Top 10 Facebook Applications

Updated on 27 Mar, 2018 at 4:45 pm


We are not mapping the popularity of Facebook’s applications around the world but yeah we can say that they are growing like a weed. The app mania is spreading like a viral and it should be because you are accessing social software all in one place as well as from the same interface.

10. Birthday Cards:

Never forget a birthday, these cards help to make your wishes more sizzling when birthdays are rolling around. One of the coolest Facebook application.

9. Mafia Wars:

Multiplayer browser game with the mission of establishing and advancing one’s criminal empire. The first Facebook application to net $ 1 Million per month in revenue.


8. Cafe World:

In this Facebook application you have to decorate your own restaurant with hundreds of items. Categorized in many levels, the interface and game play is very simple. Definitely, it’s an addictive app.

7. Mind Jolt Games:

A very popular Facebook application for casual as well as serious gamers. These point-keeping games are an obsession for their fans. You can never tolerate if someone is leading your score and his achievement is on your wall.

6. Photos:

No doubt, it is one the prominent traffic attracting Facebook application. You can upload unlimited pictures and can share with other friends to stay in touch.

5. Texas HoldEm Poker:

The online avatar of poker, this Facebook application handles many tedious details, like dealing, shuffling, and determining who has the best hand. Facebook poker chips are just like virtually any other type of electronic currencies on the world wide web.

4. Discussion Boards:

This Facebook application is one of the best way to interact with other users of Facebook. Here, you can chat as well as share your ideas with a person who is not in your friend’s list. The coolest application by which you can experience the entire world beyond your own nation.

3. Static FBML:

Acronym of Facebook Markup Language, it allows Fan Page administrators to add advanced functionality to their Fan Pages. This Facebook application is the smartest way to customize your fan page.

2. Video:

This Facebook application has now converted into a social utility. Video sharing is a huge passion right now and Facebook is the platform that takes care of all the compatibility issues. Whether your relatives are miles away from you but still you can catch them live.


1. Farm Ville:

Here comes the point where my description about Facebook application stops. :roll:…..Well, no need to say more. Just go through your Facebook wall and you can find regular updates by your friends on harvesting vegetables, milking cows, and shearing sheep. 🙂