Top 10 Creepiest Acts of UPA Government in India

4:35 am 20 Apr, 2013


With the 2014 elections around the corner, all eyes are at the center trying to decipher the future. The report card of the UPA Government is under the scanner too with people trying to make an attempt to decide the course of the country for the next five years. Obviously there would have been something that it had done right; atleast hopefully! But there would also be failures therefore let’s take a look at those!

10. Apathetic towards Scams:

The avalanche of scams under the UPA led Government is an open secret. The Government should have shown that they are willing to act against the accused. But the approach, if anything, has only been lethargic. Even if they have acted (read pretended to act) against those involved, it has been too little too late. The Government failed to take prompt action against A. Raja or Ashok Chavan or Kalmadi for instance in the 2G, Adarsh Housing Society and Commonwealth Games Scams.

Apathetic towards Scams - Creepiest Acts of UPA Government in India

9. Silence on Black Money:

It is believed that black money amounting to over $1500 billion is parked in tax havens outside India. If this money is brought back to the country, we could see a huge impetus to our growth as a nation. But the UPA Government seems disinterested to act on it. But why would a government shirk from doing what is right? This shady no-can-do attitude of the UPA government on this very important topic seems shady to say the least.

Silence on Black Money - Creepiest Acts of UPA Government in India

8. Arresting Anna Hazare:

The Jan Lok Pal Bill movement caught the UPA Government in the wrong foot. The country was boiling with anger and Anna gave that frustration a voice. But the UPA led government failed to acknowledge the intention behind the movement and did everything in its power to curb the movement; finally leading to the arrest of Anna Hazare. The government feeling threatened by a harmless 75 year old, is perhaps one of the biggest blunders in its tenure.

Arresting Anna Hazare - Creepiest Acts of UPA Government in India

7. Stance on Sri Lanka:


Foreign policies are determined keeping in mind a wider picture without attacking the sovereignty of the country in question. While the sentiments of the people of Tamil Nadu on the issue of Sri Lankan Tamils is understood but for domestic political gains and saving the coalition the UPA led government cannot make its policy interfering. Do you like when Pakistan meddles in your country’s internal affairs? Then why the ambivalence in the Government from taking a neutral stand; without appearing to meddle in Sri Lankan affairs bowing to alliance pressure.

Stance on Sri Lanka - Creepiest Acts of UPA Government in India

6. Dual Power Centers:

The UPA Government’s dual power center functioning model is one of its biggest mistakes. The malignant policy making crisis that the government suffers from is a result of that. The Prime Minister of India who is supposed to be the power center appears to run the Government for the Congress President.  This paralysis is self-inflicted and that makes UPA into failing machinery.

Dual Power Centers - Creepiest Acts of UPA Government in India

5. Inflation:

With prices of every essential commodity sky-rocketing; the burden on the common man who still believes in earning an honest living is massive. The average rate of inflation in India does not paint a pretty picture and if anything it makes it worse. But like every other important issue plaguing us, the Government seems too busy to try and sort out this problem. Instead they are always in a huddle playing the game of numbers or engrossed in petty regional politics.

Inflation - Creepiest Acts of UPA Government in India

4. FDI in multi-brand retail:

FDI was introduced by the Government in 2011 and was looked upon as one of the Government’s biggest economic policy decisions. But the government back tracked after 10 days bowing again to coalition pressure. Ofcourse they went ahead and introduced it again in 2012. But this dillydallying only proved the foremost concern of the government was- remaining in power. It wasn’t concerned if a policy which it thought would be good for the country was tossed in the back burner for it to sustain the government.


3. Hurting harmless protestors:

The heart wrenching Delhi rape case was so agonizing that it lead to massive protests by the young and the old; both men and women alike near India Gate and Raisina Hill. But the government got nervous and ordered the police to lathicharge the visibly angry public; used tear gas and water cannons. Since the Delhi Police is under the aegis of Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, this was an act which was shameful and reprehensible.

Hurting harmless protestors - Creepiest Acts of UPA Government in India

2. Soft with Pakistan:

The External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid hosted a luncheon for Pakistan PM Raja Pervez Ashraf in Jaipur this year when the issue of the beheading of two Indian soldiers along the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir was still rife. This was probably one of those instances when the UPA led Government showed that it lacked the resolve or the attitude to treat Pakistan in the manner it should be treated. Are the lives of Indian soldiers dispensable for them?

Soft with Pakistan - Creepiest Acts of UPA Government in India

1. Failure to curb terror:


The very recent blast in Bangalore or the one before that in Hyderabad show that the UPA Government has failed to do anything substantial to deal with terror. After the horrendous attack of 26/11 you would assume that the Government would take a tough stand and act on it. But the results remain to be seen and till then their approach hasn’t been commendable!

Failure to curb terror - Creepiest Acts of UPA Government in India

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