10 Most Popular And Controversial Extramarital Affairs In The World

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Updated on 16 Apr, 2018 at 7:49 pm

Extramarital affairs have been the most elusive job for family and marriage therapists. Obviously, they have an adverse impact on social life, constituting friends, employers, colleagues, family and etc. We bring you here a collection of ten most popular and controversial extramarital affairs.

1. Mark Sanford and Maria Belen Chapur

An innocent but intimate relationship with a high-priced friend! In June 2009, Governor of South Carolina Mark Sanford floored everyone by disclosing that he was involved in an extramarital relationship with an Argentinian journalist, Maria Belen Chapur. According to sources, Chapur, a divorced mother of two sons, met Sanford in 2001 at an open-air concert in Uruguay. After unwrapping this relationship, Sanford stepped down as chairman of Republican Governors Association. Later, Sanford stated that he was crazy about Maria’s sensuous kissing, toned hips, and titillating beauty.


2. John Edward and Rielle Hunter

Stomach-churning affair! An unwavering presidential candidate from Democratic Party and former senator of North Carolina, Edward got a crush on Rielle Hunter, a filmmaker rented for his presidential campaign to produce webisodes. Fathering a child from his alleged mistress, he was caught by the reporters of National Enquirer while visiting Hunter and baby at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The National Enquirer also claimed that they have the video footage of Edward, entering and coming out from the hotel room but they denied to disclose it until the arrival of “right time”.



3. David Lloyd George and Frances Stevenson

Former Prime Minister of United Kingdom, George, married his mistress cum personal secretary, Frances Stevenson just two years after the death of his wife Margaret Owen. George had first met Stevenson in 1910, when she was appointed as a teacher for his daughter, Megan. George’s relationship with his “pussy” created terrible stress with his first wife and children.



4. Sean Penn and Natalie Portman

So scandalous! Once again, Hollywood was scandalized when a passionate affair between Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn and bombshell Natalie Portman was hitting the media’s limelight. The rumor dispersed when both were caught kissing passionately in a hotel’s bar. Almost half of Sean’s age, Natalie clarified that both were just a good friend and there was no romantic involvement between them. But according to hotel employers, both were involved in a physical chemistry.



5. Jesse James and Michelle McGee

An affair of eleven months in which a temptress,  Michelle “Bombshell” McGee slipped away Jesse James, the biker husband of Sandra Bullock. According to McGee, the marriage of Jesse James and Sandra Bullock was merely a publicity stunt. The shocking disclosure of McGee, that both had slept together for almost eleven months was enough to create a split between James and Bullock. Later, she also revealed that she did to gain fame and to enter in the list of “mainstream celebrities”.


6. Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings

Thomas Jefferson, third President of United States fathered several children with his slave, Sally Hemings. However, this affair was nailed down considering it bogus but the tentative subject of intense interest was re-opened when DNA Testing in 1998, clarified that Jefferson had fathered at least one child of Sally Hemings.


7. Horatio Nelson and Lady Hamilton

Probably, the biggest affair of the age! Daughter of a blacksmith, Lady Hamilton was committed to Horatio Nelson, an English Flag Officer for almost six years. Lady Hamilton was married to the British envoy to Naples, Sir William Hamilton. Fascinated by Hamilton’s beauty, Nelson departed his wife Fanny and fathered a girl with Hamilton.


8. Tiger Woods and Jaimee Grubbs

One of the most tattling affairs of celebrity world! It was almost shocking for the fans of golf king, Woods, when US Weekly, a daily magazine, published an article, in which a bar waitress Jaimee Grubbs claimed that she had a two-and-a-half-year affair with Woods. She appeared in front of media with text and voice messages that Wood had sent her on her cellphone. Later, Woods was ashamed for betraying his wife and released an apology for his evil doings.


9. J. F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe

The playboy girl loved being a celebrity whereas JFK was crazy for being with young beauties. Marilyn’s life was full of barbaric allegations and she herself was very lonesome. At such a time, JFK  entered in her life and gradually their spicy relationship became the headlines of major newspapers around the world. Despite busy and overlapping schedules, both never missed a chance to see each other.



10. Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky

The most famous extramarital affair till the date! Also known as Zippergate, this scandal devastated the political influence of Bill Clinton and publicized the intern of White House, Monika Lewinsky as a hot celebrity. Each and every gift given by Clinton was saved preciously. Even, she denied drying clean the “blue dress” stained with semen, which later turned in the biggest evident, adjudicating Clinton as the culprit.