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Top 10 Drinking Games (Not for the Weak)

Updated on 2 January, 2014 at 3:09 pm By

Movies like Beerfest have brought partying to a whole new level. Drinking games are awesome because they take an already fun activity and make it even more fun. Everybody loves to party and when drinking is not fun enough you can play a lot of drinking games to hit “totally awesome” on the epic-ness meter. There are hundreds of drinking games that party lovers play all around the world. But some of these are not for the faint hearted; or the weak stomached. Like…..

10. I Have Never:

This game is fun because you get to know the deepest and darkest secrets of your friends. To play the game a person says something he or she has never done. Those among the others who have done that particular thing have to drink. If nobody else has done it either then the person who said it has to drink. Then it’s the next person’s turn. As people get drunk some wild secrets are bound to come out.

I Have Never

9. Fuzzy Ducks:


In this game everyone sit in a circle and the person who starts has to say “Fuzzy duck” to the person on his left. This person can either say fuzzy duck to the person on his left or ask “Does he?” to the person on their right who said fuzzy duck to them. If they say does he then the game changes direction and the person on the right says to his right, “Ducky Fuzz”. The circle continues till someone again asks “does he?” It’s a fast paced game and anyone who messes up or breaks the rhythm has to drink.

Fuzzy Ducks

8. Quarters:

Quarters is a famous drinking game which can be quite fun. You need an empty shot glass and a couple of quarters. It works best on a hardwood table. The person who starts has to toss a quarter into the glass by bouncing it off the table. If they miss they have to drink and the person on their left goes. If they succeed they get to choose who around the table has to drink and go again. As people get drunk their motor skills start vanishing and funny things start to happen.


7. Flip Cup:

Flip Cup is a relay race drinking game. Two teams are formed and they stand in a row facing each other. It can be played with plastic cups full of bear or double (or triple?) shots of hard liquor. The race starts from one end and each player needs to finish his drink as quickly as possible. The other player on the team can only drink after the previous player has flipped and placed his empty cup on the table. No drops should fall on the table and the team who finishes all their drinks first wins.

Flip Cup

6. Flip, Sip or Strip:

This is a daring game to play with 4 or more people. Each player simply tosses a coin and guesses whether it’s going to be heads or tails. If they are correct they don’t have to drink and pass the coin to their left. If they are wrong they have to pass the coin to the right and either drink a shot or take one piece of clothing off. As an added rule you can’t do the same thing twice in a row.

Flip, Sip or Strip

5. Goon of Fortune:

This is a game that is meant for the outdoors. Goons are those silver bags of wine that come in boxed wine. You take four such goons and hang them upside down on a circular washing line. Everybody stands in a circle below the washing line and spin the line. Everybody has to shout “goon of fortune” and when it stops the people under the goons have to drink directly from it for 10 seconds. If someone fails to drinks or vomits they are out of the game.

Goon of Fortune

4. Power Hour:

This one is not for the light drinkers. The game is very simple but very dangerous as well. You simply need to drink a shot of beer every minute for a full hour. Sounds simple but it’s not. If you have to go to the bathroom you have to drink a full pint of beer when you come back. Not many people will last the full hour. If you want to make it harder try to join the century club by drinking a shot a minute for 100 minutes.

Power Hour

3. Boxing or Last Man Standing:


This is the best one on one drinking game that you can play with someone you don’t like much. Each player gets a dice and they play for 3 minute rounds. Both players throw their dice and the one with the lower score has to take the punch and drink his shot. A referee can help by filling up the shot glasses for the players so that the game is fast paced. You can take 30 second breaks between rounds. The game goes on till there is only one man standing.

People drinking in a bar in Russia

2. Beer Pong:

Beer pong is a very popular game and it requires a long table, 6 to 10 players and a few ping pong balls. Not to forget a lot of alcohol. Arrange a bunch of glasses in a triangle on each end of the table. The two teams stand on each side and take turns to bounce ping pong balls into the other team’s glasses. If they succeed someone from the other team must drink the whole contents of that glass. To make it interesting you can have different drinks in different glasses.

Beer Pong

1. California Kings:

This is the king of the drinking games. You arrange a deck of cards around an empty glass in a circle. The players sit in a circle around it and take turns picking up cards. They have to drink according to the card they picked. Here are the rules.

Ace – Social – Who draws an ace, proposes a toast and everybody drinks.

2 to 6 Blacks – Take – The person has to drink the value of the card in number of drinks.

2 to 6 Reds – Give – The person can choose someone else to drink the value of the card in number of drinks. They can also divide it between multiple people.

7 – Waterfall – Everybody have to drink but starting from the person who drew the card, the person on the left can only stop when the person to his right stops drinking.

8 – Thumb Master – The person who draws this card becomes the Thumb Master. During anytime they can place their thumb on the table, without warning, and everybody have to follow. The last one to place their thumb has to drink. They remain thumb master till someone else draws an 8.

9 – Category – The person names a category and starting from the left everyone have to name one thing that belongs in that category. Those who fail or repeat something have to drink.

10 – Rhyme – The person says a sentence and the person on his left has to say something that rhymes with that sentence. The rhyme goes all the way around the circle and anyone who can’t rhyme or repeat the rhyming word has to drink.

Jack – Guys drink – All the males in the circle drink.

Queens – Girls drink – All the females in the circle drink.


Kings – The first three kings get to form any rule that they wish which has to be followed for the rest of the game. They also add whatever they are drinking to the empty glass in the middle. The game ends when someone picks the fourth king and they have to finish the contents of the glass in the middle.

California Kings


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