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Top 10 Coolest Looking Animals

Published on 3 September, 2013 at 10:42 am By

They said man was made in the image of God, and yet the animal world is replete with creatures which have intrigued man over eons. Its not surprising that a lot of them have found place in mythology as Demi Gods and Demons. Some animals have earned the reputation of being the symbol of hope others as doom. This article is an attempt to identify the top 10 coolest looking animals that dwell the earth. I have not included insects, birds or sea creatures. Some of them are so cool that they are at the brink of extinction.. I guess people just can’t get enough of them…

10. Wolf:

The Wolf has always been the symbol of the Strong. It is a common motif in the foundational mythologies of the Eurasian and North American civilizations. It is a fierce predator and a social one, hunting in packs often engaging in role playing while chasing prey.


Cool Quotient:  Eyes, Jaws, Fur.

A wolf is born with deep blue eyes which lighten over time and become amber brown or gold. A cold hard stare from a wolf can run shivers down the spine of anyone. The Jaws consist of 42 teeth with a pair of fangs (canines) on either jaw. The fur or pelt of the wolf grows thicker during the winter making it look intimidating and majestic at the same time.


9. Star Nosed Mole:

This one looks like it walked straight out of a 1950’s sci-fi movie. Found in Canada and and North Eastern United States, the star nosed mole relies mostly on invertebrates, aquatic insects, worms etc. for its food. As such it is a good digger and swimmer. It is these conditions of hunting that nature gave it the most amazing tool which allows it to sense its prey even in zero visibility — its nose.

Cool Quotient: Nose, Claws.

This mole is easily identified by 11 pairs of pink fleshy appendages on its snout and a pair of claws for digging. The appendages form a star shape and are used to identify prey by touching them.

Star Nosed Mole

8. Blobfish:

Another contender for the sci-fi genre is the blob fish. This fish found off the cost of Australia and Tasmania, rarely comes in contact with humans owing to the fact that its habitat is in the depths of the ocean where pressure amounts to 12 times that of the surface. Just like the blob in the 1958 sci-fi by the same name, this creature also survives by swallowing any edible matter that is available to it.


Cool Quotient: Well, the whole thing I guess. The flesh of the blobfish is a gelatinous mass with density slightly less than water. This enables it to remain buoyant and float above the sea floor with relative ease.


7. Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright:

When Blake wrote “The Tyger” he was trying to portray the duality between aesthetic beauty and primal ferocity, and he could think of no other creature but the majestic Tiger. Exotic, royal, power, pride all words to describe the tiger. It was an obsession for the British colonists of India to see one. The tiger is a mysterious animal, those that have faced it in the wild have sworn that its eyes have a hypnotic power.

Cool Quotient: Striped fur, eyes, Fangs, Beard.

Tigers are yellow with black stripes making them invisible in the jungle. Its eyes seem to rip right through your soul and fangs – now you don’t want to be caught between them. The most interesting part I find is the mane or the beard which if you observe closely looks somewhat like Wolverine’s!


6. Angora Rabbit:

This one took me completely by surprise. Found and reared in Turkey, I almost sat on one. Don’t blame me you can hardly make out there’s an animal inside. Its fur is a source of angora wool (stuff of royalty). Infact this animal made it to most of the royal houses of Europe as a pet (that’s as good as being featured in Vogue Magazine in those days).

Cool Quotient: Let’s see the fur… ummm a little bit more fur and aaa… more fur I guess.

Angora Rabbit

5. The Emperor Tamarin:

This guy got its name from a German Emperor called Wilhelm II, I fail to see the similarity, or do I. Its name started out as a joke but not long after caught on so much that eventually became its scientific name. Found in the amazon basin, eastern Peru, Bolivia, it prefers to spend most of its time in tree covered habitat.

Cool Quotient: Moustache.

Dudes got whiskers which extend to both sides beyond its shoulders, you know kind of like a small wise man who knows his business.

The Emperor Tamarin

4. Proboscis Monkey:

Ever seen a real dick head, well look no further. It has got a nose which grows upto 10 cm long. Scientists believe the long nose is a result of sexual selection. Ladies dig a dick head.

Cool Quotient: Nose, Belly.

If a big nose isn’t  bad enough , its got a perfect pot belly thanks to its digestive system designed to break down leaves. Its belly gets bloated cause digesting leaves creates gas !!

Proboscis Monkey

3. Komodor Dog:

Talk about being cool, the first time I saw this one I thought Bob Marley just reincarnated himself. A dog with dreadlocks (I need my bong now). And if you spill some coffee on the floor, all you need to do is whistle. Its long thick corded white fur resembles a mop.  This dog is known to be agile and energetic. Just imagine one running right at you, now there’s a sight for sore eyes.

Cool Quotient: Fur.

I think the people who are researching a cure for baldness are not looking at the right place.

Komodor Dog

2. Aye Aye Captain:

If not the coolest definitely the creepiest in this list. The Aye Aye belongs to the lemur family. You may recognize it from the movie Madagascar as Maurice. It has rodent like teeth and middle finger designed to perfection. It uses this finger to locate its prey by tapping on wood. The same finger is used to make a hole and yank out worms, maggots and insects. This finger which is a source of its livelihood is also the reason for its near extinction. Found only in the forests of Madagascar the locals there believe that the aye aye uses its middle finger to pierce out the hearts of sleeping humans. Even the very sight of this creature signifies death. So anyone who finds one kills it.

Cool Quotient: The whole package I guess…

The next time you get pissed off at someone just aye aye the dude!

Aye Aye Captain

1. Axolotl:

Axolotl, took me ages to learn how to pronounce that, are amphibious, water dwellers, found mostly in and around Mexico. Their ability to regenerate body parts have made them a subject of research. They’re also kept as pets in the US and Australia. Why is it the coolest I don’t know — There’s just something about this guy, and I can’t explain it. Every time I take a look at it I feel it’s going to pass me a joint or something

Cool Quotient: Just Google this one up, it’s just one of those things you can’t explain in words.


I think I need some Weed now.



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