Top 10 Christmas Carols ever

Updated on 25 Dec, 2013 at 4:19 pm


Come Christmas and the world starts buzzing with the sounds of Christmas Carols. Where ever you go, whether it’s the malls, supermarkets, theaters, grocery stores, schools, colleges, bakeries, local markets; your ears will instantly recognize a carol humming in the backdrop. Turn on the TV, play the radio and again, it’ll play old and new Christmas carols over and over again. But, have you tried making a list of the best Christmas carols? Choosing from the thousands you hear can be difficult, so we’ve made your task a bit easier. Here’s a list of the top 10 Christmas Carols that are sure to brighten up your holidays.


10. Fairytale of New York (Pogues):

The Fairytale of New York is a sad and hopeful melody about the eve of Christmas. At one point in time it narrates the agony of an old chap for whom this Christmas may be his last. And, at another point it tells the sweet wait of lovers who wish this coming year to be their year, full of love and happiness.



9. 2000 miles (The Pretenders):

Another sad Christmas Carol that aches about the missing family and friends who stay far away and cannot take part in the Christmas celebrations. It describes a dull winter evening, with the snow falling down, and the cold biting in. The scene is made even more remorse when the song recounts the distance of 2000 miles between a father and his children. And, yet it’s the beauty in the sadness that makes this song a special Christmas Carol.

8. Christmas Time is Here Again (The Beatles):

Recorded way back in 1967, Christmas Time is Here Again is a happy melody by The Beatles. They treated their fans to this rare festive song they sung. It wasn’t made available to the public until 1995, when it was put as part of the Anthology series. A nice catchy number, you’re likely to keep humming it throughout the festive season.

7. Christmas All Over Again (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers):

Released in 1992, Christmas All Over Again is a sweet reminder about how fast a year rolls by and we are greeted with festive celebrations. It narrates the good times friends and family have on the eve of Christmas. Ringing bells, decorations and Christmas shopping, all these described with a beautiful pun. This song was released as part of the “Very Special Christmas” series managed to raise $200,000 for athletes with intellectual disabilities.

6. Blue Christmas (Elvis Presley):

This one’s an utterly gloomy Christmas Carol and a perfect balm for all the broken hearts this Christmas. It describes the mood of the broken heart in shades of blue. For the lover in sorts, everything from snowflakes to decorations to old memories, everything is the color blue, while for his love, it’ll all be right, with everything bright in white.

5. Thank God it’s Christmas (Queen):

Thank God it’s Christmas by Queen was never really released, it was only featured in the ‘Greatest Hits III’. But what a melody this song is. A complete deviant from the other Christmas Songs, this one is melodramatics and prattles about why every day can’t be Christmas when all people, friends and family forget differences, and unite in a frenzy of togetherness and happiness.

4. White Christmas (The Drifters):

The White Christmas by the Drifters is popular as the soundtrack of the first Home Alone movie. Till date no other version of the song has ever been replicated. It’s always the Drifters, and they always manage to capture your heart with their sweet melody that describes the dream of a white Christmas, and the wishes that every Christmas may always be white.

3. Santa Clause is Coming to Town (Bruce Springsteen):

The Santa Clause is Coming to Town is one f the oldest of all Christmas Carols. It was first recorded in 1934. It’s one of most overplayed Carols during Christmas, but Bruce Springsteen’s husky voice and its sweet lyrics still manage to resonate with children and all others alike.  So be prepared for Santa Clause and the gifts he brings you this Christmas.

2. Wonderful Christmas (Paul McCartney & Wings):

If you wish to give your ears a dose of pop Christmas Carols, you’ve got to hear out the ding dong ding by Paul McCartney & Wings. Their single the Wonderful Christmas was released in 1979 and ever since it always returns back every festive season with the same pure pop cult to make people jingle along its musical tunes.

1. Happy Xmas (War is over) – John and Yoko the Plastic Ono Band:

Happy Xmas is one of the greatest songs ever sung by John Lennon in duo with Yoko Ono. Although sung as song in protest of the Vietnam War, today it stands out as one of the most cherished Christmas Carols. For getting their message across John and Yoko rented billboards throughout cities and wrote them with “The War is over (if you want it to be).” The campaign was a massive success. The lyrics full of burning passion and forthright honesty gave the message of peace out loud.