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9:14 am 12 Oct, 2010

Awards are presented in almost every area of achievement. The ones that receive the most attention in newspapers and on televisions are those given to famous film stars, writers, artists, scientists and singers. Among the best known, Topyaps presents the 10 most influential awards.

10. Pulitzer Prizes:

Theses US awards are given for a range of achievements in journalism, writing (fiction, non-fiction and poetry) and music. They are named after publisher Joseph Pulitzer and began in 1917.

9. MTV Video Music Awards:

The music television channel MTV established its award in 1984. Madonna is the most successful artist, with 69 nominations and 19 wins.

8. BRIT Awards:

The BRITs are popular music awards, which started in 1977. Robbie Williams has been the most successful act by far, with 15 wins (including four as a member of Take That).

7. Grammy Awards:

The US music awards have been presented since 1959. The classical awards have been dominated by conductor Sir George Solti, who won 38 Grammys. Stevie Wonder gained an unrivaled 22 awards for popular music, while Beyonce won in five categories in 2003.

6. Cannes Film Festival:

This annual international film festival is held in Cannes in the South of France. Its most important award is the Palme d’Or (Golden Palm), which dates back to 1955.

5. Golden Globe Awards:

These US film awards began in 1943. Julia Roberts has been nominated five times and won three awards and Tom Hanks has won four of the six awards for which he was nominated.

4. BAFTA Awards:

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards began in 1947. British actress Judi Dench has won eight awards for her television and film roles.

3. Booker Prize:

This British book prize was set up in 1968 and is awarded each year for a novel published in the previous 12 months. It is now known as the Man Booker Prize.

2. Academy Awards (Oscars):

These are the most famous of all film awards. The Oscars presentations are now watched on television by more than a billion people worldwide. The Academy Awards – also called the Oscars after the statuette that winners receive – were first presented in 1929. Walt Disney has won the most, a total of 20.

1. Nobel Prize:

These international awards are named after Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite and were first presented in 1901. There are now six categories – Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, Peace and Economics.

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