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10 Most Popular Clothing Styles Of 1970s

Updated on 29 May, 2018 at 7:39 pm By

Strong clear, the era of 1970s is considered as a radical time span in the world of styled clothing. Today, you can see someone saying “Awww!! It’s so old-fashioned” but still you have to admit that the older generation has significantly inspired the latest fashion trends. Have a look at this 10 most popular clothing styles of 1970s to know the fact.

1. Kaftan

This style statement dates back to ancient Mesopotamia but began as a fashionable phenomenon in western countries since the 60s and by the next decade, it diffused across the world. Contrived as stylish evening dresses, this casual freestyle look apparel enhances the sensuality of women.



2. Leisure suit

A staring combination of matching trousers with a shirt like jackets, this casual wear is frequently related with the epoch of disco culture. It is one of the most unforgettable fashions of the 1970s and was adored even while shopping, playing golf, dating or working. However, leisure suit accomplished the elevation of popularity when John Travolta clothed it in his blockbuster flick “Saturday Night Fever”.


3. Fringe

Worn by all classes of people, this clothing style of the 1970s is still flashing its popularity on the ramp of worldwide fashion shows. This vintage fashion is famous for its sophisticated party look as well as for its perfect combination of jeans to mini skirts.



4. Disco costumes


Made of synthetic and stretchy fabrics, this gorgeous jet-setter clothing style of the 1970s was sufficient to attract the attention of disco lighting on the dance floor. Free flowing restrictive skirts with hot pants emphasized a woman’s body while dancing whereas tightly fitted unbuttoned shirts were adored by men with tight outfitted trousers.



5. Long knee socks

Way, way out of the fashion loop if you are not considering the trend of long knee socks during the 1970s. A look ranging from funky and fun to extreme sexy, it will be almost committing a crime if you are hiding them under too long skirts.


6. Tie-dye T-shirts

Say it funky or say it raunchy but these t-shirts are considered as one of the most wonderful achievements associated with the “hippies” era. The flowing flower patterns were the greatest style factor between youths during the 1970s, heightening the cool Bohemian look.



7. Denim Jeans

Invented in 1873 by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss, this landmark of fashion clothing rose quickly between both men and women during the 1970s and became the wardrobe staple. However, this fashion was started by film actors and actresses but later it constructed a versatile market and became the only-uniform-to-wear.



8. Tank tops

Get down, get tanked up and expose your lovely skin! Tank tops were the most killer outfits for women and girls during the 1970s while attending house parties, road trips, poker tournaments and even for swinging in rock concerts. This fashion staple of the 1970s is still picked up to spice up ones look.



9. Midi skirts

The 70s is regarded as the supercharging era for midi skirts. Made of non-stretch cotton fabric or denim, this style wear was bleached with rebellious cum sporty look and became the precious commodity for the wardrobe of a fashion savvy woman of 1970s. Midi skirts obtained tremendous attention from Faye Dunaway’s role in a 1967 movie, “Bonnie and Clyde”.



10. Bell bottom

Pants with wider downwards, bell bottom is considered as one of the most revolutionary inventions in the world of styled clothing. This fashion wear was started by the members of the US Navy in the early 19th century and became an addiction for both sexes during the 1970s. A key ingredient of the hippie counterculture, it was the most picked trouser for retro theme disco parties.




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