Top 10 Controversial Topics You Love to Discuss

7:33 am 15 Jul, 2013

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned debate? I’m not talking about that boring debate competition held in schools; I’m talking about a passionate loud discussion with your friends over a controversial topic. You know there’s no use in talking about it, you know your talking is not going to solve any problems, but still you talk and shout and argue and jump up and down in frustration, just because it’s fun to do, especially with your friends. It is one of the best ways to pass time. If you can relate to this and are compulsively argumentative then you need to keep a list of controversial topics to bring up on a boring afternoon. Here are top 10 controversial topics that you’ll love to discuss.

10. Is Climate Change Man Made?

Climate change and global warming has been the biggest topic of debate for this generation and it’s a great topic to talk about. Are we humans the cause of all these changes or are they natural? And even if humans are responsible, isn’t that part of nature too? There’s a lot to discuss here.

Is Climate Change Man Made

9. Should Cigarettes Be Banned?

Cigarettes kill more people than war every year. The only reason cigarettes are still legal is because it’s a multi-billion dollar industry and many people are earning a lot from tobacco sales. This makes the cigarette industry a symbol of immoral capitalism. On the other hand, shouldn’t adults have the freedom to smoke?

Should Cigarettes Be Banned

8. Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

If cigarettes are legal, why shouldn’t marijuana be legal too? It’s far less addictive than tobacco and it’s not anymore harmful. Marijuana might even have some medical benefits. By keeping it illegal isn’t the government just encouraging drug trafficking and making the drug mafia richer?

Should Marijuana Be Legalized

7. Are CEO’s Paid Too Much?

This is another great topic in terms of current events. The whole world went into recession and is still struggling to come out of it, because of the greed of a few corporate hot shots. While most people have lost everything, these people still receive huge bonuses every year. Is that fair or do we need to keep paying them to help us get out of this mess?

Are CEOs Paid Too Much

6. Are We Living In A Matrix?

The Matrix is a great movie to discuss, especially because so few people really understand what happened in it. But the idea of a matrix is interesting. If a computer could really send the appropriate signals to our brains, we could generate a reality that would feel completely real to that individual. What if we are actually already inside a matrix? How can we even know if the reality we perceive is the ultimate reality? There are undertones of spirituality in this discussion.

Are We Living In A Matrix

5. Is An Empty Mind The Devil’s Workshop?

This is an ironical topic to discuss when you have nothing to do because the discussion itself is the result of an empty mind! No, the discussion topic is not going to be exactly the same. While some of your friends may actually come up with Devilish ideas, others may choose to object them with all their guts, arguing over whether it’s the empty mind forcing them to try something naughty, silly, dangerous or childish.

Is An Empty Mind The Devil's Workshop

4. Does Video Game and Rock Music Cause Violence In Society?

With increasing number of school children shooting their classmates, this topic has become an important topic to discuss. Has rock music and violent video games had a desensitizing effect on the young generation? Or are there other reasons for the growing violence in our society?

Does Video Game and Rock Music Cause Violence In Society

3. Is This Generation Better Than The Previous One?

This can be a hot topic especially if you are discussing it with someone from an older or younger generation. Everyone is bound to defend his or her own generation and it can lead to some spirited and fun debating. Yes, old is gold. But, new is better. Hence the controversy!

Is This Generation Better Than The Previous One

2. Can Men And Women Ever Be Equal?

This is definitely a topic that deserves to be on number two on this list. This has been debated for thousands of years and we still don’t have an answer. With the feminist movement gathering steam, women have shown that they can match men at every step in every field. But it is also true that men and women are fundamentally very different. Is it right for women to try to be more like men? Or should they try to etch out an existence of their own and do things their own way?

Can Men And Women Ever Be Equal

1. Does God Exist?

The number one topic to be discussed ever since humans began discussing things is the existence and nature of God. This one never gets old and you would love to discuss it with an older generation who had more faith than the present generation. Such topics usually pop up when there’s at least one spiritualist, atheist or antagonistic (hard to find, normally) in the group.

Does God Exist


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