Top 10 comic book villains

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Updated on 18 May, 2012 at 10:34 am


When we talk about Heroes, we think of bravery, righteousness, integrity, fidelity and all characteristics symbolizing goodness. Since, the universe calls for a perfect balance, goodness shall remain incomplete if there was no evil. Thus were born the Villains. Simply put, without them our ‘mighty’ heroes will remain unemployed. For how will you be a hero if you do not have a villain? Topyaps brings to you a few of the privileged baddies who complete the profile of our heroes.

10. Kingpin:

He appears as an overweight but well-dressed man which is perfect get-up for the ‘clean’ image he tries to personify. On the contrary, he is in fact the underworld boss who creates problems for both Spiderman and Daredevil. An expert in martial arts, King Pin was born as Wilson Fisk in poor circumstances. That and other events forced him to become the leader of the New York crime world. He features in countless comics and animated serials of both superheroes. Due to his expert strategic skills, he is always able ‘to find a way’ out of any adverse situation involving heroes or even other villains.

9. Galactus:

The father of all things living and non-living is how the creators of this character described him. He is a demi-god and therefore does not differentiates between good and evil. He only needs to survive and for that he devours living planets. In various stories he has been described as the creator himself, “something like Zeus”. Even if all of Earth’s superheroes and super villains unite, they won’t stand a chance against Galactus. However, he is above evil and thus he is on number 9.

8. Mandarin:

The greatest oriental villain to have ever been created. Each of Mandarin’s fingers is adorned with specialised power rings through which he tends to wreck havoc on the whole world. However, he fails in his ‘grand plans’ all because of Iron Man. Despite that, The Mandarin (as he is called), remains a formidable foe to all who oppose him. A Chinese antagonist is always interesting. Isn’t it?


7. Ozymandias:

It is highly unlikely that you might have heard about him. Yet, he figures on our list for just one reason. He fits the example of what happens when a man commits an egregious error to justify his good intentions. Ozymandis is no villain like any other. Yet, uses advanced technology to wipe out more than half the population of an entire city just to “avoid a nuclear war and to unite people for a common cause”. His is a character that Jude Law and Tom Cruise were interested to portray on celluloid.

6. Shredder:

For all the martial arts lovers, here comes Shredder. He stands tall to his name as he– all dressed in Samurai armour– tears his adversaries with the perfected moves of ninjutsu. Thus, when our cute looking beloved Turtles appear on the scene, we find the stand-off worth every penny and each moment. However, Shredder never fights alone as he comes with his entourage of foot-ninjas who inadvertently disrupt the glorious battle.

5. Lex Luthor:

He is just like any other ordinary human. How come he is in this list? The reason: he is the arch enemy of none other but Superman. Don’t you think being just that qualifies? A shrewd mind and loads of moolah made Lex believe that he could be the Rex of Metropolis and thus he venture to get rid of the ‘alien’ Superman. Honestly, no one is more threatening for Superman than Lex with a Kryptonite.

4. Venom:

When Spiderman got himself covered with the alien symbiotes, he initially enjoyed his add-on powers. However, he soon realised that the symbiotes try to gain control of the minds of those who are in physical contact by enhancing ego and anger in them. Eddie Brock, who in an apparent rage against the web-slinger, bonds with the symbiotes when they are rejected by Spiderman and becomes Venom. Over the years, Venom has gained considerable reputation of being somewhat like a more ruthless negative copy of Spiderman defeating him on many instances.

3. Joker:

Much has been discussed about the strangeness of The Joker through numerous comic books, movies, video games and animated serials. The Joker is–as we all know– a maniac with an appetite to wreak havoc on the daily lives of the people. Unintentionally, he is the ‘Hero of all villains’. Unfortunately, he is the prime adversary of the one called ‘The Dark Knight’. Undeniably, he had to be on number 3.

2. Magneto:

Though he does not typically fits into the mould of a hardcore villain but without him, we guarantee, X-Men will have far less readers. With his power to control magnetism, he is perhaps the only one who can rip apart Wolverine without even touching him. Now that’s something to be proud of for any baddie.


1. Scarecrow:

Fear for the Scarecrow is here. The superbly talented ex-psychiatrist, who uses a variety of toxins and tactics to implant fear in the minds of his adversaries, fits our description of a villain for the top spot due to the threat he is to the one who criminals fear- the Batman. Gotham truly has a reason to be afraid of.

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