Top 10 Deadliest Reptiles On The Planet

6:45 am 28 Oct, 2013

Reptiles have been around since the era of the dinosaurs and are typically found in deserts and swamps. However, only a few of them from the past exist today. Said to have evolved from amphibians, reptiles are of different sizes, varying from 5 inches to even 23 feet! Although quite diverse in nature, the common feature of this species of animals is the presence of Keratin scales on their body that help them survive even without water. The most dangerous of all the reptiles on earth are poisonous snakes, while alligators, lizards, and turtles create little threat to us. Some reptiles can be listed as the deadliest creatures ever on the planet, and here are top 10 of them:

10. Komodo Dragon:

The only difference between snakes and lizards is legs; lizards have legs but snakes don’t. The four-legged Komodo dragon is a deadly reptile growing over a length of 10 ft. They well justify the title dragon hunting during the daytime using their strong sharp claws and a powerful tail.

Top 10 Deadliest Reptiles On The Planet

9. Tuatara:

These creatures have legs, resemble amphibians but are more like reptiles. Their anatomy is quite strange as they have three eyelids above each eye and a parietal eye right on the head. Living on the offshore islands in New Zealand mostly, Tuataras are an anomaly in the current world of reptiles.

Top 10 Deadliest Reptiles On The Planet

8. Leatherback Sea Turtle:

These huge creatures may measure up to 7 ft in length and lack a bony and hard shell, the characteristic of the turtle family. Their leathery and ridged carapace enables them move with speed and this is why they are the fastest reptiles on earth. Leatherback sea turtles feed mostly on jellyfish, making them a big threat for the population of jellyfish across the world.

Top 10 Deadliest Reptiles On The Planet

7. Alligator Snapping Turtle:

These turtles weigh around 220 pounds which means more than several humans. They have highly strong jaws with help of which they can amputate the body organs, fingers and limbs in most cases, of those who get too close. Well, this one is a big exception as most turtles are quiet and harmless.

Top 10 Deadliest Reptiles On The Planet

6. American Crocodile:

American crocodiles belong to the most widespread species of crocodiles in the Americas. An American crocodile has splayed legs and a strong tail and has ossified scutes on the tale and back. These giant creatures grow up to 14 ft in length and weigh around 382 kg. They feed on fish throughout their lives, with tarpon and mullet being their main prey.

Top 10 Deadliest Reptiles On The Planet

5. King Cobra:

This massive snake is mostly found in Asia. It grows up to a length of 18 feet and produces a huge quantity of venom, which, however, is not extremely toxic. Considerably, the quantity of poison a well-grown adult king cobra releases at one attempt can kill around 20 people!  If the glands of a king cobra are pumped, it can fill nearly ¼ of a glass with poison.

Top 10 Deadliest Reptiles On The Planet

4. Taipan:

This species of snakes is native to Australia, growing up large and having amazing ability to move fast. They are highly dangerous in nature, for a single bite of a massive coastal Taipan can produce enough venom to kill around 12,000 pigs altogether. The venom released by the western Taipan may cause hemorrhage and muscle paralysis and complete damage.

Top 10 Deadliest Reptiles On The Planet

3. Reticulated Python:

Reticulated pythons are fine swimmers and this is the reason they are spread over several islands throughout the Indo-Australian Archipelago. These creatures are extremely dangerous and aggressive and are best known to suffocate their prey before ingesting it whole. They are slightly bigger than most saltwater crocs, but not as heavy as them.


2. Saltwater Crocodile:

The saltwater crocodile tops the list of the largest living reptiles on the planet. Growing to a massive length of over 20 ft, these mean-toothed crocodiles are giant and powerful enough to mash the skulls of any big beast between their jaws. In almost every country in the world, the areas with high population of saltwater crocodiles are always marked to make people stay away safe.

Top 10 Deadliest Reptiles On The Planet

1. Black Mamba:

So, black mamba secures the first position among all the deadliest reptiles on the planet. This exceptionally dangerous snake not only produces highly powerful venom but also is the fastest among all the snakes. Interestingly, it can slink at a pace of over 12 miles per hour! One can witness black mambas in the interior regions of Africa, and their location makes it impossible for the victim to get any medical treatment. Once inside the body, the venom left by a black mamba would kill a person within just 20 minutes!

Top 10 Deadliest Reptiles On The Planet


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