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Top 10 Causes of Crime

Updated on 2 November, 2019 at 4:14 pm By

The causes of crime are complex. Poverty, parental neglect, low self-esteem, alcohol and drug abuse can be connected to why people break the law. Some are at greater risk of becoming offenders because of the circumstances into which they are born. Crime can be defined in many different ways. Different societies may also choose to define crimes differently. However, in general, crime can simply be defined as the breach of laws that are laid down by the ruling authority of the land. There can be many different causes of crime and many studies are conducted all around the world to understand and bring down criminal activities. It is a constant endeavor of governments and policing organizations all around the world to bring down crime rates so that the world becomes a safer place to live in. The fight against crime is not a new one in humanity and it has, since the establishment of society, tried to bring crimes down.


Let us now attempt to look at some of the causes of crimes:-



10. Victim of unfair rulings and the correction system (prison system):

Victims of unfair or incorrect rulings from court often cause people to enter a life of crime. It often happens that a person is a victim of chance and happens to fall into crimes. Besides that, people are also often falsely accused of committing crimes which ends up in a court conviction. Jails or prisons often make worse criminals out of people because of the conditions that exist there. Corrections anywhere does not involve major rehabilitation for criminals and more often than not they end up being thrown in overpopulated jails full of people who are either victims or perpetrators of crimes more serious than their own. The declassification of people in prisons is also a major cause of crime creation.

prison system are one of the Causes of Crime


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9. Drugs:


Drugs are a bane, no matter how we look at them. A person addicted to drugs is unable to support their addiction and more often than not they end up in a life of crime to fuel their habits. It is not unknown anywhere in the world that a drug addict ends up committing crimes to raise money for their habits. Besides that there are also a large number of people that are involved in the drug trade. Though these people may not really be drug users themselves, they often lure others into drugs and crimes.

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8. Depression and other social and mental disorders:

Depression is also a major cause of crime. Other than depression, people with grave mental disorders also end up committing crimes. Such people should be treated before their tendencies and ailments get out of hand. A person under depression or some other serious mental disorder can also easily cause harm to themselves.

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7. Family conditions are one of the causes of crime:

There are a lot of things that go on in families that often cause people to get into a life of crime. Here again there are a lot of different conditions that lead a person into crime. Abuse during formative years from family members and other such acts also instigate a person into a life of crime. People who are neglected by their families and do not get the love and attention that they desire also get into criminal activities. Family violence and other issues are also related to crime in many ways.


6. Regionalism:

Regionalism is a major cause of crime and unrest among people. Such people that harbor such regionalist feelings often go to great lengths to commit crimes against other communities. This fact is often ignored by people and the administrative bodies as they too are caught up in classifications of people by region. It is often that a victim of such regionalism gets influenced and enters the world of crimes.


5. TV violence:

TV violence has gone up to staggering levels and it does not help when people are influenced and try to emulate such acts of violence. TV violence is a major cause of crime especially among younger people that are unable to differentiate between fiction and reality. Since TV has become such an integral part of people’s lives now days, it is important to draw clear lines between what is real and what is not.

sciencedaily is one of the cause of crime



4. Racism:

Discrimination based on race is a serious issue all around the world. All humans are in a way racist towards some people in some part of the world or another. Racism has contributed a lot of unrest to many places all around the world and it’s mostly because of one or two idiots that such crimes are given birth to. It is a sad fact of the world that we live in that we end up discriminating against something that is the same flesh and blood underneath even though the external appearance and the origins may be different.

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3. Politics:

Politics is often a cause of crime. It is seen that many political associations all around the world have their own mafias running which they use to manipulate and subjugate people. Political power is often misused to take advantage of weaker groups and people and the dissidence that rises out of such situations often force the victims to resort to crimes. Politics is more related to crime on a much larger and a much heinous level than anything else.


2. Poverty:

Economic deprivation or simply poverty is a major cause of crime all around the world. People are often driven to great lengths of desperation by poverty and this is a major cause of crime all around the world. The fact that such frustration is created is in itself a very dangerous thing for society on the whole as global inflation has risen significantly over the last few years. Although it does seem that in our world today, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

poverty cause crime


1. Overpopulation is the biggest cause of crime :

Increase in population is the biggest cause of crime and much of the world’s worries. Although population increase is related to each and every cause mentioned here, it still needs to be looked at as a cause of crime. The increase of population triggers of a dynamo effect in society and this leads to the creation of more people with some form of frustration or resentment towards society as such.



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