Top 10 Exercises That Quickly Burn Stomach Fat

10:00 am 21 Mar, 2013


“Pot bellies” or “Beer bellies” are the common topics that entice lots of discussions worldwide. It is not uncommon to see various advertisements on the TV or in print openly proffering solutions to reduce belly fat using various types of pills and belts.   Weight loss market is worth several billion dollars worldwide. Not many people are aware of the fact that exercises too can be as effective as expensive products. Here we will list top 10 exercises that help to burn stomach fat quick enough.

10. Inverted U:

It’s a great exercise that helps in breaking down fats present in the belly region of the body. You can stand straight on flat feet and stretch a bit with arms in air. Then try to bend backwards till your finger tips touch the ground and body turns up into a shape of inverted U. It is a very powerful exercise and advised by the fitness specialists worldwide.

Inverted U - Exercises That Quickly Burn Stomach Fat

9. High planks:

Position your body in the typical push up position and maintain this stance as long as you can! Arms should be stretched fully and strictly aligned under armpits. This is a very valuable exercise as it helps in flattening of stomach and strengthening of back as well. Legs should be held straight during the process.

High planks - Exercises That Quickly Burn Stomach Fat

8. Low planks:

You need to place your elbows and forearms on the floor and straighten the legs maintaining distance of belly from the ground. You should maintain this position as long as possible. It is a very constructive exercise but the person should place some cushion under his forearms and elbows in order to protect them from external injuries due to the scratches from ground.

Low planks - Exercises That Quickly Burn Stomach Fat

7. Back crunches:


Lie down on your back and raise legs to an angle of 90 degrees against the gravity. Maintain this position for some time. Thereon, you can drop down your legs to ground slowly and steadily. In fact, you can also repeat the same exercise with one leg at a time. Allow the other to rest straight on the ground till other reaches back to its initial position.

Back crunches - Exercises That Quickly Burn Stomach Fat

6. Kicks:

Front kicking exercises help not only in dwindling down your body fats but also build up abs and leg muscles. You can stand straight in position of a Thai Kick Boxer and kick frontwards on the punching bag hanging from the roof. Repeat the kicking exercise with both of your legs as many times as possible and witness the drastic change in the shape of your stomach after a month.

Kicks - Exercises That Quickly Burn Stomach Fat

5. Side bends:

A person searching for some effective exercises for reducing his pot belly can try on with the side bends. They employ a very simple procedure and don’t require much of the space for execution. You have to stand on the legs parted comfortably with hands behind the head. Then, move on both the sides in turns till you don’t tire you belly muscles fully.

Side bends - Exercises That Quickly Burn Stomach Fat

4. Arm lifts:

In case, you find all the other options too tough to follow right at the start of your physical training schedule, try employing some other tricks. You can undertake some arms lifting exercises. Stand straight on the floor and raise your arms upwards so that tummy muscles feel some tightening. Repeat them regularly till your stomach tires but don’t overdo as they can lead to severe pain otherwise.

Arm lifts - Exercises That Quickly Burn Stomach Fat

3. Squatting dips:

It is also a very prominent exercise that has been traditionally followed worldwide. Stand straight with legs parted a bit and then sit down in a squatting position only to stand up erect again. It puts stress on tummy muscles and tightens them up akin to the days when you had a flat stomach. It doesn’t take much to make 20 squatting dips initially and then increasing the number as the days proceed.

Squatting dips - Exercises That Quickly Burn Stomach Fat

2. Bicycle ride:

Peddling bicycle on the road in the morning hours is a great exercise that costs nothing but benefits a great deal. It is always advised by the physicians worldwide to ride a bicycle as it burns existing fats in the body at the faster pace than any other exercise. In addition, it helps in strengthening of the calf muscles and the leg joints significantly.

Bicycle ride - Exercises That Quickly Burn Stomach Fat

1. Cardio is the solution:


There is nothing better than getting on with some cardiovascular exercises. The more time you spend in exerting your body, the better it is. It is generally said human body loves perspiration and fats hate the same. Therefore, put on your running shoes and travel out chasing winds all the way. It surely works wonders if you are ready to spend some time outdoors.

Cardio is the solution - Exercises That Quickly Burn Stomach Fat

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