Top 10 Characters Of Breaking Bad

4:07 pm 14 Oct, 2013

One of the best ever and probably the most comprehensively shot crime dramas in recent times; ‘Breaking Bad’ is the creation of Vince Gilligan. The crime drama is regarded as one of the most watched television series of all times. The series finale was aired on September 29, 2013. Guinness World Records termed it as the highest rated TV series of all time in the same year. Power packed with some of the most exhilarating characters combined with an out-of-the-box storyline is what made Breaking Bad a stellar TV series. Here, we’ll have a look at the ten best characters of this epic series while saluting their thundering performances.

10. Lydia:

A single mother raising her daughter among plentiful societal challenges, Lydia makes money supplying methylamine to Gustavo Fring. The smart lady doesn’t mind to dirty her linen in the big bad world of crime and violence and actively participates in the violent adventures of underworld.


9. Marie Schrader:

Marie Schrader plays Skyler White’s sister and wife of DEA agent Hank Schrader. Her role of a loving and courageous wife has high appeal. Despite a strained marriage, she does everything possible to help her husband recuperate after being shot. Her role lends enough stability to the plot.

Marie Schrader

8. White Jr.:

Probably the only innocent character in the dark world of Breaking Bad, White Jr. plays the role of an ideal kid from an ideal father. However, the character lives into complete oblivion knowing nothing what his father is up to. But, this is what an every dad’s darling child is supposed to be like. Isn’t it?

White Jr.

7. Gustavo Fring:

Gustavo is a perfectionist to the core. The bad guy with his unflinching desire for more criminal laurels, Fring built around himself an empire of crime, well supported by his violent measures.

Gustavo Fring

6. Saul Goodman:

Playing lawyer to Walter and Pinkman, Saul Goodman manages to save both the drug dealers when they got into sticky situations. A character well drafted and executed, this greedy legal representative is side-splittingly annoying at times. But, the scenes where he saves the skin for the protagonist, earns him thunderous applause from the serial watchers.

Saul Goodman

5. Skyler White:

The character of Skyler White can be easily termed as the closest to reality for all the love and warmth it generates. Playing wife of Walter White, the lady who supports her husband all the way through and finally learning that her husband’s hands are deeply immersed in red blood – still loves him, knowing the man will never be the same again.

Skyler White

4. Mike:

The character played by Mike Ehrmantraut is one of the most intriguing characters of Breaking Bad who works in complete silence. Mike belongs to the dark and shady world of lawlessness. The shroud of mystery that he keeps wrapped around him 24/7 makes him more penetrative in his role of an intelligent killer.


3. Hank Schrader:

The notable DEA Agent Hank Schrader is a man to watch out for in the story. The loving husband and astonishing policeman, finds extensive appreciation from the TV series watchers for his allegiance towards capturing criminal masterminds and drug dealers. He was the man on a mission to clean out the floors of the society with his broom.

Hank Schrader

2. Jesse Pinkman:

If Walter White plays the soul, Jesse Pinkman is the heart of the body named Breaking Bad. As Walter builds more and more money with his drug trade, his former student Jesse Pinkman submerges deeper down into the dark dungeons only to remain trapped there forever. The deadly blend of drug and dark money screws up his life everlastingly.

Jesse Pinkman

1. Mr. Walter White:

The most striking aspect of the television drama is that every character is highly personalized. Watching them makes you feel at ease and deeply connected. One such man who can be referred to as the soul of the plot is Walter White. The story is all about his ‘breaking’ bad after contacting lung cancer. It’s for the first time in the history of Television that a character with negative attributes has so many sympathizers by his side. Living life on your own terms is the message proffered by the man. This is what justifies all his actions.

Mr. Walter White

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