Top 10 dedicated hosting servers

10:53 am 21 Feb, 2012


Dedicated hosting service offers clients full and total control over the web server. Unlike shared hosts where resources are shared between many hosts, a dedicated server as the name clearly suggests is one that is dedicated to a single client. Dedicated hosts offer a higher degree of control over the contents of the server and even server administration may be handled by a client in this case. Software and hardware are both required here and a hosting company may provide server administration services. For advanced users and clients, it is best to use a dedicated host as it has several advantages when compared to a shared host.

10. PacificHost

PacificHost is a well known web hosting provider. It provides dedicated as well as shared hosting options to its customers. It offers a very competitive price as compared to some other servers and also boasts of excellent service. The service also comes with a free setup which is a bonus for most users.

9. XL Host

XL Host is a well known name in the world of dedicated servers. It has been in business for more than 10 years now and offers some excellent hosting plans. It is also well known for its quality service which is coupled with the latest technology to provide to its customers some of the best hosting services known to man. XL Host also offers free setup for its customers and has both Windows and Linux hosting.

8. ServerPronto

ServerPronto offers many great features to its customers which include a 2 hour setup which is also free. It is one of the cheapest dedicated servers available and has an impeccable track record and a lot of different plans to choose from. The cheapest plans on offer at ServerPronto cost less than 50$ per month and the service offered is also not half bad.


7. Lunarpages

Lunarpages offers excellent enterprise level hosting plans for the advanced users who know their way around a web server. The company offers a money back guarantee for its customers and has great service that has often been lauded by many a satisfied client.


6. HostGator

HostGator is among the most well known hosting services in the world. It has clients in well over a couple of hundred countries and offers many extras to its customers that include unlimited disk space and bandwidth. It is also an affordable choice when it comes to good professional web hosts.

5. Codero

Codero is known as one of the most efficient dedicated hosting services available in the markets today. It is renowned for its excellent customer service which extends 24*7 service to clients from all over the world. The plans offered from Codero start at 100$ per month and are all backed up with excellent back end support.

4. UltraHosting

UltraHosting is one of the few dedicated host providers that account for the growth of the business accompanying their hosting plans. The services are all great at prices as low as 55$ per month which offers complete customization options to the customer. It offers more than 30 operating system platforms and is certainly the future of webhosting with its excellent plans.

3. DedicatedNow

DedicatedNow is one of the best known web hosts for a number of reasons. The network redundancy is unparalleled in the entire industry and so are the server management options that they offer. It has some of the best and the latest software and hardware infrastructure available today which is a big bonus when it comes to a hosting plan.

2. HostNine

HostNine offers high performance servers which are all run on lightning fast networks that help it deliver some of the best hosting plans in the world. It is not only fast but also highly efficient with data centers that run on the Dell Poweredge servers. Besides that HostNine also offers free migration options with a new dedicated server purchase. The service and technical support is also excellent and is often lauded by satisfied customers.


1. InMotion

InMotion hosting offers low cost hosting solutions for businesses, individuals and also for resellers. It is among the best known dedicated hosts for many reasons. The company offers a full 30 day money back guarantee to its customers which is hardly availed as the company has an excellent track record. InMotion has a high BBB rating and is also certified by CNET.

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