Top 10 famous comedians of the world

Updated on 9 Oct, 2012 at 11:27 am


Comedy looks very easy when you have someone else do it. Comedians are often forgotten easily as actors in more serious roles tend to pick up the most awards. If laughter is the best medicine then that would make comedians the best doctors. Here is a look at some of the famous comedians from the past and the present.

10. Bill Cosby:

Bill Cosby is a multi talented individual and has excelled at almost everything that he has ever done. As a stand up performer he had some amazing routines that never failed to get the audience into bits and pieces with laughter. He is a seasoned veteran today and is much sought after by many companies for their products endorsements etc. He continues to perform even today all around the world and is a treat to watch.

9. Denis Leary:

A popular saying that used to float around when Denis was on air was that there was not a person alive who could snooze during his act. Not only is the man funny but he is also really very loud. His style of going all out in every show, during each act was what set him apart from the list of famous comedians of all time .

8. Rodney Dangerfield:

Rodney Dangerfield is a well known actor and comedian. Although a late entrant, he walked the paces very well to soon launch himself up from comedy to a major film role. He has many hits to his name and was also a patron of the self mockery style in his jokes which has become such a hot thing for stand ups today.


7. Robin Williams:

One of the most intense stage acts while he did his stand up. Robin Williams was a well known actor and comedian who set stages apart on fire with the energy he showed on it. He is nothing short of a live wire on stage and also has no shortage of talent in him to be able to think up jokes on his feet. A much loved actor, he has also won the greatest awards both for comedy and for his acting.

6. Lenny Bruce:

Lenny Bruce pushed the limits of stand up comedy during his times and opened up a lot of new avenues for future comedians. Although his unconventional uncaring attitude was not always received well by people, he stuck to it and showed the world that there is a huge amount of humor that can be extracted out of controversy.

5. Eddie Murphy:

Before famous actor Eddie Murphy made a name for himself as an actor he was already very famous for his standup routines. A hugely talented young comedian, he climbed the ranks the hard way and made good of his love for making people laugh early on despite of that. He was known to be highly dedicated at his comedy routines and worked to improve himself constantly.

4. Steve Martin:

He is a very different comedian who was known to be hands down funny on his feet. A multi talented personality, he has the gift for turning anything funny. He has also starred in some incredibly funny films and has also produced and directed some funny movies. His instant songs and rhymes were always a big hit even in his films.

3. Richard Pryor:

Richard Pryor was very skilled at making the dirtiest and worst jokes sound funny. His routine was known to be boldly scandalous and he had the knack of making humor in real life situations which made him successful to a great extent.

2. George Carlin:

George Carlin had his dark humor and he pulled it all off very well. He was the grim reaper of standup humor in a good way. He was concerned perhaps about the modern decline of civilization as such as his jokes were all very much centered on those themes.


1. Bill Hicks:

Hicks had a rare perspective and this very perspective was what helped him live his life and make wonderful comedy. His style of using loaded up satire worked wonderfully well to deliver two messages in one. This style of comedy helped him win over many fans and friends who understood him and tried to understand him.

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