Top 10 child models

Updated on 11 May, 2012 at 11:00 am


Children these days are busy doing things they can do best. In the last one decade, many child models have emerged as successful singers, dancers and movie artists. Most child models begin their career by signing up for TV commercials. In most cases, companies dealing with children’s products hire child models to create impressive commercials and video films. Check out the list of top 10 child models who went on to create a path for others to follow in the last one decade.

10. Kaia Gerber:

10 year old Kaia Gerber is famous at a tender age. She is the daughter of Randy Gerber and Cindy Crawford. However, this introduction does not make her famous. She is one of the most famous child models today. The little girl is slowly forging her own path to super stardom as she works with professional photographers and modeling agencies. She is no doubt going to take her modeling career to new heights in near future.

kaia gerber

9. Brenda Song:

A famous film produce and American actress, Brenda Song started her career as a child fashion model about a decade ago. She was successful in getting important roles in American TV serials as early as 1995. She was just 7-8 years old when she first appeared in Fudge. At the age of 11, she worked as a child actress in 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd. Before she was even 10, Brenda Song worked in a large number of commercials and TV serials. In the year 2000, Brenda Song won the famous Young Artist Award.


8. Stephen Bender:

Stephen Bender is the guy who played the young Clark Kent in the famous Superman Returns movie. Stephen started his career as a child model in 1990s, worked in many commercials and went on to work in the movies. Today, he is a well known face in the film industry.

stephen bender


7. Chris Brochu:

You might have seen Chris Brochu in Hannah Montana. He has also worked in Sega Sonic and WII ad commercials in the last few years. Chris Brochu speaks of one of the many child model success stories. Today, Chris Brochu is a famous American actor and singer. Born on June 25 1989, Chris has come a long way from being a popular American child actor and model.

chris brochu

6. Conner Rayburn:

Born in Dickson, Conner Rayburn is a 13 year old American actor and model. Conner Rayburn is most famous for his role of Kyle Orenthal in According To Jim, an American sitcom. Conner was just 5 when he was first auditioned for According To Jim. In the next few years, Conner went on to create one of the most talked about child model success stories.

Conner Rayburn

5. Shelby Zemanek:

A successful child model, Shelby Zemanek has performed in Yes Man and Angels & Demons. She is one of the most famous contemporary child models in the world today. The 11 year old child model has begun her modeling career with a bang.

shelby zemanek

4. Laura Kesling:

A famous American child actress, Laura Kesling is just 12 years old. She first recognition for her talents when she worked in Bedtime Stories. Laura Kesling was given the role of Bobbie in Bedtime Stories. Laura was enrolled into an acting school at a tender age of 4. She has also appeared in many commercials including VTech, Juicy Juice, Home Depot and Glade.


3. Lindsay Lohan:

A famous model, pop singer and American actress, Lindsay Lohan first began her career as a child fashion model. She was just 11 when she first appeared in a motion picture of Disney. She went on to become a successful artist from a child model as she appeared in some famous movies like Mean Girls, Freaky Friday and Herbie: Fully Loaded.


2. Billy Unger:

Once a famous child model and actor, Billy Unger was born on October 15, 1995. Today, he is a famous teen actor in the American film and TV industry. Billy Unger got famous as a child actor right after he appeared in famous movies such as National Treasure, Cop Dog, Book of Secrets and You Again.

billy unger


1. Ellen Page:

A Canadian actress, Ellen Page is known for its recent performance in the Hollywood movie Inception. Few years ago, she was a successful child model. She first appeared in Pit Pony in the role of Maggie Maclean at the age of 10.  Some of her most appreciated performances can be seen in Juno and Hard Candy.


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