10 Most Notorious Dictators Of All Time

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Updated on 9 Jun, 2018 at 8:02 pm


Since time immemorial, the world has witnessed a number of dictators. While they are the most significant figures of the history, their modus operandi was downright evil. In this article, we bring you a list of ten of the most notorious dictators of all time from around the world.

1. Kim Jong Il

Referred to as “Our Father” or “Dear Leader” by local folks, Kim Jong II is the undisputed ruler of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Fond of a playboy lifestyle, this graduate of Political Science is the one and only one decision maker of North Korea’s policies. Designated as the supreme commander of the Korean’s People Army, this dictator is widely cursed for isolating his country from the rest of the world.


2. Mao Zedong

Political theorist cum mass murderer, Mao Zedong is better known for devastating the landlord class of China with his communist mainstream and later this political hypothesis germinated the “Maoism”. However, he is viewed as a visionary and a great philosopher but he is also blamed for the deaths of 45 million people during his regime.




3. Omar al-Bashir

Omar al-Bashir was a Brigadier in the Sudanese Army when he ousted the government of Sadiq al-Mahdi and came to power in 1989 as the leader of military regulation. In 1993, he appointed himself as the president of Sudan and since then he is involved in masterminding severe crimes against humanity. On March 4, 2009, the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant against him for genocide and war crimes in Darfur.



4. Meles Zenawi

An engineer of systematic and widespread crimes! Zenwai is the Prime Minister of Ethiopia as well as the chairman of the Tigrayan Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF). Dual degree holder of MBA (UK) and MSc. in Economics (Netherlands), Zenwai also leads the Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) which is notorious for rebellious activities throughout the country.



5. Benito Mussolini

The great-grandfather of Fascism, Mussolini was the 40th Prime Minister of Italy who progressively demolished the conventional controls by building a police state. he compelled press, radio, films, and education to propagate the fascism as the doctrine of the 2oth century. After facing a sound defeat in World war II, he was executed by Italian partisans with his mistress Clara Petacci.



6. Pol Pot

A notorious leader of the Cambodian Communist Movement, Pol Pot is responsible for the extermination of the 20% of the Cambodian population. A great scholar of history and French literature, he also served as the Prime Minister of Cambodia from 1976-1978 and was better known for his underground activities.



7. Hugo Chavez

This firebrand dictator is an ex-Lieutenant Colonel of the Army and presently the president of Venezuela. Considered as the patron of poor Venezuelans, Chavez is the master critic of American policies. He is widely despised by the middle and upper class of Venezuela for forcefully acquiring their lands and industries and also for blacklisting opposition candidates, seizing municipal power and closing radio stations.



8. Joseph Stalin

One of the most unchallenged dictators of the 20th century, Stalin was a Soviet politician and the first General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union’s Central Committee. Responsible for the catastrophic Soviet Famine (1932-1933), he started the industrialization movement with breakneck speed but beastly crushed the agriculture sector.



9. Fidel Castro

“Men do not shape destiny, Destiny produces the man for the hour.” The big shot of Cuban Revolution, Castro was the first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba and served as the Prime Minister from 1959-1976. He has been always in the spotlight of international controversy for transforming Cuba into the first communist state of the Western Hemisphere.



10. Adolf Hitler

The cracking dictator of Germany, Hitler was the decorated veteran of the Nazi Party. After becoming the Chancellor of Germany in 1933, he brutally tossed off Jews from Germany. He banned the Social Democratic Party and the Communist Party and converted Germany into a fascist state. His dictatorship resulted in the World war II which claimed the lives of more than 35 million people.



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