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Top 10 Cool Images Of International Borders

Updated on 20 August, 2019 at 11:31 am By

Since time immemorial, they have been existing as borders. While some of the boundaries are kissing the sky since the day wheel was invented, others appeared as the time demanded them. The borders appear and re-appear when people take to dividing the land for their laws and culture to thrive. Also, it doesn’t matter how subjective they are till the time they are true to their purpose and people. And, almost all of them are very majestic and panoramic. Here is a carefully chosen top 10 cool images of international borders that may get your heart beating fast.

10. US-Canadian Border:

One of the most gracious and majestic borders on the planet, US-Canadian border is by far the longest in the world. To add cherry on the cake top, it’s devoid of any military presence. Asians may find it hard to believe. The border reads for the visitors to gasp in awe “May these gates never be closed.” The calm and quiet border gives an impression of two giant landmasses touching along around 9,000 miles without anyone pushing the other. The green landscape is very touching to witness.

US-Canadian Border

9. Dutch-French Border:


The Caribbean island of St. Martin is under the administrative influence of both Netherlands and France. The border is unique from the others in the respect that there is a landmark connecting both the sides of boundaries. This place presents a 360 degree view; a place from where you can see both France and Netherlands in all their majesty.

Dutch-French Border


8. Chilean-Argentinean Border:

Rarely can any other international border appear as rich in ‘religious’ charm as the Chilean- Argentinean Border. Located in the heights of the Andes Mountain ranges, the border houses a statue of Christ that acts as a redeemer between both the two countries. The symbolism of the statue in Chile or Argentina is no joke.

Chilean-Argentinean Border

7. Nepal-China Border:

China, an emerging superpower and a small country nestled in the Himalayas, Nepal are connected by a ‘Friendship Bridge’ constructed over the Bhote River. Also, the location where Mount Everest demarcates the boundary between the mountain kingdom Nepal and China is worth a visit for the sheer peace and excitement that one can purchase from the place at zero cost.

Nepal-China Border

6. UK-Spanish Border:

This is one of the coolest and at the same time historically imperative borders between any two countries about which most people have developed false notions. The border is famous for the Rock of Gibraltar on the western end of the Mediterranean Sea. It is for this landmark that many tourists travel to both the UK and Spain. The border was formed as a result of the ‘Treaty of Utrecht.’

UK-Spanish Border

5. Korean Border:

One of the most volatile borders in the world, Korean Demilitarized Zone is a strip of land, 160 miles long and 2.5 miles wide that divides North and South Korea. For the very same reason, it is one of the highly guarded and securitized zones in the world.  It’s a natural reserve and home to many endangered species. The border area is known for the utmost calm and sound infrastructure on both sides. This is what we actually define as a border.

Korean Border

4. Botswanan-Zambian Border:


A naturally defined and divided border, Botswanan-Zambian border is ably segregated by rivers, lakes and forests. Arguably, one of the most beautiful ones in terms of sheer natural beauty, the border between Zambia and Bostwana is divided by Cuando River. Most interestingly, the border is protected on both sides by a national park which adds to the excitement of tourists going there. Nothing can get cooler than this!

Botswanan-Zambian Border

3. Indo-Pakistan Border:

Established in 1947, the Indo-Pakistan border at Wagah is a must visit during the evening hours when a routine ceremony is on. A well built border, it’s heavily guarded on both sides and serves as a transit point for citizens in both India and Pakistan.

Indo-Pakistan Border

2. Brazilian-Argentinean Border:

What can be easily termed as the border-on-waters, the Brazilian-Argentinean Border is one of the most panoramic among all the borders. The border consists of Iguazu Falls which are almost equally shared by Iguaza National Park in Argentina and Iguazu National Park in Brazil. There are very few locations as spectacular as Iguazu Falls where one can take a walk in the nature. Being surrounded by 260 degrees of waterfalls is an amazing experience.

Brazilian-Argentinean Border

1. Baarle-Nassau/Baarle-Hertog:


Baarle-Nasau is a municipality in Holland; it’s famous for sharing a bizarre border with municipality of Baarle-Hertog. The border is too complex to understand at times and even some of the local houses on both sides of the boundary are bisected by it at some places. Some portions of Baarle-Hertog also include area of Baarle-Nassau. The image clearly shows the ‘fun element’ border has created for the local inhabitants.

Baarle-Nassau Baarle-Hertog


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