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Top 10 Famous Child Characters in Movies

Published on 27 February, 2013 at 10:00 am By

The likes of Harry Porter and Pugsley Adams are child characters that have become legendary amongst the kids as well as the adults. Intriguing magical stories woven around wild adventure and the playful innocence of the characters coupled with great intelligence make them excellent. And, behind every mischief they commit, there is a kind hearted hero ready to save friends, fight monsters, and go through fire and rain to emerge a winner. And, while such movie characters are in hundreds, here are the top 10 famous child characters you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

10. Carmen Cortez:

Carmen Elizabeth Juanita de Costa-Brava Cortez, one of the famous spy kids, starts off as an arrogant and rude sister, who thinks she’s being forced to babysit her younger brother. She’s yet to discover that her own parents are secret spies, and that is eventually going to be her destiny as well. Apart from this, her real concern is safeguarding her own secrets from the world. She constantly suffers from bedwetting problems, and has to wear diapers, and often sneaks from school without the knowledge of her parents.

Carmen Cortez

9. Antoine Doinel:


Francois Truffaut, the acclaimed French movie director, has to be accredited for the creation of the fictional character Antoine Doinel. He is a misunderstood adolescent, who lives in Paris, and is the subject of trouble for his parents and teachers. Truffaut eventually became so mesmerized by his own creation that he did a series of five movies with the recurring character Antoine Doinel, which are now collectively called the Adventures of Antoine Doinel. The character has been played by Jean-Pierre Leaud for all the five movies, describing his dissension from childhood, to adulthood and beyond.

Antoine Doinel - Famous Child Characters in Movies

8. Elliot from E.T:

Elliot, the quiet 10-year-old loner, is a portrait of childhood that resembles us all in many ways. The world for him is a mysterious place, and while some things are mesmerising, others are awful. Living with a single mother, makes things a bit more complicated, but soon he discovers a new friend in an alien left behind by spacecraft on a scientific mission. He doesn’t know how to get back home, and so Elliot helps him rigs up communication devices from the junkyard to help him communicate with his folk.

Elliot from E.T

7. Pugsley Addams:

The puggy pre-teen, Mr. Pugsley Addams from the Addams Family, has been the perfect entertainer for years. He’s plump, devious, and a dedicated troublemaker. He often collaborates with his sister, Wednesday, to commit some of the most astonishing intelligent, but heinous acts throughout the course of time.  From having expertise in making toy guillotines, to selling toxic lemonade, and from putting on fire a summer camp to falling in love with a beautiful girl; he’s done it all through a series of three movies, The Addams Family, The Addams Family Values, and The Addams Family Reunion.

Pugsley Adams - Famous Child Characters in Movies

6. Baby Bink:

The hero of Baby’s Day Out and the sweetheart of his overly loving parents, Baby Bink, or formally, Bennington Cotwell Jr. had captivated the world with his cute smile, and intelligence. Born with a silver spoon, he lives in a big mansion, and is just about to appear in social papers, when three buffs kidnap him by pretending to be the photographers. To their dismay, the kidnappers soon realize how smart the kid actually is. He would always remain one step ahead of all of them, and give them a hard time till he gets back home.

Baby Bink

5. Ron Weasley:

The best friend of Harry Porter and Harmione Granger, Ron Weasley is all the comedy you’d expect from the Harry Porter Series. He’s not as smart as his best friend, nor does he possess enticing magic powers like him, but he’s an icon of bravery and loyalty. He stands by his friends through the thick and thin. Many times through the series we see that Ron is often insecure, and sometimes develops pouts of inferiority complexes. And, yet he still remains adorable, and the kind of friend we all seek to have.

Ron Weasley - Famous Child Characters in Movies

4. Matilda Wormwood:

Matilda, the famous novel by Roald Dahl, has been a bestseller children’s book and has also been adapted into a critically appreciated movie. The movie narrates the story of a young girl, who is six and a half year old, but whose intelligence matches that of adults. She loves reading and solving mathematical problems. Unaware of her own powers, she can also levitate things into the air with her imagination alone.  She teaches hard lessons to all the inhumane teachers at school, and is definitely the hero of all her age mates.

Matilda Wormwood

3. Frodo Baggins:


The kind hearted, quiet and gentle hobbit of the shire, Frodo Baggins, is a fictional character created by J.R.R Tolkien, and is the protagonist of the Lord of the Rings. On his 33rd birthday, he inherits Souron’s Ring from Bilbo Baggins, and sets out on a quest to destroy the evil ring at the fires of Mount Doom. The ring often transforms him from the simple and gentle being into a short tempered and paranoid persona. He fights through the odds with the help of his friends, and the various gifts that he received from his well-wishers including the Elven Dagger, and the magical cloak.

Frodo Baggins - Famous Child Characters in Movies

2. Dorothy Gale:

Dorothy Gale of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz fame is one of the most adorable child characters that still live to charm all with her polite and concerned nature. An adaptation of one of the stories about Dorothy written by L. Frank Baum, the movie describes the eventful journey of Dorothy, and her dog Toto, through a tornado’s path. She makes plenty of friends and foes through the journey, to finally meet the Wizard of Oz who can grant her wish to go home, and also grant her friends their wish to have a brain, heart, and courage.

Dorothy Gale

1. Harry Potter:


The most beloved child character that we all undoubtedly know is Harry Potter. He’s the main protagonist of the Harry Potter series of books by J.K. Rowling. On his 11th birthday, Harry discovers that he’s a wizard, and so he lands at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Surprised that he’s already widely known to the school staff, Harry sets on a journey to discover how his parents had died, and what connection his destiny has with the dark wizard, Lord Voldemort. The character made Daniel Radcliffe a big star, and fetched him many awards.

Harry Potter - Famous Child Characters in Movies


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