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Top 10 cases of school massacre

Updated on 11 September, 2020 at 9:41 pm By

People who feel acrimonious and view their surrounding in violent terms, will always act out in some ways. We don’t know whether they are “mentally ill” or full with rage, but we’re sure that somewhere a monster dwells in their soul. TopYaps lists ten deadliest school massacres with a terrible and unfortunate illustration of mankind.


10. École Polytechnique, Montreal, Canada (December 6, 1989):

Better known as the “Montreal Massacre,” this school massacre was conducted by Marc Lépine which claimed lives of 14 female students. On December 6, 1989, Marc moved into a classroom and separated the male and female students, claiming “I am fighting feminism.” He then gunned down students with his Mini-14 rifle. Most of the victims were mechanical engineering and civil engineering students. After killing 14 and injuring 14 others, he killed himself with the very same gun. Every year, in Canada, December 6 is celebrated as “National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.”

9. Columbine High School, Columbine, USA (April 20, 1999):

A horrible illustration of the impact of violent movies and video games on teenagers, this school massacre claimed lives of 13, in which 12 were students and one was teacher. Occupied with explosive devices and sophisticated guns, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, ventured one of the deadliest massacre in America’s history. After wiping out innocents from the cafeteria and library, duo committed suicide.

8. University of Texas, Austin, USA (August 1, 1966):

A former United States Marine and a student of mechanical engineering at the University of Texas, Charles Whitman massacred 16 people and injured 32 others in his university campus, on August 1, 1966. He had also murdered his mother and wife prior to the beastly slaughter. He was killed on the university’s tower by police officer Houston McCoy. An extremely aggressive brain tumor was discovered during his autopsy which was concluded by experts as the stimulating agent of his deed.

7. Dunblane Primary School, Dunblane, Scotland (March 13, 1996):

Considered among one of the most brutal school massacres around the world, the Dunblane school massacre was executed by Thomas Hamilton, a local shopkeeper. Armed with two pistols, two revolvers and 743 cartridges, Hamilton assassinated 16 children and one teacher in their classroom. Later, he killed himself by firing one shot in his mouth.

6. Gutenberg-Gymnasium, Erfurt, Germany (April 26, 2002):

Carrying a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun and a 9 mm Glock 17, Robert Steinhäuser, an expelled student of the same college, gunned down 13 faculty members, 2 students and a local cop with despair regarding his future. Before initiating this school massacre, he donned a black ninja-style outfit in the lavatory of college campus. After the daunting session of slaughter, he proclaimed “It’s enough for today” and committed suicide.

5. Netiv Meir elementary school, Ma’alot, Israel (May 15, 1974):

This school massacre began when three terrorists of the Democratic Front of the Liberation of Palestine made at least 115 people hostage in the school and demanded to release 23 fellow militants from Israeli prisons. Most of the hostages were students. Next day of this hostage-taking process, an Israeli infantry brigade approached the building for rescue mission. In entire takeover operation, 22 children were killed by the terrorists.

4. Sandy Hook Elementary School, Connecticut, USA (December 14, 2012):

It is too early to say why the 20-year-old Adam Peter Lanza gunned down innocent children and teachers at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in the Sandy Hook village of Newtown on December 14, 2012. But it is perhaps time for the United States to do a reevaluation of its gun culture. Twenty children and six adult staff of the school were shot dead by Lanza who had also killed his mother, 52-year-old Nancy Lanza, before he unleashed the devil inside him on the school. The total death toll was 28, including Lanza himself who had committed suicide. Most of the shooting took place in two first-grade classrooms, with fourteen deaths in one room and six in the other. The student victims were eight boys and twelve girls between six and seven years of age. The six adults were all women who worked at the school. The incident made US President Barack Obama emotional as he was seen holding back tears during his address in the wake of the shooting.

 Top 10 cases of school massacre

3. Virginia Tech, USA (April 16, 2007):

Better known as the most deadliest shooting by a single hitman in the history of United States, this school massacre claimed lives of 32 people and injured 25 others. This hellacious act was performed by Seung-Hui Cho, a student of English major, who was baffled by the rejection of romantic overture by a fellow student. After the shooting rampage, he killed himself at the place where the bulk of massacre had taken place.

2. Bath Consolidated School, Michigan, USA (May 18, 1927):

On May 18, 1927, Andrew Kehoe, a member of school board, killed 38 children (7-12 years of age), two teachers and four other people by detonating dynamite and a huge mass of pyrotol. He was frustrated by economical hardships that were barricading the construction of school building. After the death of this suicide bomber, cops discovered his last message inscribed on a wood in his farm “CRIMINALS ARE MADE, NOT BORN.”

1. School Number One, Beslan, Russia (September 1, 2004):

This school massacre was executed by Ingush and Chechen Islamic militants, demanding the withdrawal of Russian forces from Chechnya. The group of extremists took over 1,100 hostages in the building of school for three days. In response, Russian security forces stormed the building by using explosives, incendiary rockets and other heavy weapons. In this operation, at least 335 hostages were killed, including 186 children. Till the date, contemporary Russian Government is widely criticized for the bloody outcome of its rescue operation.


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