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Top 10 Cricketers Who Cried Like Babies on the Field

Updated on 19 January, 2018 at 4:14 pm By

Cricket lays bare the deepest of emotions, both for the players and the audience. Be it a star player hitting a century shot or a player missing a catch, we feel and live it all. What happens on the field remains in the mind and hearts of many for a very long time. Every kind of emotion is displayed there, sometimes there are happy moments and other times there are controversies. What is a little unusual is to see tears roll down on the field. Scroll down to have a look at the top 10 cricketers who could not help crying out either in happiness or pain or anguish during a fiercely contested match.

10. Inzamam’s unstoppable tears:


Pakistani batsman, Inzamam-ul-Haq, couldn’t stop weeping when he got out in World Cup match in 2007. It was his last match before retiring from the game and he just didn’t want to go out that way! It was bitter-sad moment to see a cricketer of his stature and experience cry like a baby on the field.

9. Michael Holding’s baby cry for an umpiring decision:

Way back in 1975, fast bowler Michael Holding, playing his third test, broke down and cried like a baby on the field when umpire Reg Ledwidge called off his caught behind the wicket shout off. Michael couldn’t stop his tears and had to be consoled by other teammates.

8. Kohli’s cry:

Hard from outside and a baby inside is what Virat Kohli has demonstrated while playing the gentleman’s game. More so known for his temper, Kohli couldn’t hold back his tears when India failed to make it in the finals of a T20 tournament. Virat was seen by all wiping his eyes when he knew that the match had slipped out of his team’s hands.

7. Bangladesh’s cry story on field:

They are known as the underdogs of cricket and their disappointment was only justified! Not one player but the entire Bangladesh’s cricket team broke into tears when they lost the Asia Cup final in 2012 from Pakistan by just 2 runs. The whole team hugged each other to express their sorrow and shed lots of tears in grief.


6. Vengsarkar’s agony on field:

The Ranji trophy final in 1990-91 left the legendary cricketer Vengsarkar in pain when his team lost even after an awesome performance by him. With a score of 139 not out, Vengsarkar was seen fighting his tears way back to the dressing room. He couldn’t believe that he lost after such a brilliant innings! The whole nation then did feel his grief.

5. Yuvraj and Bhajji’s tears of victory:

Winning it for a nation where cricket is not a game but a religion, Yuvraj Singh and Bhajji couldn’t stop weeping when they won the World Cup 2011. Whole India was celebrating and these men who made it possible were just too emotional. The tears just flowed on and on.


4. Vinod Kambli sobbing:

During the 1996 World Cup, cricketer Vinod Kambli couldn’t hold back his grief when the semi-final match was handed to Sri Lanka after fans created a ruckus in the stadium. Chasing Sri Lanka’s total of 251, India was stumbling at 120-8, when the umpire gave away the match to Sri Lanka. Vinod Kambli, who was batting at that time, couldn’t believe it and cried like a baby. Well, Kambli, you couldn’t have won it in any case!

3. South African team’s grief on field:

The battle hardened South African team was shattered when they lost the 2011 World Cup quarter-final to New Zealand. The whole team was inconsolable and started crying as they so desperately wanted this victory. The tears were unstoppable. Well, better luck next time!

2. Sreesanth’s popular slap-on-the-face-incident:

Sreesanth had his most embarrassing moment in cricket when Harbhajan Singh slapped him in the face for saying “hard luck”. Sreesanth, with tears in eyes, was seen by millions before the camera after his team Kings XI Punjab defeated Bhajji’s Mumbai Indians in IPL 2008.

1. Master blaster’s tears after his 100th century:

It was indeed a very special day for everyone; the day Sachin Tendulkar, ‘God of Cricket’, made a record of a lifetime: his 100th century. This moment was unforgettable and the legendary cricketer himself couldn’t stop his tears. Looking at the sky, paying a tribute to his father, Sachin had tears in his eyes, a sight that remains unforgettable.


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