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Top 10 Egg Recipes You Need to Try

Updated on 17 August, 2019 at 11:37 am By

Nothing is more healthy, ideal and delicious than eggs to include in regular meals. Those who love eggs won’t deny the fact that their presence in any dish adds a new dimension to it. A rich source of proteins, it is very interesting to note that almost every country in the world specializes in dishes that include eggs (in whatever form it may be) due to their easy availability. And here is the time to go for these egg recipes. Try them out and drop the taste in comments.

10. Migas:

A prominent name in the Portuguese and Spanish cuisine, Migas is most sought out egg recipes in many parts of the world. The dish is very simple to cook and easy to digest too. It includes soaked out bread that is mashed with garlic, olive oil, spinach, eggs and pork ribs. In some parts of the world the dish is also served with grapes that add some sweet flavor of the delicacy.


9. Loco Moco:


Yes, you read it right. Loco Moco is very popular traditional meal in Hawaii. The dish is available in numerous countries and consists of friend egg, rice, hamburger patty, and brown gravy. The variations can include items ranging from bacon, ham, chilli, beef, chicken, shrimp and numerous other ingredients depending on the individual imagination.

Loco Moco

8. Huevos Rancheros:

The most popular widely consumed breakfast meal, Huevos Rancheros is a traditional Mexican dish that includes eggs. The dish includes fried eggs that are served with lightly fried corn tortillas topped with tomato chili sauce. The dish could also be consumed with Mexican rice and beans as per the taste and liking of the person.

Huevos Rancheros

7. Hangtown Fry:

One of the most famous eggs recipes in America, Hangtown Fry is a delight for the real foodies. It could be termed as a type of omelet that is available in numerous versions including oysters and bacon. The dish is simple to make; it includes eggs fried served together with bacon or oysters. It is regarded as a delicacy in many parts of the world.

Hangtown Fry

6. Spanish Tapa:

Almost universally loved and eaten, Spanish Tapa is a perfect choice for a snack at any time in a day. Spaniards love the Tapa with varied toppings and tuna adds to the taste by leaps and bounds. In case you desire to add something more potent to the existing taste try to add some tuna to the boiled eggs and savior the delicacy to your heart.

Spanish Tapa

5. Tortillas Patatas:

Those of you who haven’t bagged the chance to enjoy this dish have missed on something exquisite my dear buddies. In case you are too confused about what the dish appears like and consists, then Tortilla Patatas are potato pancakes. The dish requires nothing more than eggs, boiled potatoes and seasoning (as per liking) to prepare.

Tortillas Patatas

4. Egg curry:

Indians love curries and egg curry is on the top of the list along with chicken curry. The dish is highly popular with the global community and in different parts of the world; people add their special local ingredients to further make it more appetizing, locally. Once tomato and onion curry is ready (of course with lots of masalas) drop hot boiled eggs into the bowl and let the stove flame do the magic.

Egg curry

3. Muffin Cups:


Have you ever tried Muffin Cups? In case the answer is no then try searching out the recipe at the earliest because they are worth trying out if you’re an egg lover. The recipe is too simple for you to try you cooking hands at in the kitchen. The dish requires eggs, red bell pepper, cheese, sausage and brown potato cups. The ingredients should be well baked and your mouth watering dish is ready.

Muffin Cups

2. Pasta Carbonara: From Italy with love:

Italians love pasta more than anything else. It is only lately that a new dish with eggs as the main component has arrived on the meal table named Pasta Carbonara. The dish is almost same to regular pasta meal, but devoid of any cream. The cream is replaced by egg yolk that adds on to the taste undoubtedly.

Pasta Carbonara

1. The most trusted “Omelet”:


Nothing else in real sense can give fight to the top spot, except for the tried and trusted Omelet. The frugally friendly and favorite of one and all, the dish requires nothing more than eggs with ingredients as per the availability in your kitchen. An omelet is one those dishes that can be prepared in no time. 5 minutes is all you need. Beat the eggs, heat oil in a pan, pour the egg and you’re ready to go.



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