Top 10 Countries With Strongest Coffee Culture

7:00 am 1 Mar, 2013


Coffee or rather drinking coffee has become a socio-political statement. It is a culture in itself with the brewing, the aroma and the various brands. The connotation might differ with every country but the Coffee rage is certainly universal! So let us find out about the most vibrant nations in the world with strongest coffee culture.

10. China:

Perhaps it has got to do more with professionals who have brought the coffee habit back from their escapades to the west or the college going youth who have grown up sinking in the West. Whatever the reason, but the new China certainly likes its coffee the savvy way. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are now on their way for a Coffee Revolution.

China - Countries With Strongest Coffee Culture

9. Spain:

It was during the Borbon dynasty that Coffee made its way to Spain. Today however Spain is one of those countries with cafes in every street corner serving copious varieties. Coffee houses which were earlier centers for artists and intellectuals are today animated joints encompassing all. The quality of coffee is outstanding and so are the cafés.


8. Cuba:

Cuban Coffee is probably one of the best varieties available in the world. Coffee Culture in Cuba is an intrinsic part of itself. Be it as a morning drink or a companion during leisurely talks or a tonic to work hard, coffee is dawns every role effectively. Infact such is the allure of the Cuban coffee that even in the US shores it is a favorite. The coffee culture in Cuba is as strong as the aroma of its Coffee from its backyard.

Cuba - Countries With Strongest Coffee Culture

7. Canada:


Small cafés with aromatic brewing coffee is perhaps one of the best treats that Canada offers. With Vancouver leading the charge, Canada too has integrated the popular Coffee ethos. Infact it is safe to say that big paper cups of hot coffee is as much a part of the Canadian culture as probably Ice-Hockey is! Whether a cappuccino and a latte or an espresso and a macchiato; a Canadian knows and loves it all!


6. Brazil:

It is the country that produces about 40% of the world’s coffee. A country which loves to have fun be it football or otherwise; it is as much passionate about Coffee. Infact, other than being a major producer if the brown beans it also has a coffee culture to boast of. With a lot of Italian and Portuguese immigrants, a coffee bar in Brazil is also a certain treat for coffee connoisseurs. The country is as passionate about drinking coffee as it is with producing it.

Brazil - Countries With Strongest Coffee Culture

5. Australia:

With pioneering brewing techniques and jaw dropping cafés, Australia has fast carved a niche for itself in the Coffee League. Melbourne, is fast becoming one of those cities that serve some of the best coffee in the world. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that a vast majority of the Australian population are immigrants from European countries. Coffee drinking these days is an integral part of Australian lifestyle just as barbecue is.


4. USA:

Coffee is a cultural obsession in the USA. It is their first drink in the morning. Coffee Shops and Cafés in every corner of the street, in every city and town, with queues extending well beyond the shop’s threshold is a regular sight there. The morning rush hour has people walking and commuting with a cup of coffee in hand. According to a survey, 90% of coffee in US is consumed in the morning and that says it all. Coffee is not just a drink in the US; it is a social statement, a way of life and a cult in more ways than one.

USA - Countries With Strongest Coffee Culture

3. Portugal:

It is not surprising considering it is a European country. Ordering a bica in a café in Lisbon is something which is quintessential to lifestyle. Just like in Italy, drinking coffee is elegant and urbane in this part of the world. It is artistic apart from its usual aroma and taste. The beverage is consumed with a dose of romanticism and why wouldn’t it be since it is exhilarating! A delectable treat and a sacred drink in the backdrop of some of the world’s best cafés could perhaps describe Portugal’s coffee culture at best!


2. Italy:

An Italian loves his coffee just the way he loves his fashion sense. Italy is as much aesthetic when it comes to its coffee as it is with its architecture and food. Small, elegant and sound doses of cappuccino or any other milky form of coffee in perfect cups is the way the Italians prefer to do it. There are nuances and even unstated rules to coffee drinking in Italy. They avoid it on full stomach and they don’t really take espresso to be as much of a coffee as they would probably the other varieties.

Italy - Countries With Strongest Coffee Culture

1. Norway:


It is the country which literally has ‘coffee tourists’. A National Drink to say the least, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say that it runs in the veins of the Norwegians. With more milk and slighter lesser sugar than the other coffee fanatic nations, Norway is a country that is very fond of its Coffee. Oslo, its capital, is known to have some of the best quality coffee bars in the world! And mind you there is no Starbucks in the country!


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