10 Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions That Were Embarrassing But Unintentional

Updated on 22 Mar, 2018 at 3:17 pm

Sorry gals, but the moment of your slip-up will be ‘cherished’ forever. No doubt, a wardrobe malfunction is an outrageous instant of overexposure but it is beyond rectification for the “victim”. Celebrities are helpless because, by the time they realize their oops moment, their snaps start dwelling on almost every tabloid across the world. TopYaps brings a list of celebrities wardrobe malfunctions. Enjoy the ride!


1. Katrina Campins (Fashion Week, Miami, 2005)

Unaware of her exposed breasts, she was contributing in another excursion of publicity. The major boob – slip of Katrina Campins was enjoyed by audience awkwardly.


Top 10 celebrities wardrobe malfunctions


2. Scarlett Johansson (At a party, 2007)

The silly vogue of not wearing a bra between glam babes always drag them into controversies. Clad in a black gown which doesn’t make any sense, Scarlett Johansson’s boobies were bursting out giving a clear view to the whole world.




3. Geri Halliwell (British Academy Children Award)

There is a famous saying, “The older you get the stronger the wind gets – and it’s always in your face.” But on the red carpet, the wind changed it’s direction and targeted the bum of Geri, blowing away the back of her dress and giving a startling glimpse of her butt – crack to audiences.


Wardrobe malfunction


4. Lindsay Lohan (GM Annual Ten Celebrity Fashion Show, 2006)

Revealing a little was too much for photographers as they got more than the deal for a fashion show. The wardrobe malfunction of one of the “mean girls” was widely covered by the tabloids.


Top 10 celebrities wardrobe malfunctions


5. Anna Nicole Smith (Tennessee Grand Ole Opry, 2005)

When it comes to celebrity, media uses s*x to sell everything. The audiences were left open-mouthed when Anna’s fronts were exposed in an awful wardrobe malfunction.


Top 10 celebrities wardrobe malfunctions


6. Janet Jackson (While performing with Justin Timberlake)

Timberlake was busy in his duet “Gonna have you naked by the end of this song“. Ouchh….it really happened exposing her tassel-covered breast, continuing the striptease.


Top 10 celebrities wardrobe malfunctions


7. Jennifer Hawkins (Sydney Fashion Show, 2004)

Her skirt came right off while she ‘unintentionally’ stepped on its hem during a catwalk. Crowned as Miss Universe in the same year, she became the new victim of cheeky slip-up.


Top 10 celebrities wardrobe malfunctions


8. Paris Hilton (While partying in Boston)

In the party, she was busy singing a song “Stars are blind.” Definitely, stars are blind because at the same time two things were flashing — her paps along with lens of cameras, and she was unaware.


Top 10 celebrities wardrobe malfunctions


9. Britney Spears (During a concert in Tampa)

Caught by paparazzi while complaining to her staff offstage, “My p***y is hanging out.” Oops, I did it again!


Top 10 celebrities wardrobe malfunctions


10. Katie Price (During the launch of her autobiography in London)

Top hat of this list, Katie Price’s assets were exposed while lifting up hand in a relaxing mood. The public went crazy whereas media was busy in taking snaps of this hot-shot sexy actress.


Top 10 celebrities wardrobe malfunctions