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Top 10 Clothing Styles For Pregnant Women

Published on 9 February, 2013 at 2:00 pm By

If you are all set with your partner to embrace motherhood, you need to start living like one before you actually become a mother. As you begin gaining those pounds of pregnancy, you are bound to think about all the good things you wore but cant’. Fret not; being a to-be mom of the 21st century, you have all the freedom to wear whatever you want. Thanks to all fashion houses that are making the trendiest of maternity clothing for your most special and stylish nine months. Here are top 10 clothing styles for pregnant women.

10. Trendy supportive innerwear:

Your task of being trendy and stylish begins with the comfort to the skin. As you tend to gain pounds on the belly, your bust line will also grow. In most pregnant women, the bust could grow up to almost a cup size. So, it is very important to have some larger and supportive bras to feel most comfortable and relaxed from within. Women also experience discomfort in the bust during sleep, so purchase sleeping bras for light support at night. Also make sure you wear lose and comfortable panties, that don’t pressurize the belly.

Trendy supportive innerwear must be worn be pregnant women

9. A-Line shirts and tees:


Once you are comfortable from within, you want to be stylish and comfortable on the outside too. The best way to do so would be to invest in A-line or empire-waist shirts and T-shirts. These, as the name suggests, are A shaped – which means the flow free away from the tummy and don’t cramp you up. The A-Line shirts also have a comfortable seam under the bust which provides enough space for your growing midsection.

A-Line shirts and tees

8. Maternity jeans:

Once you’ve found yourself comfortable in a pair of jeans, you always want to wear them. Why not when you are pregnant? Yes, many quality manufacturers have launched their lines of maternity jeans over the years. This means, you can go to the store and pick a pair of jeans you like. Also, with the help of maternity belly bands, you can wear your favorite pair of denims from your wardrobe.

Maternity jeans

7. Stay layered for warmth:

As you progress in your pregnancy, the weather and body temperature will also vary. If the temperature is low, the best way to keep yourself warm and the baby cozy is to dress up in layers. Dressing in layers can sound suffocating, but you can make it stylish and comfortable by slipping into an A-Line shirt of t-shirt and team it up with your favorite long or short cardigan, denim jacket or a coat. The key to remain comfortable for pregnant women will be to wear front open cardigans and jackets so that you can leave them unbuttoned or unzipped for utmost comfort.

Pregnant women must stay layered for warmth

6. Style up for walks and yoga:

When you are entering the latter half of your pregnancy, your physical fitness will be the key for good baby development and less painful labor. You should thus be in a routine where you stretch, do a bit of yoga and take good brisk level walks. When you’re out on a fitness regime, you want to be stylish in appearance. The idea here is that you purchase some comfortable sports bras, cozy zip-up hoodies, stretchy and comfortable yoga pants, and stretchy and comparatively lose t-shirts.

Style up for walks and yoga

5. Trend it up with basic bottoms and skirts:

You know by now that A-line or empire-waist shirts and t-shirt are the way to dress up your upper portion of the body. And when you are out to office or a formal lunch with your friend – you cannot wear jeans of course. This is why you need to have some basic dark bottoms, slightly longer in length then you’d normally wear – this makes your lower half look longer than actually, thus making up for that extra plum in the belly. Basic color trousers (black, gray, dark brown and khaki) with some dark colored pencil skirts can make good inductions to your maternity wardrobe.

Pregnant women can trend it up with basic bottoms and skirts

4. Don’t wear baggy stuff from your husband’s closet:

There was a time when women thought that the best way to cover up the extra pounds on the belly during pregnancy is to slip into their hubbies white shirts and baggy seat pants. But they had limited choices. You have a multitude of maternity clothing options to choose from. So pregnant women must avoid slipping into their husband’s lose clothes. Yes, at times your husband’s plain white shirt teamed up with a black trouser and some jewelry can be a good alternative.

Don’t wear baggy stuff from your husband’s closet

3. Wear dresses that accentuate your figure:


We’d like to reiterate that baggy and loose clothing will only make you look bigger and less fashionable. Clearly, it’s not the way to go. Like the A-Line tops will make for your casual and office wear during pregnancy, similarly empire-waist dark colored long dresses will make for a perfect party wear. Team the dress with a lovely hairstyle and some fashionable jewelry and your set to go.

Pregnant women should wear dresses that accentuate your figure

2. Replace high heels for stylish, sturdy flats:

When we say wearing heals is a bad idea during pregnancy, we actually mean it and advice you against it. Heals aren’t the only way to add style to your attire, so get heals stuffed into the store when you have the baby growing within you. Given the growing body weight, you will become more unstable over the months and tripping is the last thing you want at this time. So, it’s important you have some attractive and colorful flat shoes which match with your other maternity wardrobe.

Replace high heels for stylish, sturdy flats

1. Choose block colors:


No matter what you wear from the aforementioned clothing styles, it is important to see that it’s simple, stylish, comfortable, and preferably in single block colors rather than prints and stripes. Single block colors will make you pregnant women appear taller and slimmer. The block attire can be made stylish by teaming it up with bright jewelry, shoes and cool hairdo and makeup.

Pregnant women should choose block colors


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