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Top 10 Celebrities Who Served In Military

Published on 26 August, 2013 at 9:06 am By

The life of a soldier, whether on border, in the air or on vast oceans, is nowhere close to that of civilians. Unlike most others, their motivations are not money, comfort and relaxed post retirement life. When soldiers get back to live as civilians, many of them find it hard to adjust. While some soldiers, who after having fought fierce wars they didn’t believe in, go emotionally bankrupt, others set out on new journeys. The latter redefine themselves. Here is a list of top 10 celebrities who served in military.

10. Julia Child:

Known worldwide for her culinary skills, Julia Child had been part of the US military in the past. She also served as an undercover agent; posing as a desk clerk, she was deputed to India and China on various projects. She was instrumental in securing important information that lead to fall of Germany in World War II.

Julia Child

9. William Sanderson:


One of the most prolific and versatile actors ever, William Sanderson served two years in Army before embracing what he thought he liked the most. And, he was right. He owes a lot to the time he spent in military as he learnt the real secrets of method acting there. Real life heroes and wartime situations made him a fine artist.

William Sanderson

8. Clifton James:

The stocky burly actor who created a special niche for himself, Clifton James was a perfect fit for frustrated characters that talk at the speed of light and often appeared unpredictable on the screen. He has acted in many James Bond movies. He served in the Army during the World War II. He served 42 months in the South Pacific. He is among the very few celebrities to be honored with Silver Star, Bronze Heart, Combat Infantry Badge, Presidential Unit Citation and Purple Heart.

Clifton James

7. Gene Roddenberry:

This popular director of the successful fiction series ‘Star Trek’ owes a lot to the US Military. He was a part of the US Army Air Corps where he served as an aeronautical engineer and a fighter pilot during the World War II. It was his imagination of inter-galactic ships while flying the military aircrafts that was re-produced in the fiction series named ‘Star-Trek’ later.

Gene Roddenberry

6. Elvis Presley:

Born in Mississippi, this musical icon also lent his valuable services to the American Army during his early days as a teenager; he served in Third Armored Division in Germany. After graduating from the High School in Memphis, this iconic musician who set a trend for the later generations of music lovers to follow also took up odd jobs as a truck driver and movie theater usher. Probably, Elvis Presley is the only celebrity whose service in the army doesn’t find much of a mention anywhere.

Elvis Presley

5. Mr. T:

One of the biggest names in the field of wrestling in the late 80’s and early 90’s, this free style wrestler paired Hulk Hogan in the first Wrestle Mania. He joined the Army in 1975 and worked in the Military Police Corps. It was his build and experience in Military that opened gates for him in Wrestle Mania.

Mr. T

4. Mel Brooks:

This veteran actor has served as a corporal in the US Army during the World War II and was also assigned to the Battle of the Bulge. The famous actor who is among the most decorated in terms of awards received was conferred with an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony – joining the list of exclusive actors with such notable recognitions marked against the name. The writer and director of “The Producers,” Mel Books was an inspiration to thousands of youngsters at one point in time.

Mel Brooks

3. Telly Savalas:


The famous bald headed actor who was more popular for his psychotic roles, Telly Savalas participated in the World War II as a soldier. Later on, he shifted his interests to the field of journalism where he worked for ABC news for some time. His characters always carried that typical disciplinary touch, usually found in soldiers.

Telly Savalas

2. Pat Tillman:

It was only after September 11 attacks, that this popular NFL player joined the United States Rangers to serve his nation. His love for military and his nation was so profound that he didn’t rethink his decision before moving over his flourishing NFL career. His act of patriotism earned him huge respect from nation over.

Pat Tillman

1. Malcolm Forbes:


One of the most progressive businessmen, Malcolm Forbes is widely known for his sharp business acumen. The great business Guru credits the honing of his critical reasoning and analytical skills to his days in the US Army. Born in a wealthy family, he went ahead with his decision to join army and serve his country on one of the most risky operations in Germany during World War II. He earned Purple Heart and Bronze Star for himself for his commendable service to the nation.

Malcolm Forbes


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