Top 10 Celebrities Who Smoke Like A Boss

7:17 am 4 Apr, 2013

Smoking no doubt is an unhealthy habit. Everyone knows that. But, not everyone has got the guts to publicly accept it and blow out the smoke like a boss, especially when you’re someone who’s watched and imitated by thousands. While some of them take occasional fag breaks before or after a press conference, or during a film shooting session, others light up a cigarette or cigar as often as you perhaps check notifications on your smartphone! No kidding! Listed below are top 10 celebrities who smoke like a boss:

10. Kate Moss:

A supermodel, Kate Moss is known to smoke as many as 40 cigarettes a day! Kate doesn’t care a bit what people have to say about a dashing beauty taking a cigarette break every few minutes in public. She smokes like a boss but many believe that smoking is now taking a toll on her skin and physique. She isn’t as glorious as she used to be few years ago!

Kate Moss - Celebrities Who Smoke Like A Boss

9. Jack Nicholson:

Not everyone looks cool with a lit up cigar or cigarette but some lucky people do! Jack Nicholson is one of them. He’s an old man now but there was a time when women did find this guy irresistible, especially when he had a cigarette between his lips! Jack has already lived an awesome life full of surprises, fame and those asking the boss to stop smoking to get an extra year or two to live should shut the hell up.

Jack Nicholson - Celebrities Who Smoke Like A Boss

8. Britney Spears:

Smoking cannot help anyone sing better, or can it? But, who can convince the world famous pop star Britney Spears to quit smoking or at least try electronic cigarettes for a change! A dedicated puffer, Britney takes at least 2-3 times as many cigarette breaks as the number of commercial breaks in a show she’s a judge or host! A carefree Britney doesn’t mind smoking in public or in front of hoards of TV cameras either!

Britney Spears - Celebrities Who Smoke Like A Boss

7. Lindsay Lohan:

A spoiled but talented actress, model and fashion designer, Lindsay Lohan has even gone bankrupt. That said, she didn’t even have few thousand bucks to pay the utility bills! A chain smoker, Lindsay Lohan is much like Charlie Sheen in her day to day acts and controversies she is drawn into. But, Charlie is filthy rich and Lindsay is not. Poor-bad-ass girl. If you can spot her without smoking, you might as well win a jackpot!

Lindsay Lohan - Celebrities Who Smoke Like A Boss

6. Simon Cowell:

A well-known UK and US TV personality, Simon Cowell is an entrepreneur & producer. The guy smokes a pack of 30 cigarettes a day. And, since he is mostly out in the field, he smokes good number cigarettes in front of crew members, fans and media people. He has been a judge at world famous shows including but not limited to American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent that served as inspiration for hundreds of TV networks all over the globe.

Simon Cowell - Celebrities Who Smoke Like A Boss

5. Snoop Dogg:

A famed rapper, Snoop Dogg has sold more than 30 million worldwide till date! A Dr. Dre discovery, Snoop Dogg loves smoking weed and he does it every single day; no exaggeration! It’s hard to guess how many cigarettes this crazy rapper smokes with and without weed! He has reinvented himself as a Snoop Lion, a reggae singer. But smoking on-screen and off-screen, well, that’s intact!

Snoop Dogg - Celebrities Who Smoke Like A Boss

4. Lady Gaga:

Guess what, Lady Gaga is a member of the Green Club and she doesn’t hesitate to confess it! Lady Gaga even smoked weed like a boss on the stage on a number of occasions. Some people even believe that she’s high on pot during most of her performances. People whine on twitter, Facebook and blogosphere about Lady Gaga’s public endorsement of the substance and smoking. But, would she care? You know she wouldn’t.

Lady Gaga - Celebrities Who Smoke Like A Boss

3. Charlie Sheen:

One of the top 10 party crazy celebrities in the world, perhaps, he’s the bad boy everyone adores. Charlie, it seems, doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what people think or what journalists-with-morals of the last millennia may write about him in numerous magazines, newspapers or blogs. The guy has openly admitted to having paid for sex (would have been quite unnatural if he didn’t  no?) and consumed narcotic substances. Charlie smokes a lot and he smokes like a boss. And, it’s not his number one problem!

Charlie Sheen - Celebrities Who Smoke Like A Boss

2. Hugh Laurie:

One of the highest paid American TV actors, Hugh Laurie aka Dr. Gregory House likes to keep things straight. He smokes a lot, and he does it with style; both on Television and in real life. On screen, however, he’s also addicted to vicodine. So, smoking in real life isn’t much serious in comparison to that. Being what you’re completely oblivious of what others might think of it – that’s what one of the reasons the guy gets a whopping 700,0000 bucks per episode.

Hugh Laurie - Celebrities Who Smoke Like A Boss

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Arnold thinks cannabis is not a drug but a leaf. He smokes cigars like underworld dons and he doesn’t even spare stogies! Cigars go well with his outer persona and the kind of image he has created over the decades too. He’s one of those guys who command great respect, work out every day to maintain a great physique and to top it all, smoke, drink and get high like a boss!

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Celebrities Who Smoke Like A Boss