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Top 10 Butt Toning Exercises

Published on 13 September, 2013 at 8:00 am By

If your butt isn’t toned and is out of shape, then along with losing your lusty appeal, you also lose your chance to try bikinis at your seaside summer trips. That is one the most relevant reasons, but not the last one to shape up. There are other issues like pant size and effects of gravity that you come across with aging. A huge pile of lunges, tips and tricks to tone the butt, exercise ball moves, squats, and yoga poses are available on a single click. However, how would you decide which exercise or workout is most effective for you?  There is a flood of such info on the web and in lifestyle magazines, which could keep you distracted from perusing some particular exercises, as you keep switching from one process to other. If you are facing this particular dilemma, then try the following top 10 butt toning exercises:

10. Sun Salutation:

It works almost for your entire body, but most benefit goes to your butt. To perform it, move from downward facing dog into lunges, and then return back through chair pose. The pose will provide an incredible stretch to your thighs and hamstrings through your glutes down.

Sun Salutation

9. Side Leg Lifts:


Leg lifts work better than a treadmill workout to tone your butt more effectively. To perform it, with stacked legs, you need to lie down on you right side and then use the left hand to balance your body weight by resting it on the floor right in front of your chest. Start raising your left leg and keep going until it gets 2-3 feet high from the ground. Keep your foot flexed and butts squeezed. After a small pause, bring down the leg slowly. After your repeat it multiple times, switch side and work on the other butt the same way.

Side Leg Lifts

8. Take the stairs:

If you want to go for a natural workout to get best of the toning effect, hit the stair wherever you have a choice between stairs and elevators. Also, you can share some part of your jogging time with going up and down stairs. Climbing is a great way to exert on your butts. Mountain climbing is advisable.

Take the stairs

7. Balancing Squat:

While your right foot holds your balance, start bending your left knee and lift it a few inches off the ground, to the front. At this point, you right knee is bent at a 45 degree angle and you slowly sit back with your spine straight. Take a pause there and then put the weight into your right heel get up. After repetition, switch sides and continue.

Balancing Squat

6. Side-Walking Lunges:

This particular exercise can help you shape and tighten up the outer part of the butt. Also, if you find forward and backward lunging a bit harder, then replace it with side-walking lunges. To perform it, you start with stepping out to any of the sides and then began bending the knee to lunge sideways. After repeating it 10-15 times, switch to the other side.

Side-Walking Lunges

5. The Hydrant:

This exercise is directly aimed to provide necessary stretch to your glutes and hips.  To perform it, get out on all fours and keep your right knee bent. Lift it up to the side, to a point where it’s parallel with your hips. Have you seen a dog peeing on a fire hydrant? It’s somewhat similar. Spent at least two minutes on each side and try to repeat the rotation 3-4 times.

The Hydrant

4. Dumbbell Squats:

Dumbbell squats are perfect for you if you are looking for a less time consuming workout. The moves in this exercise are little, but are really powerful.  Get a pair of 8 to 10 pound dumbbells. Start with bringing your feet shoulder-width apart; sit back with your spine straight. Your weight should be on the heels. To return back to start position, squeeze your glutes, but make sure that the knees don’t go pass forward of your toes. Repeat the process for 15-20 times and keep on increasing it as your stamina grows.

Dumbbell Squats

3. Toe Taps:


This butt exercise is like a desert towards the end the dinner. To begin with, lie down flat on your back. Your arms should lie out flat on either side for the balance. Then, with your knees in a bent position, start lifting both feet into the air. You must keep the thighs straight up and down. Now, slowly bring the right foot down and tap the ground with your toes, then raise it back and repeat the same action with your other foot. It is a real busting workout to tone your butts if you perform it daily for a minute.

Toe Taps

2. Yoga booty:

This exercise it targeted to affect your butt and thighs, arms and shoulders and core. With your feet hip distance apart in a standing position, keep your arms at sides in a way that the palms face inwards. Go into a lunge while you take a step back with your left foot and bend the knees to 90 degrees with the left knee directly under hip and your right knee somewhat aligned over your right ankle. Now, reach for you left leg behind while you straighten your right knee. Bring both arms overhead in a manner that they stretch past your ears. Take a pause there and repeat it 10 to 15 times.

Yoga booty

1. Yoga and sports:


Yoga postures are quite effective in toning various parts of your body with maximum strength. Yoga has described different poses for each muscle mass of human body. However, do make sure that you just don’t jump into these postures with a cheap handbook. Rather, find an able instructor for quickest benefit. If you don’t like mechanized and monotonous workouts, then take part in as many as sports as you can. Cycling, mountain climbing, basket ball etc. all keep most of the muscles in your body in shape, including your butt.

Yoga and sports


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