Top 10 famous airports of the world

7:58 am 16 Jul, 2012

What should be the traits of famous airports and how will you classify their opulence? By facilities and amenities? Customer Service? Or by its ambience and terminal decor? May by the number of destinations it connects or perhaps even by the cleanliness it maintains. Here is a list of Top 10 famous airports of the world which not only outshine in the features mentioned above but also never fail to delight the passengers on their long haul journey – making them the best airports of the world too.

10. Vancouver:

Counted among one of the famous airports in world, Vancouver has all the facilities of a modern airport. From free Wi-Fi, pay in Lounge to Baggage storage and art displays, this airport is known for its impeccable aura. This airport also holds the prestigious award for Best Airport North America. Vancouver airports is also known for some tremendous standards of commendable staff service, great ambience and the terminal decor.

Top 10 famous airports of the world: Vancouver

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9. Dubai International Airport:

One among the busiest airports of the world, Dubai International is the most important aviation center in the Middle East. This airport is famous for its VIP pavilion, two parallel running ways, three concourses, flower center and Dubai duty free shopping area. Widely known for its great ambiance, Dubai International Airport clearly deserves the number 9 position in this list of famous airports of the world.

Top 10 famous airports of the world: Dubai International Airport

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8. Zurich:

One of the famous airports in Europe, Zurich is known for its automated underground train which moves the passengers from the existing terminal complex and the new terminal. The well equipped airport encompasses restaurants, coffee shops, post office, banks and duty free shopping. It also boasts several Wi-Fi hotspots spread out at various locations throughout the terminal. Zurich is also a golden pillow winner.

Top 10 famous airports of the world: Zurich

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7. Kuala Lumpur International Airport:

With excellent staff and world class migration services, the Kuala Lumpur International Airport is a true customer delight. It has more than 50 airlines linked to 90 destinations around the world. The magnificent aspect is the main terminal which keeps greenery in the mind.  It has a rain forest with the “Airport in the forest, forest in the airport” idea.

Top 10 famous airports of the world

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6. Beijing Capital International Airport:

Beijing Capital accommodates around 78 million people every year.  No doubt, it is the busiest airport of Asia. The immense new terminal 3 has been painted red – flaunting the good luck color of China. This airport offers several world class facilities including Air China business lounge, free Wi-Fi and shopping options from designer shops.

Top 10 famous airports of the world: Beijing Capital International Airport

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5. Schipol, Amsterdam:

Opened as a military airfield in September 1916, Schipol has now renovated into one of the busiest and the famous airports of the world. While passengers wait for their flight departure they can shop at the world’s best shopping center –“ The Sea Buy Fly”. Here, passengers pamper themselves with a  massage or a spa or enjoy a round of poker at the casino.

Top 10 famous airports of the world: Schipol

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4. Munich Airport:

The airport is built on a form of an urban landscape with the ceilings and walls mainly made up of glass – making the airport look large and spacious. Munich is one of the famous airports for dining and leisure activities where passengers can also enjoy the aesthetic pleasing terminals while walking towards the gate. It is the second busiest airport in Germany.

Top 10 famous airports of the world: Munich Airport

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3. Incheon International, Seoul

The South Korean airport outclasses almost all the airports when it comes in serving passengers and maintaining the cleanliness of the airport. It has won many awards for Best Airport Cleanliness, Best Airport Washroom followed by Best Airport Security processing and Best International Transit Airport.  Incheon also keeps all its travelers entertained by the famous Korean Culture Museum and the center for traditional Korean Culture.

Top 10 famous airports of the world: Incheon International Airport

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2. Changi International Airport, Singapore:

With world’s best leisure amenities and splendid ambiance, this famous airport is the chief aviation center in the Asia-Pacific region. Changi has a record of accommodating more than 70 million travelers per year. Moreover, it also boasts avenues for shopping, relaxation, entertainment and automated public mover system. The roof top swimming pool in the Ambassador Transit hotel at terminal 1 is worth a dip. No other airport in the world can let you have a king size experience before the long haul flight than the Changi International.

Top 10 famous airports of the world: Changi International Airport

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1. Hong Kong International Airport:

Designed to offer maximum convenience to the travelers, Hong Kong International Airport has a walker system to carry passengers from the check in areas to the gates. This service is free of charge. Besides it has great facilities for entertainment including 4D Cinema, Golf course, free of charge playstation and frequent exhibitions. This famous airport is world’s easiest international transit and also carries the passengers to 150 destinations around the world.

Top 10 famous airports of the world

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