Top 10 Everyday Problems Technology is Yet to Solve

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 3:47 pm


Technological innovations have made human life more colorful and far too easier than it was a few decades back. As technology evolved, human life witnessed radical changes that ensured its completeness in some sense. However, there are still some challenges that need to be addressed and we are still some distance away from leading an entirely trouble free life. Technology has yet to find a permanent solution to some of our daily problems which continue to interrupt our lives. There could be any number of problems many of which we may not have been able to include in our list of top 10 everyday problems that technology has yet to solve. You may add more in the comments section.

10. Alcoholism:

Alcohol definitely shortens the life of a person and renders him useless in relation to his health besides hampering his personal relationships. Not only is it a menace to the individual’s family, but to the society as well. It is hard to digest, but it seems that technology has no formula to deal with this problem. As life is becoming fast paced, alcohol addiction continues to be on the rise. It only leads to increased consumption of the “devil’s drink” in order to kill the tensions. A visit to the rehab does is not a permanent cure.

Alcoholism - Top 10 Everyday Problems Technology is Yet to Solve

9. Poverty:

It would have been great had technology uprooted this evil from the present society. Despite numerous organizations the world over working to solve this problem, poverty is firmly holding on to its ground. It is no alien sight to witness many poverty-stricken people sleeping on the footpaths and side steps of the busy streets of major cities of the developing nations. Our technically advanced cameras can photograph them but can’t solve their problem.


8. Imprudent decision making:

I would have been the first among the seekers of prudence had technology guaranteed an innovation that could turn a person wiser and more discreet. It is usual for us to make imprudent decisions on a daily basis, which we later repent. Had it been possible to solve one of our most irritating everyday problems, almost half of the complications arising from bad decision-making would have vanished from our lives.

Imprudent decision making - Top 10 Everyday Problems Technology is Yet to Solve

7. Bad dreams:

People like me who are frequently jolted out of their sleep because of bad dreams seriously have something to sort out in life. Nothing could be worse or frightening than to be awakened by nightmares. Except for the psychologist’s advice, nothing concrete has been devised so far that could act as a relief for poor people. If technology can’t guarantee us a good night’s rest, how the hell is it helping us then?

Bad dreams

6. Human psychology/thinking:

Can technology transform the mentality and thinking of a person? Majority of the people would nod their heads in the negative. No advancement in technology has been able to grant practical and impartial thinking ability in a human. It is has become one of those everyday problems that breeds many more evils. Dissimilar psychologies could result in discontentment that breeds stress, whether it is at office or at home. It is the mentality of the man that makes him a saint or a sinner. Imagine a world where technology has been able to make everyone a saint.

Human psychology - Top 10 Everyday Problems Technology is Yet to Solve

5. How to save money:


This is the foremost question we ask ourselves, though undoubtedly in different ways. To some managing finances throughout the day is a big challenge, while to others (like me), it is how to cut down on wasteful expenditure. Hope technology finds a solution to this problem so that we could guarantee high amount of savings and less spending every day.

How to save money

4. Getting up in the morning:

It is a huge challenge for most of us. Waking up in the morning on time not only requires strict discipline but a lot of effort, too. Even after years of following the same routine not all of us can boast of getting up in morning on time. For this particular set of people even alarm clocks don’t help much. So what’s the solution to this everyday problem? Does technology has any answers (apart from introducing more apps or watches, of course)?

Getting up in the morning - Top 10 Everyday Problems Technology is Yet to Solve

3. Traffic jams:

Rarely is there any major city in the world that does not face the pressure of long and continuous traffic jams. Despite the advancements in technology and city management the problem persists even in the countries that boast of huge scientific advancements. The matter needs to be addressed at the earliest possible so that moving through the roads, especially during office hours and emergencies, becomes hassle free for all. Technology has built better roads, rails and operational advancements but it  should focus more on how to avoid traffic jams altogether.

Traffic jams

2. Ill health:

In the world of today where money is valued a million times over anything else, heath has lost the priority in almost all parts of the world. Therefore, every second day we are down with fever, infection and some new form of disease. People often wish there was some technological and one-shot solution for illnesses of all kinds. Diseases have become one of those few everyday problems we spend more than half of our lives either fighting or trying to prevent. Why can’t technology introduce something, say a vaccine, which once administered will help man live without the fear of contracting the most dreaded of diseases?

Ill health - Top 10 Everyday Problems Technology is Yet to Solve

1. Stress:

Stress is a demon that has reared its ugly head with the technological advancements in our daily lives. With the rapid pace of human life, stress and strains have become a part and parcel of daily routine. Though, there are various ways to reduce the stress in the modern life, we haven’t been able to devise any technology that could completely kill stress. We have methods to counter it but no way to end it forever.