Top 10 Epic Cricket Sledging Incidents of All Time

6:00 am 1 Apr, 2013


Like the bat and the ball even sledging has been an integral part of Cricket since time immemorial. While Australians are the masters of the trade, almost all cricketing sides have become a part of sledging now. There have been many hilarious and worth pondering sledges in world cricket over the years. Here we have listed top 10 Epic Cricket Sledging incidents of all time.

10. Mark Waugh and James Ormond:

The Australian cricket legend and one of the best fielders in the slip cordon, Mark Waugh was lip sealed after the lesser known English all-rounder James Ormond replied to Mark’s stupid statement.

When Ormond walked out to the pitch, Mark said to him “F**k me, look who it is. Mate, what are you doing here? There is no way you’re fit to play for England.” Ormond without a speck out doubt replied, “Maybe not, but at least I am the best player in my family.”

Mark Waugh and James Ormond - Top 10 Epic Cricket Sledging Incidents of All Time


9. Glenn McGrath and Eddo Brandes:


One of the best bowlers ever, Glenn McGrath was one big sledger too. Not very often but most of the times Australia played an international match in which McGrath was caught up in a spat with the opponents. One of the most famous moments is when Glenn McGrath was bowling to Zimbabwean tailender Eddo Brandes who kind off missed every ball.

McGrath went up to Brandes and said “why are you so fat”, in a split of a second Brandes replied “because every time I make love to your wife, she gives me a biscuit.”

Glenn McGrath and Eddo Brandes - Top 10 Epic Cricket Sledging Incidents of All Time


8.  Steve Waugh and Parthiv Patel:

Former Australian captain and veteran cricketer Steve Waugh is perhaps one of the biggest names in Australian and world cricket. Steve was one respected name on the pitch, and not many tried to question it. But a foolish Indian wicketkeeper-batsman Parthiv Patel once happened to question his authority and got shammed for it.

When Steve walked into bat in his last test match, Parthiv said “Come on, just one more of your famous slog sweeps before you finish.” Steve without hesitation replied “Respect me for when I made my debut you were still in your nappies.”

Steve Waugh and Parthiv Patel - Top 10 Epic Cricket Sledging Incidents of All Time


7. Mark Waugh and Adam Parore:

It’s not always funny on the pitch sledging; often you can end up on the receiving end. This is what Mark Waugh realized when Australia was on a tour to New Zealand.

Adam Parore, a seasoned Kiwi batsman played and missed a ball, seeking an opportunity to mock, Mark Waugh standing in his favorite slip cordon said “I remember you from a couple of years ago in Australia, you were s**t then, you’re f***in’ useless now.” Turning around Parore instantly replied, “Yeah, that’s me, and when I was there you were going out with that old, ugly slut, and now I hear you’re married to her. You dumb!”

Mark Waugh and Adam Parore - Top 10 Epic Cricket Sledging Incidents of All Time


6. Dennis Lillee and the rest:

There have been very little bowlers who can match the legendary Dennis Lillee a wee bit. Along with his lethal bowling, Dennis also had another trick up his sleeve to unsettle the batsman, and this was a clever sledge.

Dennis Lillee often went up to the batsmen and said “I can see why you are batting so badly, you have got some s**t on the end of the bat.” Most batsmen at that point would flip the bat over to see the end – and Lillee would hilariously reply “wrong end mate”.

Dennis Lilllee and the rest - Top 10 Epic Cricket Sledging Incidents of All Time

5. Viv Richards and Merv Hughes:

The great Viv Richards has without doubt been the best batters in world cricket, and he showed the class in a match against the Aussies, when he hit Merv Hughes for four consecutive boundaries in an over.

Frustrated Hughes went half-way down the pitch and farted loudly, and then said to Viv “Let’s see you hit this to the boundary”. Viv Richards was dumb struck. 

Viv Richards and Merv Hughes - Top 10 Epic Cricket Sledging Incidents of All Time


4. Steve Waugh and Curtly Ambrose:

The two biggest legends of world cricket head on with each other, not with the ball and bat but with words. This is one of the infamous incidents which also finds place in Steve Waugh’s autobiography too. No one had dared to curse the big Windy until Steve broke the tradition.

When Ambrose was through his steaming spell, he was staring at Steve after each ball, frustrated Steve said “What the f**k are you looking at.” Agitated Ambrose, who’d never been spoken to like this before said “Don’t curse me.” Without delay Steve foolishly said “Why don’t you go and get f***ed”. Steve Waugh somehow managed to live the day – as the Windies keeper and other players came over and calmed the really pissed Ambrose. 

Steve Waugh and Curtly Ambrose - Top 10 Epic Cricket Sledging Incidents of All Time


3. Sachin Tendulkar and Abdul Qadir:

Sachin Tendulkar has been on the receiving end of many sledging episodes, but have always let his bat do the talking. Case in point is one famous incident from one of the earlier matches (against Pakistan) after his debut against Pakistan.

Sachin, in his blistering form, hit spinner Mustaq Ahmed for two sixes in an over. To which Mustaq’s mentor and veteran cricketer Abdul Qadir said to Tendulkar “Bachchon ko kyun mar rahe ho? Hamein maar ke dikhao. (Why are you thrashing kids? Slash me, if you can.)” Calm and composed Sachin obliged to Qadir’s request by hitting four sixes and a four in Qadir’s next over.

Sachin Tendulkar and Abdul Qadir - Top 10 Epic Cricket Sledging Incidents of All Time


2. Ricky Ponting and Shaun Pollock:

When we’ll talk of the greatest cricketers, we’ll always have Ricky Ponting and Shaun Pollock in the list, but when we talk about some epic sledging, we’ll have the two in the list here too.

Having bowled a couple of balls past Ponting’s bat Shaun Pollock walked up to Ponting and said “It’s red, round and weighs about five ounces,” the very next ball was smashed to the boundary and the every spontaneous Ponting rushed to Pollock and said “Now that you know what it looks like, go find it.”

Ricky Ponting and Shaun Pollock - Top 10 Epic Cricket Sledging Incidents of All Time

1. Rod Marsh and Ian Botham:

In any list about cricket, Ashes has to be the topper, and it’s a case true here. In an Ashes match the two great Rod Marsh of Australia and Ian Botham of England were involved in one of the most famous sledging incidents, which is by far the best and the most hilarious of all.


When Ian Botham walked out to bat, Rod Marsh greeted Ian saying “So, how are your wife and my kids?” Very promptly Ian Botham replied “The wife is fine, but kids are retard.”

Rod Marsh and Ian Botham - Top 10 Epic Cricket Sledging Incidents of All Time

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