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10 Cricketers Known For Their Bad Behavior

Updated on 4 January, 2014 at 11:38 am By

Cricket is often referred to as Gentleman’s Game and the players are expected to conduct themselves in the most dignified way possible. However, the game founded by Britishers has its own share of controversies. On most occasions, it was the unfortunate and condemnable behavior of the cricketers that resulted in bringing bad name to the game. Here is a list of top 10 cricketers known for their bad behavior!

10. S. Sreesanth:

He is a right arm medium pace bowler from India, too famous for all the wrong reasons than his heroics on the field. Sreesanth is highly criticized for his over exuberant behavior after a wicket scalp. He has been penalized many times, both by BCCI and ICC. His altercation with fellow team member (Harbhajan Singh) during one of the IPL match is quite famous.

S. Sreesanth - Cricketers Known for their Badassery

9. Ian Botham:


Former captain of English cricket team, Ian Botham is known for many bad shows on the field. He was very controversial, both on and off the field during his tenure. His tussle with Imran Khan and Ian Chappel on the field are well known and resulted in bad spates on many occasions. He was once arrested for an attack on the fellow airline passenger.

Ian Botham - Cricketers Known for their Badassery

8. Andrew Symonds:

“Monkeygate” incident  –if you all remember — describes Andrew Symonds completely. It was one of those unfortunate incidents that he was the chief architect of. Andrew always loved to get under the skin of his opponents and create ruckus, mostly non-required. He was among those breed of cricketers Australia produced that glorified themselves in such a bad-ass behavior.

Andrew Symonds - Cricketers Known for their Badassery

7. Ian Chappel:

Bad behavior was always an issue with Ian Chappel. Eldest of the three Chappel brothers that played for Australian National team, Ian Chappel is remembered for many of his cricketing decisions, all in bad taste and against rules of the game. He earned a lot of bad name in the cricketing world for his decision of ordering Trevor Chappel to bowl an underarm delivery in order to win the match.

Ian Chappel - Cricketers Known for their Badassery

6. Dennis Lille:

He is regarded as one of the chief troublemakers in the Australian team during his playing days. Along with the wicket keeper Rodney Marsh he was involved in numerous verbal spats with the opposition batsmen. Though, he termed it as a strategy to destabilize the concentration of the batsman on crease and it surely worked for him at times.

Dennis Lillee - Cricketers Known for their Badassery

5. Shane Warne:

Shane Warne alias “Warnie” was involved in almost all the infamous incidents of his cricketing times. Be it adultery, sexting, smoking, drugs; you name it and Warnie finds mention. His bad mouth was the reason for the feuds on the cricket pitch. It is generally believed that calling bad names to wives and sisters of opposition batsman was not a big deal for this great leg spinner from Australia.

Shane Warne - Cricketers Known for their Badassery

4. Shoaib Akhtar:

Frequently referred to as badly behaved and arrogant, the tear away fast bowler from Pakistan is one of the super fast bowlers of modern times, known for their bad behavior. His confrontations with batsmen from opposition team are widely known. Even his strained relations with his team members including Inzamam-ul-Haq, Kamran Akmal, Younis Khan and others are crystal clear for the outer world.

Shoaib Akhtar - Cricketers Known for their Badassery

3. Harbhajan Singh:


The famous off-spinner from India who is celebrated for his tough and confronting attitude was involved in numerous controversies. His on-field duel with Andrew Symonds of Australia brought on a bad name to the game of cricket. The “Slap Gate” where he was involved in a slapping episode with Sreesanth is another of his infamous incidents.

Harbhajan Singh - Cricketers Known for their Badassery

2. Ricky Ponting:

One of the worst behaved cricketers ever to play the Gentleman’s game, Ricky Ponting is known for his dirty brawls on the cricket pitch than anything else. Despite being one of the all time great batsmen world has ever seen, Ponting was always involved in such iniquitous incidents and brought bad name to Australian cricket. His on field verbal spats with Indian cricket team members is well known.

Ricky Ponting - Cricketers Known for their Badassery


1. Javed Miandad:


Infamous for his “Kangaroo-Hop” in a tight match against India and Pakistan, Javed Miandad was one of the most badly behaved cricketers of his time. Undoubtedly a great batsman, Miandad could not even get well along with his team mates and created a scene out of nowhere  numerous times in the team’s dressing room. The incidents involving his tussle with Imran Khan are widely known.

Javed Miandad - Cricketers Known for their Badassery

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