Top 10 Charitable Organizations In The World

10:53 am 8 Oct, 2013

Charity is the best way to show your support for humanity. There are many issues in this world that have to be taken care of. From hunger to natural calamities, there are numerous conditions where we need to try and make a difference. For the betterment of the human race, there are many charitable organizations set up all over the world. These organizations play a very important role in the global development as they reach out to people in the remote areas and try to solve their problems. There are certain charities that target one nation and try to bring a difference in the quality of living among its people, whereas the other organizations work in all countries for different causes. Be it supporting the girl child in India or providing books for Africa, the charitable organizations are doing their best for supplying the necessities of life to people who can’t afford it. Scroll down to have a look at the top 10 charitable organizations of the world. You can always support them in their cause by providing whatever little help you can.

10. World Vision:

World Vision is a charitable organization with offices in almost 100 countries all over the world. They are Christian in origin and help people of various communities to achieve a decent standard in life. They are not biased on the basis of religion or color. World Vision reaches out to the families in the remote areas and tries to fulfill all their basic requirements. They provide education for children, clean water for drinking and various other things according to the village needs.

Top 10 Charitable Organizations In The World

9. Safe World For Women:

This charitable organization works for the betterment of women all over the world. ‘Safe World For Women’ is not connected with any government or religion, they help in protecting the rights of women and try and bring them justice after a wrong is done. This charity looks into issues such as domestic violence, human trafficking and child abuse. In short they work for everything that brings good to women. If you are a philanthropist and want to do something to protect the women of your country then this organization is surely the best platform for you.

Top 10 Charitable Organizations In The World

8. Greenpeace:

It is not only the humans that need to be taken care of but the environment also needs our attention and that is what exactly Greenpeace is doing. With forty offices all over the world, this charitable organization looks into devastating issues like global warming, genetic engineering and anti-nuclear conditions. From the day it was started in 1971, this organization has not taken any funds from the government or political parties. They have been working with individual support given to them by the people who care for their environment.

Top 10 Charitable Organizations In The World

7. ONE:

Working in Africa, ONE is the most influential charitable organizations in the country. They work for people suffering from extreme poverty and help to protect them from the preventable diseases. They work along with the African activists and try to bring a change in the poor conditions of various regions. ONE does the charity work by creating awareness among the people of Africa and by educating the children for a better future of the country.

Top 10 Charitable Organizations In The World

6. Save The Children:

Working in the countries of Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Africa, ‘Save The Children’, is a charitable organization that helps the kids all over the world. They provide medical care, education and food to the children for a better living. ‘Save The Children’ also work in the disaster and war time by providing shelter to thousands of kids. Their latest campaign is to save the children in Syria. If you want to be a part of it, visit their website.

Top 10 Charitable Organizations In The World


Founded in 1951, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is a charitable organization that helps the forcibly displaced people all over the world. UNHCR is an organization that helps in giving shelter to the refugees and solving their problems. They provide a common right to asylum to everyone in other countries and it also gives them the provision of returning back to their home-ground when they deem fit.

Top 10 Charitable Organizations In The World

4. Stand Up To Cancer:

Stand Up To Cancer was founded in 2008 and since then they have managed to raise funds worth of $262 million. This organization has a team of about 500 scientists who research to find cures for cancer. Their main motive is to curb cancer from its roots. They also provide mental support to the victims of cancer all over the world.

Top 10 Charitable Organizations In The World

3. World Medical Relief:

Founded in 1953, World Medical Relief is a charitable organization that helps people with all kinds of medical problems. They rely on the funding and supplies from various organizations. World Medical Relief helps in providing the medicines, dental supplies and laboratory equipment to the remote areas of the world.

Top 10 Charitable Organizations In The World

2. Action Against Hunger:

With offices in more than 40 countries, Action Against Hunger, is a charitable organization that helps to cure the food problem all over the world. They have a simple mission of not letting anyone sleep hungry anywhere. With its 30 years of experience, Action Against Hunger, also reached out to various disaster struck countries and helped them in a great way.

Top 10 Charitable Organizations In The World


One of the oldest charitable organizations is the UNICEF. Founded in 1946, the United Nations Children’s Fund is an institution that helps children for their basic needs. They help children in fighting for their rights and even providing them education for a better future. UNICEF also helps children suffering from AIDS and cancer.

Top 10 Charitable Organizations In The World

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