Top 10 failed assassination plots

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3:16 pm 20 Dec, 2010


Look back into the history and you will find that any idea or growing trend has been always protested. The act of assassination was always preferred by those who were against to such changes and used it as a tool to change the face of history. However, there are some unsuccessful assassinations but they were sufficient to shook the world. Have a look on this article of Topyaps to find out ten unsuccessful assassination plots throughout the history.

10. Michael Abram (George Harrison):

George Harrison, lead guitarist of The Beatles survived a knife attack on December 30, 1999, when Michael Abram attacked him with a seven-inch kitchen knife. Abram was suffering from mental illness when he plotted to stab Harrison in his home. After infiltrating in Harrison’s home, Michael called him to come downstairs and attacked him for approximately 15 minutes, causing head injuries and puncturing a lung. Meanwhile, Harrison’s wife, Olivia attacked Michael with a Tiffany lamp and phoned police after disabling him.

9. Ramzi Yousef (Benazir Bhutto):

An Electrical Engineer by profession, Ramzi belongs to Al-Qaeda camp with a god gifted skill in bomb making. In 1993, he allegedly took up a contract from “Sipah-e-Sahaba” to assassinate Benazir Bhutto, contemporary Prime Minister of Pakistan. Yousef, along with his companion planted a bomb outside Bhutto’s residence. However, this plot was failed when Pakistani Intelligence nabbed them just before exploding the bomb.

8. Vladimir Arutyunian (George W. Bush):

“I don’t consider myself a terrorist, I’m just a human being.” Arutyunian uttered these words when he was sentenced to life imprisonment, after his unsuccessful attempt to assassinate George W. Bush. President Bush was attacked by a Soviet-made RGD-5 hand grenade when he was attending a rally in Georgia. However, the grenade failed to detonate and landed 61 ft away from the podium. Somehow, Arutyunian manged to escape but later he was captured by Georgian Special Forces.

7. Maxime Brunerie (Jacques Chirac):

Brunerie, a 25 year old crazy Nazi was arrested by cops in Paris on July 14, 2002, when he fired two shots from his .22 caliber rifle on the open military jeep of French President, Jacques Chirac. It was very easy job to gun down the President as he was within range of shooter but due to the lack of experience, Brunerie missed his target and was overpowered by bystanders. Judging his mental condition, he was sentenced to ten years of prison but later he was freed after 7 years in 2009.

6. Fanny Kaplan (Vladimir Lenin):

Born into a Jewish family, Kaplan was a Russian Political Revolutionary and better known for attempting to assassinate Vladimir Lenin. On August 30, 1918, she fired three shots on Lenin, when he was approaching his car after debating in a rally. Despite the severe injuries in shoulder and jaw, Lenin survived. Later, she was nabbed by security personnel and on September 3, 1918, she was shot dead.


5. John Hinckley Jr. (Ronald Reagan):

He watched the movie “Taxi Driver” for at least 15 times, he was apparently motivated from Travis Bickle and finally, he fired six shots on Ronald Reagan with his .22 caliber Rohm RG-14 revolver. Yup, we are talking about John Hinckley Jr, a crazy buff of Jodie Foster who failed to develop any meaningful contact with this pretty actress. After firing on the presidential limousine on March 30, 1981, he was nabbed by the security squad and ironically was found “not guilty by reason of insanity.”

4. Richard Paul Pavlick (JFK):

A retired postal worker from New Hampshire, Pavlick’s ill-will against JFK emerged after the U.S. presidential election of 1960. He conspired to assassinate Kennedy on December 11, 1960, in Florida by blowing up him with dynamite but detained his plot as JFK was accompanied by his wife and children. After four days, he again attempted to kill the president but his dynamite-laden car was captured by the local cops.

3. Mehmet Ali Agca (Pope John Paul II):

Mehmet was a petty criminal with no political preference but sometimes he was accounted as an active member of “Grey Wolves Organization”, an ultra-nationalist party of Turkey. On May 13, 1981, he fired four bullets on Pope John Paul II, critically damaging his intestine and both arms. Later, he was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment in Italy. Contrary to the expectation, Pope visited him in the prison and forgave him for this act.

2. Georg Elser (Adolf Hitler):

A carpenter by profession, Elser was a strong opponent of Nazi’s propaganda. He traveled to Munich, constructed the bomb and placed it in a pillar behind the speaker’s podium. According to his expectation, Hitler arrived on the scheduled time but due to the dense circumstances of World War II, he left the room thirteen minutes earlier. The bomb exploded just after the departure of Hitler, killing eight people and injuring sixty three.

1. The Gunpowder Plot (King James I of England):

In 1605, a group of English Catholics protested to make Princess Elizabeth as the Catholic head of state and attempted to blow up the House of Lords. But, during a search operation this plot was revealed and 36 barrels of gunpowder was discovered by authorities. Conspirators team was headed by Robert Catesby who was later shot dead and other members were hanged.