Top 10 Creatures That Are Bizarre On So Many Levels

10:09 am 10 Jul, 2013

People fall in love with nature. Nature is something that we adore and respect. The reasons for such respect lie within the mystic and bizarre nature of the mother-nature, much of which consists of the variety of flora and fauna abound. On this list, we have put together some of the weirdest creatures inhabiting planet earth with us. So here we go…

10. Honey bees:

You would be wondering how come the much busy honeybee has to be on a list of bizarre creatures. But it would surprise you that a honeybee is the only animal in the animal kingdom that never sleeps. Besides, it travels a distance of four times the diameter of Earth at a speed of 15 mph, something that greatly helps to balance flora and fauna on the planet.

Honey bees

9. Hippopotamus (Strawberry Milk Shake):

Hippopotamus is a part of the bizarre animal list because strangely the specie produces pink coloured milk. Actually, they have adapted to utilize two unique acid secretions in their skin, i.e. Hipposudoric and Norhipposudoric acids. One is of red colour and another is of white colour. Both of these acids prove detrimental to the growth of harmful bacteria and also protect them from the cell destroying UV rays.


8. War Hero Wolf:

Many of us know about the strategy with which a pack of wolves hunt. But few of us know that if in case one of the legs the animal gets caught in a trap, a wolf can chew it off. So, next time you lay a trap, try to fix it for trapping a wolf’s neck and not leg.

War Hero Wolf

7. Ants (Evolution or Intelligence?):

Ants are our next contenders on the list of 10 weirdest creatures in the world. Actually, the abdomen of an ant has two stomachs, one for storing the food for its own purpose and another oddly enough for sharing the food with other ants in its colony.


6. Tyrannobdella Rex (The tyrant leech king):

This 3 inch long worm has got its name from the mighty dinosaur “Tyrannosaurus Rex” because of its large teeth. This bloodsucker was discovered in the Peruvian Amazon forests. This leech attaches itself to the inside of the mouth and noses of the other organisms. So, beware!

Tyrannobdella Rex

5. Pink slugs:

This is the rarest of the rare species found on our planet. The population of these carnivorous creatures is confined only to the areas in and around Mount Kaputar in the New South Wales state of Australia. They are fluorescent pink in colour and eat herbivorous snails.

Pink slugs

4. Black Widow Spider:

Black Widow Spider flaunts of being one of the most poisonous of all spiders. It is found only in hot areas. Many of these spiders have a Red Hour glass-shaped mark on their back. Out of the total bites, more than one percent of the people have died. It is also infamous for its sexual cannibalism as it has three times more venom than its male counterparts.

Black Widow Spider

3. Pea-sized Frog:

When this frog was discovered in Borneo (Indonesia), scientists thought that this might be a baby frog. But, soon they came to know that this was an adult Pea-sized Frog which can’t grow longer than ½ inch. This is one of the smallest frogs found on this planet.

Pea-sized Frog

2. Sea Horse (A Fatherly affection):

Sea Horse is the only creature on planet earth where the eggs are laid by the male. During the 8 hour reproduction game, the female deposits more than a thousand eggs inside the pouch of the male who dutifully indeed carries the eggs for more than six weeks until they emerge fully developed. What more could you expect from a doting father?

Sea Horse

1. Self Cloning Lizard:

What if all males become extinct from this world? “Surely, the world will still move on. We’ll evolve and find out some bizarre methods of reproducing.” Such would be an answer from the Self-Cloning Lizard even. This is because this lizard specie is an all female one and reproduces through the means of Self-cloning. Its real name is “Parthenogenic Sand Iguana” and was discovered only recently in 2010 in Vietnam.

Self Cloning Lizard

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