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Top 10 Common Topics Indian People Discuss in General

Updated on 7 July, 2016 at 6:01 pm By

More often than not, we tend to go with the flow while communicating in a group or with individuals. If it is not a particular coffee-table talk or any quiet evening with someone special, we do not mind ourselves indulging in long conversations. Indian people do endless talking mostly in public places. Potential debaters can be found in trains, in the waiting lounge, at the tea-corner or even on the way to the grocery shop. Indians across the globe are known for their chit-chat talent. Indians seem to stretch some common topics as farther as possible. To know about such blabs, scroll down and explore the list.

10. Indo-Pak relationship:

The dynamics of Indo-Pak relationship is difficult to understand. We enjoy a love-hate relation with our neighboring country. Especially when cricket season is on, folks across the borders, love to be in full swing, discussing the outcome of the match. Whatever happened in 1947 can never ever be brought back, and it makes little sense to repent on the petty things of the past. We just cannot issue the show cause notice to fellow countrymen. The desired solution is we should learn to move on. If we keep our super egos aside, conflicts will be nearly resolved.

Indo-Pak relationship - Common Topics Indian People Discuss in General

9. Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty:


One just does not get tired of discussing the family tree of “Nehru-Gandhi” dynasty. People endlessly talk about the clan with great empathy and devotion; it is actually troublesome to break their monologue. From the golden days of Pandit Nehru to the ‘only hope of India’ Rahul Gandhi, the Gandhi-Nehru family history provides a rich tapestry of stories and narratives for the casual observer of Indian politics.

Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty - Common Topics Indian People Discuss in General

8. Pollution and Traffic:

Though we claim ourselves as eco-conscious people, the reality is that we hardly contribute an iota towards the protection of mother nature. Still this does not deter us from being extremely verbose over discussions on issues like global warming, rising pollution levels, increasing traffic on the road et al.

Pollution and Traffic - Common Topics Indian People Discuss in General

7. Price Hike:

The average Indian is looking puzzled over the issue of price hike. The rising prices of onion or sugar makes them simply clueless. The current UPA Government is being verbally trampled upon by the countrymen. Indian people are getting desperate each passing day, and words are the only recourse they seem to have.

Price Hike - Common Topics Indian People Discuss in General

6. Addiction with latest gizmos:

We keep ourselves busy with latest gadgets in the surrounding. From kids to adults, everyone is having this fad of walk and talk. Apart from the fun part, we are seriously addicted with these miniature gizmos and sometimes we even feel helpless without them.

Addiction with latest gizmos - Common Topics Indian People Discuss in General

5. Celebrities:

We are so much in awe of celebrities from different spheres that we just cannot help ourselves chirping about them. We are engrossed with their fashion statements, the events they make, their cuisine taste, the vehicles they own, their relationship status or even the update on their health.

Celebrities - Common Topics Indian People Discuss in General

4. Social Networking sites:

We spend a major chunk of our limited and precious time on these so-called social networking sites. However we restrict ourselves, we succumb to it all over again. This again is a kind of addiction. We just feel like tweeting or writing on the wall.

Social Networking sites - Common Topics Indian People Discuss in General

3. Time:


“What is the time?” The oft-repeated irritating question one asks a fellow traveler on the road or anywhere in the public place. Sometimes older people comment on the prevailing time that the time has become very bad. It was so and so in our days. Err….everyone has his/her own share of lifetime and there is always a generation gap. You just cannot do anything about it. So at least you can put your jaws to rest for a while.

Time - Common Topics Indian People Discuss in General

2. Weather:

At times when we are sitting idle, discussing the current weather is our favorite pastime. “How cool or hot is the day?” “Today it’s breezy because it was raining in the night.” These are some of the opening lines to start a dead conversation.

Weather - Common Topics Indian People Discuss in General

1. Politics:


Everyone from the boss to the peon in the office is highly updated on the political upheaval in the country. They are all ready to show their wisdom teeth, whenever the opportunity arises. Even at the most inappropriate of times, they go back to discussing dirty politics, which is all the more unfair to those around them.

Politics - Common Topics Indian People Discuss in General

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