10 Famous Bollywood Dialogues

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Bollywood dialogues are widely known for their funny, cheesy and thought-provoking traits, and we’re sure everyone out there has their personal favorites. Here we have compiled a list of famous Bollywood dialogues that are now household terms among cinema lovers.

10. Keh do ki ye jhoot hai… (Say it is not true)

Everyone knows it’s true, even the one saying the dialogue knows it. You could actually see tears in their eyes. It’s an exercise to embarrass the one confessing and to have the audience second-guessing!

Famous bollywood dialogue - Keh do ki ye jhooth hai

9. Agar maa ka doodh piya hai to saamne aa… (Step forward if you drank your mother’s milk)

Yes, if going about life picking fights because of what happened 20 years ago wasn’t enough, he likes to do it in style. And since the villain must be forced to comply, he is beckoned to prove he was a healthy suckling child!

Famous bollywood dialogue by Amitabh Bacchan

8. Apne aap ko police ke hawale kar do... (Surrender yourself to the police)

Police in Bollywood movies is very polite and they constitute some of the very famous Bollywood dialogues. They do not catch the criminals.  Instead they wait for them to hand themselves to Police. It’s not surprising when we hear Bollywood criminal yapping, “Police mera kuch nahi bigaad sakti” (The police cannot touch me).

Famous bollywood dialogue - salman khan dabang

7. Agar chaubees ghante tak hosh nahi aya to… (If he does not gain consciousness in the next 24 hours…)

Okay agreed! This dialogue a bit too much drama. Yes we all know he is going to rise from the dead. We just love to have it reconfirmed every other time.

Famous bollywood dialogues from a hindi movie

6. Tune meri peeth pe choora bhonka hai… (You stabbed me in the back)


If you thought Bollywood was all about songs, dance, drama and action with no real content, then think twice. Treachery, betrayal, perfidy, infidelity, treason is magnificently portrayed and is a favorite.

One of the Famous Bollywood dialogues - Sashi kapoor

5. Main tumhare bachche ki maa banne wali hoon… (I am going to become the mother of your child)

This is one of  the most repeated Bollywood dialogues in the 90s. The scene is of a woman disclosing this secret to the guy she was going with. Lightening strikes on the screen as well as on the guy. He freezes and looks like he has seen a dead man walking. We have never seen anyone celebrating the pregnancy thing in Bollywood. I mean what was he expecting when he went on without any protection!

Mostly used famous Bollywood dialogues

4. Zindagi bhar main tumhara ehsan nahi bhoolunga… (Dude I owe you for life)

Favoritism prevails in Bollywood. Villain does a favor only if hero is ready to marry her rude daughter, heroine’s brother is never in favor of our hero and finally except a few, the whole Police department favors the corrupt politician.

Popular Bollywood dialogue - zindagi bhar ehsaan nahi bhoolunga

3. Police mera peecha kar rahi hai… (Police is following me)

Police is always following a wrong clue at the wrong time which leads to the wrong guy, unfortunately that guy is always our loving hero. Police in Bollywood movies sometimes can be as stupid as a toilet seat. Common Bollywood dialogues often contain the word ‘Police’.

Popular bollywood dialogue - Sanjay Dutt

2. Kutte kameene main tera khoon pee jaunga… (You mean cur, I’ll drink your blood)

Yes, our heroes may be above everything else but if there is one thing they cannot have enough of, its the villain’s blood. The angry young man meets the vampire…you get the bollywood hero. I don’t know why but they are generally violent.

Famous bollywood dialogue - Dharmendra

1. Bhagwan ke liye mujhe chor do… (Please leave me for the love of God)


Yeah.. yeah..  we know what comes to your mind. It came to ours too. Bollywood has this uncanny fancy portraying every villain a rapist. At the same time, they never forget to disorient their camera towards a rotating ceiling fan or clattering windows or a dying pigeon. Believe me you’ll find few Bollywood movies having more rape scene than the number of songs.

Popular bollywood dialogue - bhagwan ke liye mujhe chor do

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