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Top 10 Computer Games to Try at Least Once in Your Lifetime

Published on 18 March, 2013 at 7:00 am By

It is unlikely that a computer literate of the present era world remain untouched by the magic of computer games. The craze for computer games is unparalleled by all means and is bound to increase by leaps and bounds in the coming time. As advancements are rapidly being made in the field of computer games, the thrill and fun of these games are increasing manifold. Here is a list of top 10 computer games of all times.

10. Doom:

Released in 1993, Doom was one of those games that set the benchmark for all computer games in terms of quality of play. It was developed and published by iD Software. Apart from the interesting backdrop, it initiated the trend of multiplayer options and introduced 3D shooting genre. The graphics are brilliant and it is based on an action plot.


9. Quake 3:


Published by iD Software, Quake 3 was released in the year 1999 and was one of the first games where the phrase “first person shooter” was used as to describe its genre. It is one of the first multiplayer games that found its existence on computer screens at that point of time. Unlike its previous versions, it doesn’t have a plot-based single player campaign. It involves fight of best warriors of all times for amusement in a race called the Vadrigar.

Quake 3

8. SIM City:

Developed my Maxis Software, SIM City was first released in 1989. With all its sequels over the last two decades, Sim City has established itself as a distinct game among in terms of plot, design and graphics.  The game has to be created anew every time the player logs in as it is not preordained. This provides the user a sense of curiosity. The basic objective in the game remains the same: build a city. The player is required to bring about changes in design and settlements. Its plot is segregated into four chapters and the player has to move on with a well strategized game plan.

SIM City

7. Diablo 2:

It is an action based computer game that was developed by Blizzard Entertainment in 2000. The game is famous worldwide for its horror themes and dark fantasies. The previous version Diablo was also an instant success with the game enthusiasts and landed with numerous records in terms of sales revenue.

Diablo 2

6. Left for Dead 2:

Left for Dead 2 is gripping and surely interesting, too. In the game, the user confronts many zombies which must be eliminated to reach the conclusion of the game. The zombies are ready to mince your flesh into pieces but you have to fight them hard and ensure they don’t turn out successful. The game was released in the year 2009 in the first person shooter genre and has dominated the world of computer games since then.

Left for Dead 2

5. World of Warcraft:

It is one of the most creative computer games that can be played by game enthusiasts worldwide. Renowned as ‘WoW’ in the gaming world and released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment, it is still regarded highly for the quality of its graphics and top notch gameplay. The background score has also received applause from game critics. World of Warcraft completely entraps the player into its world.

World of Warcraft

4. Torchlight:

As the name suggests, the game is built around the search for treasure in the caverns and dungeons while fighting enemies on the way. The game has been compared to many different versions of computers games, but it stands proudly in its own avatar. The player can make use of the weapons while searching for the hidden treasure, but wise selection of weapons is essential.


3. Half Life 2:


The game was the preceding version of Half Life 1 and released in the year 2004. Since then it has been one of the favorites of the game enthusiasts. It was published by Vivendi Games and first among the first person shooter genre. The player has to target all the enemies after wisely building up the arsenal during the process.

Half Life 2

2. Starcraft 2:

The game was released in the market in 1998. It was designed and published by Blizzard group. The game is based on the plot where a colossal war is fought between Zerg, Protoss and Terrains. The strategy that is used in the game can be termed as real time in actuality and this is what sets it into a different genre from the others.

Star Craft 2

1. Rome – Total War:


Released in 2004, Rome – Total War is the best of all computer games of all time because of its graphics, gameplay and storyline. But the foremost reason behind the worldwide popularity of this Activision game is the sound quality and open world scenario. It challenges the intelligence of the player who must use the most astute and distinctive strategy to ensure victory in the game.

Rome - Total War


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