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Top 10 characters of Gangs of Wasseypur

Published on 13 August, 2012 at 6:22 pm By

The notable characters of Gangs of Wasseypur listed below are responsible for lighting up the ticket booths of theatres all across the world. Why not? They altogether yielded a historical movie which left an indelible mark on the ways of normal movie making mode. Rarely comes a movie which dares to depict what an ‘actual acting’ is without stuffing overmuch creativity and unneeded explosions. So, prepare yourself to meet the ten powerful members of Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur, but avoid messing up with them because once you’ve entered in Wasseypur, there is NO WAY OUT.


10. Perpendicular (Aditya Kumar):


Perpendicular is a trigger-happy character of Gangs of Wasseypur who actively loves offending a helpless person. There is no question that the arrogance in Perpendicular’s nature has been endorsed by the power-thirsty history of his family, which was fuelled up by his grandfather Shahid Khan, upheld by his father Sardar Khan and currently being administered by his brothers Danish and Faizal. An unfearing boy of a knock-down family, Perpendicular aka Babua is a proficient blade chewer who often shows impulsiveness in his activities, thus making his character deliberately ironic.

Top 10 characters of Gangs of Wasseypur: Palpendiculal

9. Mohsina (Huma Qureshi):

Mohsina — in her deepest possible imagination, is just like Madhuri Dixit along with being a hardcore buff of typical Bollywood masala movies. One of the most potent female characters of Gangs of Wasseypur, Mohsina is a lady of breathtaking beauty as well as an impeccable illustration of a happy-go-lucky Indian girl. Likewise other girls, Mohsina too believes in storybook fairy tales and magical wedding with a prince charming that will whisk her away, unfolding a romantic and felicitous life ahead. Eventually, she weds her dream boy who, apart from being a romeo, is master in slitting throats while smoking weed at the same time. After marrying with a pragmatic and shrewd outlaw around, she successfully and potently manages a family in which tragedies has befallen for decades.

Top 10 characters of Gangs of Wasseypur: Mohsina


8. Farhan (Piyush Mishra):

Brilliantly played by Piyush Mishra, Farhan’s character in Gangs of Wasseypur is of a silent observer who is expert in handling life-threatening conditions in a polite manner. An ardent supporter of Shahid Khan, a shielder of Sardar Khan, and an authoritative pathfinder for Danish, Faizal and rest of the family members, Farhan has an incredible habit to act calmly –everywhere and every time. No doubt, he plays a secondary role but to be very honest, he is the most linear character of the GOW because he never loses his head no matter how. Farhan’s loyalty, his subtle way of communication and other traits are enough to make him worthy of the viewers’ full admiration.


Top 10 characters of Gangs of Wasseypur: Farhan

7. Shahid Khan (Jaideep Ahlawat):

However, Shahid Khan’s character in Gangs of Wasseypur lasts for couple of minutes, but one must remember that he was the man who embarked the everlasting tale of crooks, politicians and brutal vengeance, revolving around an obscure village. Jaideep Ahlawat is the standout in the ensemble cast of this movie who successfully depicts the struggle of a man for power, fame and money. Shahid Khan, however, was abortive in reaching the heights of his vision till the time he lived, but his death turned into a propellant for twisted events that changed the destiny of his descendants with merciless pace. Despite of being a ruthless and violent person, Shahid Khan is also a loving father who engulfs himself thoroughly in every single area of manhood.

Top 10 characters of Gangs of Wasseypur: Shahid Khan

6. Definite (Zeishan Quadri):

I don’t know why, but the moment when I came across the attitude and aspirations of grown-up Definite, suddenly my head switched towards “Goodfellas” where Ray Liotta blabs: “As far back as I could remember I always wanted to be a gangster.” Definitely, Definite is one of the most awe-inspiring characters of Gangs of Wasseypur who was born to shoot, and shoot to kill. In the second part of GOW, he was initially depicted as a guy suffering from Cool Dude Syndrome but as the movie paced up, he turned into a damn tough guy capable to achieve almost anything enchanting. Definite’s character exposes the sham of Mafiosi – dedication, principles and respect – because when it comes to the “business”, a criminal can easily stab anyone for money and power.

Top 10 characters of Gangs of Wasseypur: Definite

5. Sultan Qureshi (Pankaj Tripathi):

A slaughterer by profession, Sultan Qureshi is notorious for chopping nearly 60 buffaloes a day. Pankaj Tripathi tremendously played the role of a maniac killer who is obsessed with violence. After watching the scene where Sultan shoots her sister in a vicious manner, you might think that he is just too extreme, but after analyzing his past you’ll surely come to a conclusion that revenge was one of the primal instincts of Sultan Khan and he earnestly loved inflicting pain and suffering on those who have wronged his past. With truckload of gratuitous violence, Sultan Qureshi conveniently pulls out blood from his target, but he does it all with staggering sense of style and expression, every damn time.

Top 10 characters of Gangs of Wasseypur: Sultan Qureshi

4. Nagma Khatoon (Richa Chadda):

A wife, a mother, and a witnesser of out of the blue happenings of destiny, Nagma Khatoon is the most potent female character of Gangs of Wasseypur. She saw her husband coming to prominence; she upraised her kids when no one was around and she remained immovable even in nerve-wracking situations that can shake us to our core. A classic embodiment of feminism in India, Nagma Khatoon, in this movie, has performed a spine-tingling act with simple body language. In an era dominated by men, she scales up speedily in worldly affairs despite of what-the-hell surroundings.

Top 10 characters of Gangs of Wasseypur: Nagma Khatoon

3. Ramadhir Singh (Tigmanshu Dhulia):

A criminal cum politician, Ramadhir Singh is one of the central characters of Gangs of Wasseypur who, with his immaculate foresight, ascended to the apex of power and fame from nowhere. His son J.P. Singh is a spoiled brat with subnormal intelligence who often suffers for his nonsensical activities. But since Ramadhir Singh is a father and he can’t desolate his son no matter how appalling his actions are; he eventually affiliates with the Qureshi clan to stamp down the growing mightiness of Khans. A mastermind in classic sense, Ramadhir Singh has too many shades of darkness and is not afraid to go the bloody mile when it comes to execute venomous strategies.

Top 10 characters of Gangs of Wasseypur: Ramadhir Singh

2. Faizal Khan (Nawazuddin Siddiqui):

If you’re looking for a character who has so many shades in a single role; truth to be spoken, Faizal Khan is your one stop answer. A dumb pothead, a cinema-crazy chap, a silent yet comical lover, a caring son and a fierce slayer; Faizal Khan is the most badass character of Gangs of Wasseypur. When his family starts crumbling around him, he was hopelessly hooked on weed but the moment when he realizes his responsibilities, he surprisingly turns into the Godfather for his household. A murderously ambitious man, Faizal is the living embodiment of revenge in its most atrocious form. No doubt, throughout the existence of Bollywood, Faizal Khan will be remembered for his gaudy style of dress, magnificent accent and out-of-the-way mannerism.

Top 10 characters of Gangs of Wasseypur: Faizal Khan

1. Sardar Khan (Manoj Bajpai):

Apart from Gangs of Wasseypur, it’d not be an exaggeration to say that Sardar Khan is so far one of the most powerful characters in the history of Indian cinematic world. Hitting the streets of Wasseypur, Manoj Bajpai stole every scene he was in, thus justifying the fact that ‘Manoj Bajpai Trademark’ never ceases to amaze viewers. A discreet guardian of the Khans, Sardar Khan is a hard-headed outlaw whose only ambition is to smack Ramadhir Singh, compelling him to sink in the deepest possible pool of shame. In the village of downright villains and morally-handicapped loners, Sardar Khan is a hard-as-rock tough guy determined to fight his way out.

Top 10 characters of Gangs of Wasseypur: Sardar Khan




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