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Top 10 Challenges Youths Face Today

Updated on 7 July, 2016 at 6:40 pm By

In this new-age society, kids enjoy more attention than their yesteryear counterparts. Despite being advantaged, they’re a troubled species. These youngsters are surrounded by innumerable problems which in turn, makes them little rebellious too. The upsetting reasons could possibly be their individualism, sense of freedom or the ever growing peer pressure. Eventually, they face the hostile attitude of society. But the real standpoint is that youths are the pillars of social, economic and political developments. In addition to their intellectual contribution and the ability to mobilize support, youth brigade brings unique perspectives. We as a society should value the imagination, ideals and energies of young men and women, which are also the future stakeholders of these societies. Exploring some of the basic problems faced by today’s youth, TopYaps highlight top 10 challenges, youths fac­e in current scenario.

10. Single parent households:

When kids see their parents living under different roofs, their adolescent mind suffers. Since last two decades, we have noticed the disastrous increase in single parent homes. The trend is dangerous. It is really tough to look after a child in divided home. The situation is far more difficult when kids are raised single-handedly. Even if it does not matter to well-heeled parent, but the children gets deprived of parental guidance, which may result in an unwanted number of problems, such as alcohol/drug abuse, school dropout, and teenage pregnancies.

Single parent households

9. Substance abuse:


“A cigarette in my hand…I felt like a man.” Yes…..the famous anti-smoking campaign by Gary Lawyer did manage to scare smoking to some extent. Leave aside the society,cigarette smoking is not even justified in the world of cinema now. Smoking was cool, back then. But nowadays, the awareness to the danger of smoking has increased substantially. Unfortunately it is not the same in case of drinking and using drugs. They are still assumed as cool stuff. Youngsters literally hang around booze. Apart from damaging their own health, they also risk the society. Under the influence of alcohol, these brats will rash drive and do several other anti-social activities.

Substance abuse

8. Early Maturity:

In earlier generations, kids enjoyed being kids. But today, with the advent of satellite television and internet, kids are bombarded with unwanted information. They are exposed to some adult-related content too, which is not at all conducive for their delicate minds. The concept of childhood becomes problematic.

Early Maturity

7. Violence in schools:

When we send our kids to school, we usually take a sigh of relief. Schools play a major role in teaching life skills to young minds and their endeavor must be recognized. It is reasonable to expect that these sacred places of learning would prove as safe havens for children. But increasing cases of crime in school makes us lose our sleep. No, these are no minor cases of bullying but serious full-fledged crimes like stabbings, fighting and suicides.

Violence in schools

6. Materialism:

It is sad but a bitter fact that we live in a society that promotes materialism. And we unknowingly encourage and instill this philosophy into our children. Surprisingly we teach our children that the success and happiness in life is measured by how much stuff or wealth you acquire? It is nothing but natural when kids ask for things which their friends may have. But instead of fulfilling their demands immediately, we should take a pause and think seriously. In which direction we are heading? Never mind, we satiate their demands which are within our financial limit, but that is not a good sign at all.


5. Obesity:

Recent trends show that approximately 25% kids are obese in India. There is a thin line between being chubby and being obese. Why so? What went wrong? Who’s to blame? There are several questions which instantly pop up. Video games, TV, the internet and fast food can be blamed partially. Today, kids are spending more time watching TV, surfing the internet than running around. This sedentary lifestyle has dangerous consequences. The saddest thing is that they can feel socially awkward or being ridiculed by their peers. Apart from obesity-related health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, other side-effects are low self-esteem, depression, etc.


4. Education Disparity:

Education is a priority and everyone’s birthright. We will not find any sound head, who will dispute this well regarded fact. A good education is like a boon in one’s life, opening up a host of opportunities. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not debating over good school or bad school, rather talking of a value-based proper education system, and the discrimination in educational quality, which is categorized by financial status.

Education Disparity

3. Inadequate employment opportunities:


In yesteryears, education was not everyone’s forte. Those, who really had the knack for it, pursued it. But today, the scenario is different; everyone is studying along with full-fledged facilities. In the past, even a high school pass-out or simple graduates would find work and live contentedly. In those days, one would not necessarily need to have a college degree to survive. But in today’s times, youngsters with multiple degrees are unable to find work with good pay, to afford a decent lifestyle.

Inadequate employment opportunities

2. Poverty:

Although it’s a shameful to say but we have to declare that sections of Indiaare still poorest of poor. Even after years of being categorized as a developing country, we could not replace the label with developed country. Most of the homes cannot afford have good health and hygiene. Poverty is really killing us and youths are also getting victimized.


1. Juvenile delinquency:


As we all know that the teenage behavior is extremely problematic and unpredictable too. There are many who are caught red-handed with petty crimes like arms conflicts, illicit affairs, substance abuse and various others. The status of urbanized women is also challenged; we come across various cases of MMS blackmails, rapes, murders and theft.

Juvenile delinquency


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