Top 10 famous female warriors

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The profession of war is generally dominated by men, but there have been certain women who overshadowed this traditional convention by their extra-ordinary capabilities and marked their significance. Here are ten famous female warriors who displayed their courageousness in the sector, which is considered as a no-go area for them.

10. Rani Lakshmibai:

Best known as the Indian counterpart of Joan of Arc, Rani Lakshmibai was the queen of the princely state of Jhansi who retaliated the brutal and power-hungry regime of British East India Company with never-say-die attitude. This badass female warrior played a significant role during the Indian Rebellion of 1857 and died a martyr after fighting courageously.

9. Agustina de Aragon:

A celebrated belligerent of Spanish War of Independence (Peninsular War), Agustina de Aragon was a fervently patriotic lady who defended her motherland and reenergized the capitulating Spanish army. Despite of being captured by the French, she, somehow, managed to escape from high-security prison and linked up with hard-core Spanish guerilla fighters. Because of her ultra-bravery, she became a larger-than-life super-heroine for Spaniards.

8. Margaret of Anjou:

Major player of the Wars of the Roses, Margaret of Anjou was the wife of King Henry VI of England and is best known for being skilled in political ring as well as on the battlefield. Because of her husband’s insanity, she goverened her kingdom as a silent ruler, but demonstrated herself as a warrior queen with her unfearing, potent, proud and determinative characteristics.


7. Boudicca:

A cultural icon in the United Kingdom and considered as one the most powerful women in history, Boudicca was the wife of Prasutagus, ruler of the British Iceni tribe. After the death of  Prasutagus, her kingdom was annexed by the Roman Empire. Not only this, she was flogged and her daughters were raped by Roman soldiers. Later, this eminent female warrior devastated the Roman London and massacred thousands of soldiers and inhabitants, in order to take revenge.

6. Razia Sultana:

A subject of enormous legends, Razia Sultana is remembered for being the first female ruler of the Delhi Sultanate. Contrary to the tradition, she shed her feminine outfits and adapted masculine clothes and received training in combat, army governing and kingdom administration. It was her powerful fighting abilities that helped in overcoming contemporary potent rebel leaders.

5. Fu Hao:

An essential pillar of the Shang Dynasty of China and one of the 60 wives of King Wu Ding, Fu Hao led several successful military campaigns against the rivals of of her kingdom. Her victory against the Ba state is frequently mouthed in Chinese history for being a larg scale ambush.

4. Semiramis:

While the accomplishments of Semiramis are extremely mythological and metaphoric, Semiramis is described as the wife of Ninus, King of Babylon. After the death of her husband, she ruled the kingdom and just not only restored the dignity, rather expanded its domain by defeating enemies and subjugating neighboring states.

3. Tamar of Georgia:

Queen Tamar was a lady of sheer determination who ruled the kingdom of Georgia from 1184 to 1213. She was enthroned after the death of her father King George III, and very soon neutralized the untoward efforts of her oppositions. Because of her openheartedness and victorious skills, she is gazed as a significant figure in the Georgian culture.

2. Zenobia:

A notable queen of Roman Syria during the 3rd century, Zenobia a.k.a. the “warrior queen” expanded her Palmyrene Empire by conquering Egypt and overcoming Roman rulers. A splendid horse rider and a fierce belligerent, Zenobia carries a regal fame in the chronology of famous female warriors.


1. Joan of Arc:

Comprising divine guidance, Joan of Arc, helped the French army to achieve victories at several occasions during the Hundred Year’s War, and eventually played a substantial role in the coronation of Charles VII. Due to her role in this war, which changed the course of history, Joan of Arc is regarded as a national superheroine in France.

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