanabe, who goes hand in hand with Tom all through the picture, and performs equally well. With breathtaking action scenes and a finale that is ought to make your jaw drop, The Last Samurai is one of the best movies of its kind and definitely one of the best of Tom Cruise.

Top 10 famous movies of Tom Cruise: The Last Samurai

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6. Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011):

After giving an amazing performance in all three Mission: Impossible, Cruise as the superspy Ethan Hunt really impresses you with his action including the brilliant scene where he climbs the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Moreover, Ghost Protocol is filled with magnificent action sequences, exciting sidekicks portrayed by Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner. Tom Cruise is no doubt in top form and kicks major ass yet again as Ethan Hunt, making it as his top box office movie of all time, collecting more than $690 million worldwide.

Top 10 popular movies of Tom Cruise: Mission Impossible

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5. Collateral (2004):

Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx, managed to bring out a lot more from this movie than there was in the script. No doubt, Michael Mann is brilliant at his work but without Cruise and Foxx, it would have been just a mediocre movie. Yet another movie where, at first, the idea of Cruise playing an aging Hitman was a bit difficult to digest. However, once his character Vincent comes up on screen, all of the doubt just vanishes. He is outstanding here, and even manages to give his character a bit of heart by the end.

Top 10 famous movies of Tom Cruise: Collateral

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4. Rain Man (1998):

The film depicts the darker side of Cruise where he plays young brother, Charlie to his autistic brother Raymond (Dustin Hoffman). Not just a tale of two brothers reuniting, it is about the relationship they develop together and how the mentally challenged Raymond eventually puts an impact on his younger brother, Charlie. A very touching movie,Cruise has indeed given justice to his character, Charlie – making this film one of the most astounding character driven films ever!

Top 10 famous movies of Tom Cruise: Rain Man

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3. A Few Good Men (1992):

Who doesn’t love this brilliant movie? Without doubt, Jack Nicholson gives the most terrific performance in A Few Good Men and Cruise as young Lt. Daniel Caffee also performs equally well. He really puts his acting skill ablaze when he is opposite Nicholson in several sequences and forms a good balancing act between the two characters. Let’s not forget about Kevin Bacon, Demi Moore, Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Pollack, and many others, who collectively managed to make the movie even more popular.

Top 10 famous movies of Tom Cruise: A Few Good Men

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2. Jerry Maguire (1996):

Jerry Maguire is not only one of my best Tom Cruise movie but a favorite movie of all time. It is the perfect role for Tom and he has played it really well. He is awesome as the money hungry sports agent who chases his aspiration to become something more.  By the climax of the movie, he not only grows up a lot but understands what happiness in life is all about. The movie is bounded by equally great supporting roles portrayed by Jay Mohr, ton, Jonathan Lipnicki, Renee Zellweger, Kelly Preston and Cuba Gooding Jr. (who won the Oscar for his performance).  The relationships between the lead character Jerry and the other protagonists, is what makes this movie worth watching.

Top 10 famous movies of Tom Cruise: Jerry Maguire

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1. Top Gun (1986):

Top Gun is that movie which made Tom Cruise a star. He acted as the cocky Navy pilot Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, who is sent to the Fighter Weapons School, well-known in the trade as Top Gun, to sharpen his skills against the Navy’s best pilots. One of the superb film and the hottest film of 1986, the acting of Tom will blow off your mind just the sounds of the jets in the movie. The film also stars Anthony Edwards, Kelly McGillis and Val Kilmer.

Top 10 famous movies of Tom Cruise: Top Gun


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